What's a Side Effect? - Duke's Materia Tonica

Side Effects are Unintended Effects From Taking Drugs 


A side effect is the risk of unwanted consequences from taking a medical drug. A side effect is an adverse reaction of abnormal functioning within the body, emotions, and mind that is an unintended result, different than the desired disease or condition treatment, which may be benign, cause injury, or death.

If someone is experiencing a life threatening side effect from a medical drug, call an available healthcare service provider immediately.

Discuss Side Effects with Experienced Healthcare Practitioners 

Always discuss medical drug use with a healthcare professional to help reduce side effects. Medical drugs may cause side effects when taken with certain foods and dietary supplements.

Recreational drugs and intoxicants, such as cannabis, psilocybin, tobacco, and alcoholic beverages, do not have side effects, since use inherently causes physical, emotional, and mental impairment, and may have other injurious and life threatening consequences.

Food and Supplements Do Not Have Risks, Side Effects, or Precautions

Food and supplements do not have risks, side effects, or precautions, since food and supplements are not drugs used to treat, manage, prevent, or cure diseases and conditions.

Eat complete balanced meals to reduce issues with food. Do not participate in dieting, skipping meals, or fasting. And take dietary supplements with food to avoid any issues with absorption and digestion.