What's a Drug? - Duke's Materia Tonica

Drugs Do Not Heal, They Treat Disease 

A drug is a non-healing form of medicine used by medical healthcare professionals to intervene in the causes of conditions and diseases, given by diagnosis, for treatment, prevention, management, and cure.

Drugs are often petroleum based lab-created pharmaceuticals, but some may also be a concentrated pure constituent that is derived from plants and approved for medical use.

Drugs Work By Intervening With Disease

Drugs work in a few ways; by chemically acting as substitutes for non-functioning structures in the body's systems, organs, glands, and tissues; and drugs intervene in any states or causes of illness and sickness in the emotions and mind; and drugs are used for infection of bacteria and viruses.

Drugs are biomedically studied and researched through human clinical trials to have more benefits for disease intervention than risks of intoxication and side effects.

Some drugs require a healthcare professional's prescription to purchase and use while other over-the-counter drugs may be purchased at a pharmacy.

The recreational use of drugs is to willingly seek physical and mental impairment for the wrong view and false feelings of well-being, which is known as quackery.

Drugs are Not Food

Drugs Are Not Food And Supplements 

Drugs are not to be confused with foodnutrients, medicinal herbs, or any other type of dietary supplement. Drugs are substitutes for non-working parts of the body, emotions, and mind and do not work like dietary supplements which add-to working parts of the body, emotions, and mind; therefore, using drugs as nutrients, medicinal herbs, and dietary supplements is known as quackery.