by Jason Duke - Owner/Artisan

Fresh Content: January 1, 2019 11:30

Anyone Can Learn Healing


Healing is the natural inborn regeneration ability, related to the health, growth and development, of all living organisms, such as plants, animals, and humans, to restore, renew, and regenerate themselves at any time.

Healing also occurs by external means, such as food and nutrition are healing medicine required by the body; to support, maintain, and promote the regeneration of the body.

Healing is Seen in Skin Regeneration

Human healing happens physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually and is supported and promoted through food, herbs and spices, essential oils, fitness, looking at colors, creating art, playing music, solving puzzles, learning math, meditation and prayer, and fasting.

Treating and Managing Diseases and Conditions is Not Healing

Healing medicine should not be confused with non-healing allopathic medicine, such as drugs, surgery, counselling, and therapy for the treatment, management, prevention, and cure of diagnosed diseases and conditions

A person cannot heal illnesses and diseases, which must be treated, managed, and cured. Using drugs, surgery, counselling, and therapy to support and promote healing is known as quackery. Illness and disease are theoretical causes of non-functioning bodily systems, emotional and mental conditions, or infections that do not exist as a functioning part of the human body. Instead, a person heals the body, emotions, mind, and spirit.

The Four Types of Human Healing are:

  • Physical - Body
  • Emotional - Feelings
  • Mental - Thoughts
  • Spiritual - Faith
The Healing Human Astronaut Navigating Life

The human body is constantly regenerating and healing from one moment to the next. Being human is like wearing a physical body as a spacesuit which requires food and water. Instinctive feelings come from the spacesuit as emotions for movement. Positive, clear, and intentional thoughts refine the human astronaut's vision and intellect. And subtle, yet powerful spiritual energies of wisdom, peace, and compassion heal and guide the human astronaut in the space-time continuum.  

Physical Healing

Awaken Life by Nourishing the Body

The physical body has various systems, tissues, organs, and glands that are in constant use, which must be healed to stay youthful and to function optimally. Bodily regeneration therefore requires food, water as a medium for biochemistry, nutrition for energy and nutrients, additional multivitamin and mineral supplements for nutrient density, medicinal remedies for benefiting healthy performance, and physical exercise for fitness.

Emotional Healing

Create a Satisfying Life of Connection to Oneself and Others

Emotions are strong and intuitive feelings such as anger, love, sadness, joy, and guilt that are felt about oneself, others, and one's environment. Healing emotions involves practicing gratitude, sitting still in silence, looking at colors, using crystals and plants, spending time with animals and people, spending time in nature, creating and appreciating art, listening to music, playing an instrument, singing, free-thinking and using one's imagination, and practicing empathy and compassion for oneself and others.

Mental Healing

Free and Open the Mind for Successful Progress in Life

The thinking mind is a person's thoughts. Everyone is thinking throughout the day and dreaming at night. Mental activities that promote mental healing include, reading books, solving puzzles, model construction, studying logic, learning music, in-depth education of subjects (e.g., math), and visualization exercises for developing clarity and achieving positive outcomes, (e.g., positive thinking).

Spiritual Healing

Faith Carry's One's Life Forward Through Space and Time

Spirit is the physically intangible or invisible aspect of someone that encompasses their overall physical body, emotions, and mind. Spirit is witnessed by someone's broad vision of life circumstances which are interpreted through their beliefs in faith-based and/or religious ideologies. Practices that heal and renew the spirit include, prayer, ceremony, rituals, devotion, meditation, worship, confession, developing compassion, community conversation, astrology, fasting, and cultivating peace.