Tincture Handbook: Part 3 - Types of Fluid Extraction Tinctures

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Fluids For Extraction

fluid extraction tincture goes through a process of macerating and extracting spices, botanicals, and/or superfoods, which are collectively known as herbs in herbalism, directly into a chosen fluid menstruum through a variety a methods that are either single, dual, or multi-step. Dissolved tinctures are not fluid extraction tinctures, since the powder extract is dissolved into the solvent.

Liquid Extracts (Fluid Extracts) Definition

A liquid extract, also known as a fluid extract in literature, is the finished tincture, which is what the the fluid menstruum becomes after maceration and extraction of herbs.

Fluid extracts that are unheated are of the best quality since they preserve many of the constituents that will degrade with heat application, but certain multi-step extraction methods, including dual-step, may benefit from heating during latter steps of the extraction process for greater concentration of constituents and nutrients for potency. For example: heat application will activate polysaccharidesA polysaccharide is a cluster of several sugar-type molecules bonded together. They are often found in plants that are classified as tonics which promote immune function by increasing absorption and digestion.

Types of Liquid (Fluid) Extracts

There are four main types of liquid extracts made by tincturing and each type has a degree of potency that is either superior, satisfactory, or specific in use.

  • Hydroalcohol - Superior
  • Glycerin and Water - Satisfactory
  • Apple Cider Vinegar - Specific
  • Oil - Specific

Herbal WisdomHerbal wisdom is when someone is being attentive of an important consideration in achieving success with herbs in herbalism for health and healing.
"A hydroalcohol extraction tincture is superiorA low alcohol tincture of 18% to 25% ABV will be superior in healing and health promotion properties when compared to a glycerite, because the low alcohol may be unnoticeable and the tincture may be very easy-to-take successfully in a large enough serving consistently over a long-period of time. compared any glycerite and has the most healing potential and capacity for promoting health from a more complete extraction into both alcohol and water, unless a specific purpose of use is necessary, therefore an apple cider vinegar or oil liquid extract will be the best choice. Glycerites can never out-perform a hydroalcohol tincture, nor is there any effectiveness to mixing alcohol and glycerin. Hydroalcohol is always superior to a dissolved tincture using a powder extract dissolved into any typeThere is no advantage to a powder extract being dissolved into alcohol and water over glycerite, nor is there any point to mixing alcohol and glycerin, since the limiting factor of potency is the powder extract process and potency drawbacks. type of fluid extract.

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