Tincture Handbook: Part 7 - Oil Liquid Extracts for Tinctures

by Jason J. Duke - Owner/Artisan

Fresh Content: September 8, 2022 23:51

Oil Tincture of Garlic 

Oil tinctures are made by macerating cut and sifted quality herbs that have oil soluble medicinal constituents in extra-virgin olive oil so that they may be taken orally, applied directly to skin, scalp, and hair, and mixed with cosmetics.

When making oil tinctures, always use cut-and-sifted to avoid powder from being held in suspension and creating a gritty tincture.

An oil menstruum is not to be combined with water, alcohol, and glycerin since they will separate into layers during extraction, including difficulty achieving a potency required for oil tinctures.

Understanding Oil Usage in Tinctures

Oil preserves and extracts the oil soluble constituents of herbs so that a medicinal remedy of the those specific active constituents can be made and stored.

Types of Oil Tinctures

Always choose herbs that have oil soluble active constituents for oral use and/or are being used on the skin, scalp, or hair. Use dried quality herbs to avoid water from molding in the extract; freshly dried herbs may be used with great success:

  • Tincture ingredients
  • Serving size and dosages
  • Expiration timeframe
  • Purpose of oil tincture

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