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Are you wondering what is up with all the different deer antler velvet supplements?

We'll show you what's legit and that deer antler velvet is safe.

What is the Best Deer Antler Velvet Supplement The Deer Antler Velvet Market Has It's Pitfalls - Choose Wisely 

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The quick and simple observation:

With a look around the internet or the supplement store you'll think it strange how you can find deer antler velvet for 10 bucks and another for 150 bucks, most are diluted liquids of overhyped supplements often sold as sprays.

If people only knew that deer antler velvet is a nutritional dietary supplement they would buy three bottles of the best for 75.99.

Tonic Tinctures Deer Antler Velvet 3 Pack

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Q: Which deer antler velvet is going to give you the most bang for your buck?

A: The one with the most quality deer antler velvet in it will give you the most bang for the buck. When you take enough deer antler velvet that's when you will get it to work.

How Much Deer Antler Velvet Is In The Bottle?

Look Out! Most mass-market products have 1,000 to 3,000mgs in the whole bottle! As this study shows, a daily dose of 560mgs deer antler velvet doesn't work ^ so one won't achieve the benefits of deer antler velvet. This study shows that one may require at least a minimum of 1290mgs to feel a difference in joint discomfort ^.

Buy enough and take enough to make it work.

You should know that you shouldn't pay a lot for deer antler velvet, because it is not rare and mystical; it's pretty common since deer antler velvet is a food supplement that is developed into an industry in New Zealand ^ and other countries and cultures throughout the world, like China ^, Korea, Japan and Russia.

In North America and the United States deer antler velvet is a popular dietary supplement that supports joint health, regeneration and growth.

Deer Antler Velvet Capsules: easy to take version of deer antler velvet that works mainly for nutritional support of collagen and bio-available minerals as a tonic superfood. Best quality capsules are fresh processed and packed from quality velvet antler.

Deer Antler Velvet Liquid: highly absorbable cold-processed extractions that preserve growth factor peptides and circulation promoting lipids, the alcohol containing extract being the most studied

Deer Antler Velvet Spray: dilutions of deer antler velvet and specific growth factor peptides with little nutritional value and often mixed with other vitamins and herbs in an attempt to falsely mimic performance enhancing drugs (PED) ^.

Quick clarification: deer antler velvet is not a PED.

Deer antler sprays tricked a lot of people and still do by their whacky marketing which has left many people with a bad experience, even big names and big sports.

Several years ago back in 2013 deer antler spray became a controversy that got Ray Lewis into trouble when he was taking deer antler spray which the NFL thought was a drug due to false marketing claims ^.

Luckily Ray Lewis wasn't kicked off the team and out of football for using deer antler spray, which was confusingly thought to contain the banned drug substance IGF-1 ^.

Ray called the deer antler spray PED debacle a "Trick of the Devil" ^.

The NFL banned deer antler velvet anyway because it naturally contains anabolic growth factors called IGF-1 and was falsely associated with PED use  ^. Even the World Anti-doping Agency considered temporarily banning deer antler spray ^, but cautions against deer antler velvet spray ^.

Think about it: since milk, eggs and beef contain IGF-1 ^, should they be banned as a PED?

Deer Antler Spray Drug Hoax

It is sure funny how confused everyone got about a simple dietary supplement!

And yet many will still be tricked...spritz, spritz the deer antler velvet spray!


How does deer antler velvet work?

Deer antler velvet has a bunch of nutrition which makes it a dietary supplement.

Deer antler velvet is basically food without the calories and contains concentrated nutrition.

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      Deer antler velvet has peptides, growth factors, bio-available trace minerals, circulation supporting lipids that all work together ^ to make it a powerful unique dietary supplement anyone can use for energy.

      Tonic Tinctures Deer Antler Velvet Energy

      Deer Antler Velvet Energizes The Body

      Some supplements, like deer antler velvet, are really amazing at how good they work at giving vitality and strength to the muscles, joints and body.


      Unlike what the 'fake news' and not-so-random internet searches may make you think, supplements like deer antler velvet are not scary 'snake oil' drugs.

      Watch Out for Deer Antler Spray Snake Oil 

      Deer antler velvet is not a drug.

      Common Question: Then why do you sell deer antler velvet?

      Same Answer: For supporting, maintaining, and promoting health, wellness and fitness performance.

      Contrary to the large and completely uninformed websites, the clueless journalists, some hokey doctors, and sinister snake oil salesman, dietary supplements are highly regulated ^; so how are they regulated?

      According to FDA supplements are defined as food and don't treat, prevent, cure or mitigate disease, therefore making deer antler velvet a dietary food supplement.

      Back to the point at hand, deer antler velvet is not a steroid drug, although it does work on hormone metabolism.


      Which leads to another common question with clients:

      Q: Can women take deer antler velvet safely, will it make women manly?

      Women May Take Deer Antler Velvet Safely

      A: Women can take deer antler velvet since it doesn't increase testosterone or any hormones out of the normal. Deer antler velvet supports a healthy endocrine system for healthy female glands.

      Deer Antler Velvet Increases Testosterone in Males

      Deer antler velvet will increase testosterone in those with male sex organs ^ from it's effects on the prostate ^ and the Leydig cells in the testicles by increased expression of protein enzymes responsible for testosterone production ^. The Russians figured out the alcohol extract is best for sexual function.

      Of course, this may work better when used in conjunction with a well-rounded sensible diet full of proteins and fats and a progressive exercise program.

      Deer antler velvet healthfully supports the endocrine system and all hormones by supplying a plethora of hormonal nutrition in the form of growth factors like IGF-1 and essential lipids that the glands use for raw materials.

      Tonic Tinctures Deer Antler Velvet 3 Pack

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      Because deer antler velvet is a dietary supplement, this means anyone can use and take deer antler velvet, so you don't need to be a athlete or weight trainer or a bodybuilder to have the unique nutrition support your body.


      What's the Difference Between Deer Antler Velvet Supplements?

      We have one of the most popular deer antler velvet supplements, so we get asked this question a lot.

      What is the difference between Tonic Tinctures Deer Antler Velvet and other brands commonly on the market?

      So we took a look around the internet and simply read the labels and looked at the marketing.

      CONCLUSION: there sure is a lot of hokey stuff all over the internet!

      Firstly, the funniest thing we saw was that some companies sell deer antler velvet with a 'WARNING!' as if it is going to be dangerous with weird drug side-effects. By now we know deer antler velvet isn't a drug so it shouldn't have side-effects warnings. Think about it, does food have drug side-effects?

      Here is the low-down:

      1. Buy a deer antler velvet supplement with enough deer antler velvet in it. In other words, avoid aloe vera, skip on wild yams, and toss the tribulus. If you want this other stuff then buy your yams, tribulus and aloe vera separately, because a little bit of that stuff doesn't work much either.

      2. Definitely avoid dumping your money into diluted bottles of confusing marketing. Are you a supplement manufacturer? Probably not, so why does this matter to you as the consumer when they make you go through the conversions and job of interpreting it like you are going to be making deer antler velvet? Focus on how much is in the supplement.

      3. Don't take too much, you might give yourself an upset stomach. So simply take enough and save the money and the tummy.

      Which brings us to the main point.


      How much deer antler velvet per serving?

      We repeat this often: you gotta take enough to make deer antler velvet work.

      When looking at most products the first thing is that they barely contain deer antler velvet and are focusing solely on extracts of growth factors as the only active constituent.

      Really? That's it? Nope it isn't just growth factors; deer antler velvet is so much more than just a singular constituent.

      Knowing what deer antler velvet is will greatly help one understand.

      Simply put, deer antler velvet is a holistic tonic food with lots of unique nutrition and supporting benefits that work together to build health, strength and vitality.

      We take it as a supplement to make it easy to take. Boom!

      So, you gotta take enough.

      Read our one star reviews, its usually because they didn't take enough. They must be reading the information for the other products that say 1 dropper a day of a little bit of deer antler velvet is enough. You need to read the instructions on how to take deer antler velvet.


      Deer Antler Velvet Comparison

      Here we go, this was hard to handle, but since you asked, we did the comparison.

      So off we go to the deer antler sprays that generally range from 10 bucks to 50 bucks and maybe more!

      Supposedly, spritzing sprays of deer antler velvet containing peptides, lipids, and minerals into the mouth is more effective than simply taking it, but the major consideration here is: 'how dilute is the extract if one can just spray it in the mouth'. Overall this is 'fakey' supplement marketing aimed at making you possibly feel cool.

      Just take deer antler velvet:

      1. Hold the extract in your mouth for a minute or two.

      2. Dilute deer antler velvet extract in a little bit of water and slowly sip on it.

      Another weird thing to ask about sprays is: why do these deer antler velvet sprays have additives and preservatives? Did they miss something, such as using Russian researched alcohol extraction methods for deer antler velvet like the science says ^? More in a little bit about the need for alcohol extract.

      Also, why do they make these sprays all clumped together with things you should avoid like citric acid and potassium sorbate, flavorings or something else odd like aloe vera, wild yam, or tribulus? If you want that stuff take it separately to control your dose of deer antler velvet. Weird, right?

      Is this seriously supposed to be a deer antler velvet supplement? 

      Amount of extract per bottle: 1,000 milligrams to 2,500 milligrams average in the entire bottle of many branded deer antler velvet sprays. Someone would have to drink the whole bottle to get one daily dose equivalent of Tonic Tinctures Deer Antler Velvet! Whoa, that can get pretty expensive very quickly as some bottles can run $100's of dollars for a little bit of deer antler velvet in the whole bottle, let alone one dose.

      How do you avoid preservatives: is your extract Hydro-alcoholic?

      Traditionally, in the time-honored industry of tincture extraction and making deer antler velvet across the world the solvent to make deer antler velvet into a supplement should be hydro-alcoholic for full potency.

      Why hydro-alcohol?

      1. Natural preservative

      2. Alcohol is required to extract many of the beneficial constituents and water is able to extract everything that is soluble in water.

      3. Alcohol and water extracts are 99% absorbable.

      Tonic Tinctures Deer Antler Velvet 3 Pack

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      You may ask, but how much IGF-1 is in the bottle?

      But this other brand has 1,000,000 nanograms of IGF-1. Big deal, right?

      A nanogram is pretty small. What's the difference between a little bit and a little bit? Hmmm...

      Growth factors work by their presence in the diet which is one reason why milk and beef build strong bodies, raw milk, raw eggs and rare cooked beef have growth factors also. Deer antler velvet supplements are easier to take consistently than raw milk and rare beef and raw eggs, which is why deer antler velvet is awesome nutrition when we make it raw!

      Anyway, the growth factors help the protein and mineral metabolism work better by being part of the diet.

      IGF-1 is a Natural Hormone Found in Deer Antler Velvet 

      No need to get too caught in the natural hormones, like IGF-1, found in deer antler velvet, meat, eggs and milk, but it is the reason why deer antler velvet makes a great supplement since it is concentrated non-caloric nutrition.

      Those who've been keeping up should know what's up since we delved into this near the top of the article where you will Begin @Beginning.

      So, in summary:

      There is not much difference in taking varying amounts of micro-nanogram doses of IGF-1 orally.

      Like any tonic, the key to deer antler velvet supplementation is to be consistent in taking it, the more often you take it, along with food and other supplements, the more deer antler velvet will work for you.

      The IGF-1, and other growth factors and constituents all-together, signal safe and healthy endocrine response, so that over time one will realize the long-term endocrine support. It's not magic, because it takes a lot of the concurrent nutrition in the form of protein and other recovery nutrition to make deer antler velvet work.

      Onward we go, below is a comparison of deer antler velvet supplements found in the market:


      Label Comparison

      Deer Antler Velvet 2 oz. Liquid Extract 

      Our Deer Antler Velvet is a 1:2 extraction ratio means 1 ounce (~28,500mgs) of deer antler velvet goes into a 2 ounce bottle. This is the lower alcohol gooey thick extraction full of peptides and growth factors.

      Each dropper is therefore approximately 500mgs of deer antler velvet. Because we process in house we are able to pull a concentrated hydro-alcoholic extraction, without heat, a total of four times on the slices before they are exhausted and completely utilized yielding a think liquid extract that is 35% alcohol by volume.

      Brand Q 2 oz 

      The market is full of these multi-ingredient deer antler spray formulations under several different labels, one being used by a large corporate supplement retailer. They list deer antler velvet on their label, but do so with nearly a dozen other ingredients including Aloe Vera, Niacin, Artificial Flavors, Glycerin and a couple preservatives added for good measure. The label will state 300mgs or 1000mgs per serving, but of what ingredients?

      Confusing isn't it?

      These manufacturers make no claim as to potency for dosage clarifications to make sure you are getting enough deer antler velvet. They may use one singular growth factor out of more than a dozen, IGF-1, in nanograms (ng), as the sole marker of potency. Yes, it is true deer antler velvet does contain nanogram doses of IGF-1.

      Numerous clients have taken these products prior and find that these sprays quickly lose efficacy which is when we will earn them as long-term life clients.

      Brand X 2 oz 

      Brand X claims to use an extraction that is over 70:1 or even 80:1.

      Tricky tricky!

      At first appearance this does indeed seem quite amazing until one checks their units for their ratio and find out that they mean over 70+ pounds deer antler velvet extracted into 1 pound deer antler velvet extract.

      Okay, seems they forgot a step.

      This is done with laboratory equipment and must go through an additional step of adding this powder extract to a glycerin filler base or an alcohol base.

      But they have extracted nothing into the liquid. They simply add a pile of powder of about 5,000 milligrams (or less!) into their "pure" supplement. Pure for sure, pure nothing!

      Ouch, that hurts the bank doesn't it, because these can cost 150-250 bucks a bottle? Save yourself and get the best.

      Power Velvet 2 oz. Liquid Extract 

      The Power Velvet is a 1:1 extraction ratio or 2 ounces (~57,000mgs) deer antler velvet into a 2 ounce bottle of final concentrated extract.

      Each dropper is therefore approximately 1000mgs of deer antler velvet for the most performance power. Power Velvet is the one that weight trainers and bodybuilders appreciate the most from the better muscular power and recovery times for their faster metabolisms.

      Power Velvet Deer Antler Velvet Strength Squat Performance

      No Need to Fear for A Lack of Strength when Under Pressure to Perform

      Because we process in house we are able to pull a concentrated hydro-alcoholic extraction, without heat, a total of four times on the slices before they are exhausted and completely utilized yielding a think liquid extract that is 55% alcohol by volume. This extra concentrated alcohol extract makes it higher in growth factors and lipids and will have the benefits of the scientifically studied Russian alcohol tincture extract.

      Brand Z 1 oz. 

      Brand Z claims to use an extraction that is over 40:1. By now we can recognize something is amiss from our previous example of ratio extraction with big numbers like 70+:1.

      Oh, no, confusion factor! This ratio extract stuff for marketing is made to be confusing and distracting.

      And checking their website we can verify 40+ pounds deer antler velvet are extracted into 1 pound deer antler velvet extract. As before this is done with laboratory equipment and must go through the additional step of adding this powder extract to a pure hydro-alcoholic liquid.

      They honestly admit that you are purchasing 1,000mgs of their extract powder in 1 oz. of fluid. Congratulations, why not just say that?

      Brand Y 1oz. Spray 

      This company calls their supplement deer antler velvet and lists IGF-1 on their label along with artificial flavors, preservatives, and soy stabilizers. But the potency of their deer antler velvet cannot be deduced as they use only IGF-1 as the marker for deer antler velvet potency. Yes it is true that deer antler velvet contains IGF-1. And then they offer several different strengths of very small nanogram doses of IGF-1 for increasing greater amounts of money. What about the rest of the constituents in deer antler velvet? What's going on with all these deer antler sprays?

      Brand T 2 oz. and 1 oz. 

      Brand T is a bunch of similar manufacturers that are available from specialty purveyors of tonic herbs on the internet and on eBay.

      Brand T's deceivingly use a partial extraction ratio which can be 3:1, 8:1 or 20:1. As before, if we check the units for their ratio this is pounds raw material into pounds powder extract. And yet they put this partial extraction ratio confusingly in their marketing material or even on their bottle and tell you its 20 times as potent! LOL, wow, right? Well, that's not what 20:1 means, it means 20 pounds to make 1 pound.

      Tricky tricky!


      Save Yourself the Trouble and Buy Tonic Tinctures

      So there you have it! We did the work and figured out that a lot of what is out there in the market is pretty hokey.

      We've been doing this for a long time and we've been doing it right.

      The main complaint we get is that the taste is way to strong, so feel free to dilute it and sip on it. Why would we dilute the extract and charge you a bunch of money when we can make it concentrated and affordable for you?

      Buy the best and buy Tonic Tinctures Deer Antler Velvet.

      Tonic Tinctures Deer Antler Velvet Supplement Blog End

      Be The Best and Buy The Best