What's Health? - Duke's Materia Tonica

Health is Personal Performance, Growth, Healing, and Development


Health is the degree of maintaining, supporting, and promoting functionality, healing, growth, reproduction, and development within the body, emotions, mind, and spirit. Health is related to learning wellness and what someone thinks about their well-being.

9 ways to be healthy:

  1. Eat food in complete balanced meals for nutrition
  2. Hydrate with water and liquid nutrients, such as electrolytes
  3. Take dietary supplements for nutrient density and medicinal remedies
  4. Participate in exercise, sports, fitness, and/or dance
  5. Sleep for recovery from daily activity and work
  6. Develop accepting social relationships
  7. Express oneself emotionally and creatively
  8. Pursue learning and education
  9. Practice spirituality

Health is Not Disease

Health is different than disease.

Diseases are the non-functionality, degeneration, dying, infertility, or a state of deterioration or stasis within any bodily system, organ, gland, or tissue; including mental or emotional states. A physician, doctor, counselor, and therapist are licensed to diagnose diseases and conditions.

Ways to treat, manage, prevent, or cure disease:

  • Drugs
  • Surgery
  • Counselling
  • Therapy
  • Medical devices