Allopathic Medicine: Part 16 - Evidence-Based Medicine is Done by Peer-Review

by Jason J. Duke - Owner/Artisan

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Peer Reviewing Evidence Based Medicine 

A specific form of medical consensus that is used when there is insufficient data and lacking contradictory research for making medical decisions is called evidence-based medicine. This type of inferred practice protocol is best done with peer-review, where a panel of experts will reach consensus, with any quality of available research evidence, and without using the scientific method of hypothetical-deductivism, before implementing new methods of practice.

Evidence-based medicine is about using the best available evidence to direct clinical decision-making and practice guidelines, and offers guidance on how to use the evidence, whether from randomized trials, observational studies, physiological experiments, case series, case reports, or the experience of individual clinicians, to optimally help patients make the best decisions consistent with their circumstances and values.

—Benjamin Djulbegovic, MD, PhD and Gordon Guyatt, MD, MS, Evidence vs Consensus in Clinical Practice Guidelines

Evidence-Based Medicine is Pseudo-scientific, Impractical, and Often Prone to Misuse

Many medical organizations and individual healthcare practitioners will intuitively make their patient a simple datapoint statistic within applicable research. This form of pseudo-scientific naïve inductivism for clinical practice is most often done without taking the judicious time for jointly made decision making amongst several peers in safeguarding patients from the dangers of medical quackery.

Therefore, evidence-based medicine is impractical and easily open to misuse because loosely correlated inferences from applicable research and individual preferences will only be used, as a form of 'cookbook' medicine' to determine the diagnosis and treatment protocol of a patient, instead of using the scientific method of hypothetical deductivism.

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