Dietary Supplement Handbook: Part 3 - Constituents in Supplements

by Jason J. Duke - Owner/Artisan

Fresh Content: August 1, 2022 20:20

Breaking Down Supplements Into Constituents 

Certain supplements, like botanicals and superfoods, are made up of constituents.

Constituents are specific parts of a botanicals and superfoods that are the known and studied parts that work for benefits. Although constituents are not listed on the label, the botanical or superfood, in whatever form the supplement is taken, will contain the constituents.

Examples of constituents that make up supplements:

  • Alkaloids like caffeine in kola nut
  • Catechins like EGCG in tea
  • Polyphenols like curcumin in turmeric root
  • Saponins called ginsenosides in ginseng roots
  • Polysaccharides like beta-glucan in medicinal mushrooms
  • Lactones like withanolides in ashwagandha root

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