Short History of Tinctures - Duke's Materia Tonica

1800's Natural Healer Preparing A Tincture

Recent Tincture History

The Knowledge of Healing Accelerates

Scientific and empirical knowledge of natural healing was accelerating during the 1800's. During a renaissance of science around the 1880's, natural healing methods were being advanced by healers, often women and mid-wives, who would use tinctures made from food, herbs, botanicals, minerals or drugs with great success as remedies for ailments and for building health and wellness. Medical drug practice and health education with foods and supplements co-existed with each other without restrictions.

Rise of the Medical 'Quack' and Pharmaceutical Fraud

But, by the 1930's quack medical doctors would sell 'snake-oil' with exaggerated claims and false promises, in turn damaging health education with foods and supplements. In 1938 the US government signed the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA 1938) into law to differentiate food, cosmetics and drugs separately from one another and to protect people from unregulated dangerous drugs in the food supply. Foods and supplement tinctures are included in the food side of the law as a dietary supplement. Medical drug tinctures are the property of the federally regulated pharmaceutical industry as a 'product' for the sole purpose of the 'service' of treating disease.

Dietary Supplement Health Education Becomes Law

These regulations allowed both industries to develop appropriately with occasionally regulated assistance until 1994. The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA 1994) was signed into law because of further medical pharmaceutical corruption damaging health education and the dietary supplement industry. Non-medical tinctures were now specifically protected under law as food and health education, without the purposes of treating, preventing, managing, or curing disease, but instead to build-up health and wellness.

Search Engines Promote the Violation of Human Rights

Once again, in 2020, health education and dietary supplements are under attack from medical corruption and pharmaceutical fraud. Search engines are being used to spread disinformation concerning health and supplements while promoting pharmaceutical drug fraud and medical 'quackery'. Search engines freely promote medical charlatans, as online doctors, pharma-backed supplement propaganda websites, illegitimate government agendas, and ignorant 'snake-oil' salespeople. Additionally, search engines incorrectly reference medical 'healthcare' and 'pharmacy' policies for dietary supplements and health education guidance. While ignoring the law for health education guidance, search engines are the purposeful peddlers of medical fraud and the modern day 'quacks' of the past.

Where is the dietary supplement and health education guidance within the search engine industry? Will they continue to violate human rights by blocking health education and appropriate marketing and use of dietary supplements?

Dietary Supplement Health Education is a Human Right

What will become of the tincture? DSHEA (1994) is an unbreakable law that censors medical pharmaceutical corruption so that we all have freedom to health education and dietary supplements.


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