Deer Antler Velvet Handbook: Part 10 - References

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Deer Antler Velvet References

All scientific and industry references contained in above article are for informational purposes only.

1. Comprehensive Online Webpage

On traditional and modern uses of deer antler velvet. Covers a scientific explanation of deer antler velvet and outlines studies concerning recuperative and performance benefits.

2. Comprehensive Books for Purchase

Easy to use resources with personal testimony and professional interpretation of references and studies.

3. Online Reviews

What deer antler velvet is, the various applications and insights of use, composition, performance benefits, dosage, and academic interpretation of scientific studies.

4. Book with a Relevant Entry

Scientific insight into how deer antler velvet works.

5. An Herbalism View 

Deer antler velvet with a brief entry as an endocrine tonic with relevant dosages.

6. Further Mineral Resources 

How the structure of calcium is important for parathyroid function and endocrine system and its role in tissues throughout the body.

7. Further References and Resources at Tonic Tinctures

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Deer Antler Velvet Handbook

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