by Jason J. Duke - Owner/Artisan

Fresh Content: July 16, 2022 00:27

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A tonic that supports weight-loss and physique oriented lifestyles for a fitter body with a slimmer waist through metabolic options, such as stress-adaptation, digestion, and/or fat-burning.


Weight-loss is the reduction of fat mass in relation to preserving or gaining lean muscle mass along with having healthy endocrine function for hormones. Muscle mass is required for bodily energy and efficient metabolism and any loss of lean mass will make what would have been an effective and lasting weight reduction program temporary. Lean muscle mass is lost by eating an incomplete diet and incomplete meals through the undesired activity of dieting, appetite suppression, skipping meals, or fasting.

    Slimmer Waist

    A slimmer waist is achieved by increasing one's stress response to better adapt to all forms of daily stress that includes working, exercising, reading/studying, and socializing. Adaptogens in general will assist with stress-response and reduce the potential for stress-induced weight around the midsection.

    Additionally, one can promote a slimmer waist by boosting the digestive capacity of one's digestive organs, such as the stomach, liver, gallbladder small intestine, large intestine, and colon. Doing so will support the transformation of food into absorbable nutrients, reduce after meal bloating, and process any unwanted by-products and toxins via the liver and out the colon with regular bowel movements.


    Fat-burning is when someone purposefully promotes the increased metabolism of fats for energy. This is done in two ways.

    1.) By reducing the carbohydrate portion of complete meals and replacing it with other portions, such as meat and/or veggies.

    2.) By increasing the amount of antioxidants consumed within the diet, often from supplemental sources, and possibly in conjunction with physical fitness or exercising program for best results.