Allopathic Medicine: Part 9 - Medical Treatments and What's in a Cure?

by Jason J. Duke - Owner/Artisan

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Putting Together a Treatment Protocol 

Within medical healthcare, a treatment is an intervention in the causes of disease after diagnosis. A treatment manages sickness and illness related to disease, prevents one from getting a disease, and/or cures the causes of a disease. Treatments include prescribed drugs, devices, counselling, therapy, and surgery.

Treatments may substitute non-functioning parts of the body and mind with drugs and devices; or intervene in any sick and ill emotional and mental states with drugs, counselling and therapy; or intervene in an infection from bacteria and viruses.

What's in a Cure?

The final stage of a successful treatment protocol is called a cure, where the method of disease or condition intervention brings about a temporary relief of any associated non-functioning. The removal of all symptoms and non-functioning of any tissue, organ, gland, or system, without any further treatment protocols is when someone is cured of a disease or condition.

Cures are not to be confused with the continuous consumption of drugs, the removal of a necessary part of the body, and preventative health measures. Being cured is not a state of reversal concerning a prior disease or condition since an external treatment intervention cannot be a substitute for the inherant healing which is done by the body.

A Disease Diagnosis is Required Before Treatment

Treatments are given after a disease has been diagnosed by a physician. A physician cannot treat any cause of a state or health-related conditions of the body, emotions, or mind without a disease diagnosis. A person cannot self-diagnose or self-treat the causes of disease.

Drugs, surgery and therapy may be any of the methods used to treat, manage, prevent, and cure diseases.

Food, Herbs, and Supplements Do Not Treat Disease

Beware! Quackery Treatments are Everywhere on the Internet 

Treatments are not to be confused with the consumption of foods, nutrients, medicinal remedies, dietary supplements and healing types of medicine.

Diet, foods, lifestyles, herbs, nutrients, medicinal remedies, dietary supplements and other healing medicine support, maintain, and promote health and wellness and are unable to treat, manage, prevent, and cure disease causes. Avoid quackery cures in health and wellbeing.

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