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From Bend, Oregon in the United States of America
The finest handcrafted tonic tinctures...

Owner - Specialist of Adaptogens and Artisan Extractions

At Tonic Tinctures, we proudly specialize in creating freshly made artisan small batched handcrafted tonic adaptogen supplements for health, wellness and physique enhancement.
Every tonic is formulated and extracted with the traditional knowledge and the know-how of thousands of years of usage. With the conclusions of modern science we are able to bring forth the finest in quality. These tonics are safe and very easy to take.
Many people from around the world consume concentrated tonics daily and as a part of their regular daily diet!
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Office Manager - Team Lead

These are extremely useful extracts that are able to provide a variety of health benefits.
These benefits include:
- Adaptation to daily life stress of physical, mental and emotional capacities
- Increased vitality with anti-fatigue benefits - better rest and recovery
- Boosted performance on the field and in the gym
- Balanced endocrine profiles
- Lean mass retention and gain while lower body-fat and bloat
- Healthier skin, nails, and hair
As my wife and I and personally passionate of such tonics and your success with them, we invite your interest, so please send us an email or contact us by phone. In sincerity and with purpose we personally select and handcraft every bottle to ensure the utmost quality for the finest tonics. May they assist you, holistically, for the best physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Feel free to contact us anytime at info@tonictinctures.com or 831-331-5840
I endeavor to answer within 24 hours on weekdays. Best regards and with truth and love we remain devoted to our work…Jason & Lindsey J. Duke

Our Guiding Precepts


We will consistently strive for quality that can be tasted, felt, and wholly experienced. 

We will meticulously handcraft every bottle of tonic herb to be of utmost potency concerning health, energy, and vitality of one's well-being. 

Premium tonic herbs will be our standby and we will make connections with growers, distributors and harvesters who value our own guiding precepts.  All of our herbs are either wild-crafted, organic, or ranch harvested under humane conditions.  They are always fresh. 

Tonic Tinctures will apply our multi-layered, multi-point extraction process to all our tonic herbs to obtain a full-spectrum product that is expertly extracted with all active constituents in practice.  


Foremost, we will continually offer and supply a premium tonic tincture at an exceptional value. These tonics will be first-rate and will be reasonable and practical in pricing.  We will seek and find great quality tonic herbs and share the value and potency with you.


Ultimately, we wish to be of service.  Listening to your concerns and desires we will to seek to make wholesome, beneficial, and understanding connections.  Not only will we operate our business with our principles and belief, but do so with yours in mind.  Tonic Tinctures is an organic business that will vary in operation and supply with the tendency towards the demand and interest of our clients. If anyone has a question or concern about our product we will always be ready for assistance.