What's Food? - Duke's Materia Tonica

Food Is Our Source Of Nutrition


Food is what someone eats and drinks in their diet that is required for health, wellness, and well-being, such as water, beverages, meals, snacks, and dietary supplements. Food is best consumed in balance during meals. The body will have feelings of hunger when the body desires nutrition to function, recover, develop, and grow, which is satisfied by eating food and drinking water and beverages. Food is medicine to assist in healing the body.


Drugs are Not Food

Drugs Do Not Contain Nutrition


Drugs are not food and not required for health, but instead drugs treat, manage, prevent, and cure diseases and conditions that have been diagnosed. Drugs have no nutrition and do not satisfy hunger; drugs substitute and replace bodily functions and do not work with the systems, organs, glands, and tissues of the body for functioning, developing, growing, and healing. Using food wrongly as drugs to treat, manage, prevent and cure disease is known as quackery.