Antioxidant Guidebook: Part 12 - Types of Herbal Fat Burners and How to Take Them

by Jason J. Duke - Owner/Artisan

Fresh Content: August 25, 2022 00:26

Cayenne Pepper is a Fat Burner 

Herbal fat burners are very high in antioxidants while also containing stimulating constituents. They are very easy to incorporate into the diet, but do require important considerations.

Considerations for Fat Burner Consumption

Always consume fat burners in a supplemental extract form, such as capsule or liquid, that clearly marks the single serving size for the optimal dosage.

Always consume a fat burner with a complete balanced meal and never on an empty stomach. Also do not participate in fasting and skipping meals while taking fat burners.

Because a fat burner has stimulating properties, take the fat burner with a complete balanced breakfast and/or with a complete balanced lunch.

Avoid combining more than two herbal fat burners together at any one complete balanced meal, as they this may become too stimulating and cause an energy spike and concurrent energy crash.

Consider taking a multivitamin/mineral supplement to support nutrient density for promote fat burning. 

The Best Herbal Fat Burners

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