What's a Prescription? - Duke's Materia Tonica

A Prescription is an Authorization to Purchase Drugs from a Pharmacy 


A prescription is an authorization that is prescribed by a healthcare professional for medical drugs, procedures, therapy, and counselling in the prevention, management, treatment, and cure of a disease or condition that has been diagnosed.

A prescription for a drug is filled at a pharmacy by a pharmacist. Some medical drugs may be purchased at a pharmacy and/or with a pharmacist over-the-counter (OTC) without a prescription. Discuss any OTC drug use with a pharmacist or qualified healthcare practitioner. 

Sometimes a quack physician may authorize a wrongful prescription of a drug for the off-label use, and also inappropriately prescribe food and dietary supplements for the treatment of diseases and conditions. Indeed, a quack wrongly prescribes anything for diseases and conditions.

Self-medication is Slang for Using Drugs Recreationally 

Self-medication and self-treatment (aka. treatment with self-care) is colloquial slang used by the medical industry and government agencies for when someone uses drugs without a prescription recreationally or uses recreational drugs and intoxicants for the wrong view and false feelings of well-being.

Foods and Dietary Supplements Cannot Be Prescribed

Food and dietary supplements cannot be prescribed as drugs since food and supplements do not prevent, manage, treat, or cure diseases and conditions; instead food and supplements support, build, and promote health, wellness, and well-being.