A Healthy Bit About Deer Antler Velvet by Jason J. Duke

September 19, 2019 02:45 2 Comments

Have you heard of deer antler velvet? Probably not, and if you have you may not be fully familiar with it. So, I'll share a bit about what I've learned over the years.

New Zealand Red Elephant Deer with Velvet Antler

Velvety antler is the soft rounded fuzzy young growth on bucks, stags and bulls.

It is produced on deer ranches and ranches around the world where deer farming is considered a noble industry.

In Asia, deer antler velvet is highly sought after as a valuable food supplement and medicine to support bodily tissues, enliven daily performance and promote nightly recovery.

Main Health Benefits of Deer Antler Velvet

  • Anti-aging youthfulness
  • Joint, nail, and skin health.
  • Physical stamina and performance
  • Anti-fatigue, regeneration and recovery
  • Satisfying intimacy

Health is simple and nutrition is essential to the functioning and repair of the body.

We all know that the better the food we eat and the supplements we take the better our health.

This is why deer antler velvet is so popular in Asia, because it is concentrated nutrition that can be easily added to the diet by supplementation that helps with a few things.

  • Promotes healthy joints and helps with minor aches and discomfort
  • Supports circulation and cardiovascular performance
  • Strengthens muscles and gives lasting stamina
  • Engenders recovery and optimal hormones for healing

Deer antler velvet does all this from the synergy of living nutrtion that it contains.

Essential Living Nutrition in Deer Antler Velvet

Glucosamine and Chondroitin

Deer antler velvet gives the body joint nutrition that it craves to lubricate joints and ease stiffness for more flexibility and mobility.


Certain gelatin type constituents called collagen offer repair nutrition for any normal wear-and-tear joints may experience from daily activity.

Hyaluronic Acid

Promotes active cellular metabolism and boosts tissue repair metabolism, as well as supporting lymph and immunity.

Unique peptides called Growth Factors

Only found in certain animal foods, growth factors are signaling hormones that promote regeneration and recovery of bodily tissues.

Bio-available Minerals

Calcium and magnesium are important hydrating minerals that assist muscular contraction and relaxation. Manganese, not to be confused with magnesium, assist range of motion in joints.

Essential Lipid Fats

Which promote healthy blood-flow and circulation to the harder-to-reach areas of the body like the joints, extremities, like the hands and feet, and the brain for boosting cognitive benefits - driving the nutrition of deer antler velvet deeper into the body.

So there you have it!

This really is a great supplement to take, what they call a 'tonic' in the orient for the simple fact that it imbues health, wellness and performance when we take it.

Deer Antler Velvet for Sports

Sportsman's Friend For Performance

Deer antler velvet is a physical tonic that promotes health and performance; it is also a workers tonic.

Deer Antler Velvet Flexible Joints

Lubricate Joints with Velvet Antler Nutrition

Enhance flexibility with deer antler velvet as part of a healthy active lifestyle.

Deer Antler Velvet for Workers

Lasting Stamina | Muscular Strength

It has a synergistic combination of holistic nutrition for strong knees and elbows, stable wrists, nimble fingers and a durable lower back.

Deer Antler Velvet for Nimble Hands

Nimble Hands Quilters Delight

Healthy energy and less joint discomfort from natural living nutrition

Deer Antler Velvet for Intimacy

Enjoy Your Intimate Moments in Life

Plus it boosts stamina and allows for extra-energy for intimacy.

Buy Tonic Tinctures Deer Antler Velvet

We use deer antler velvet harvested from worldwide government regulated deer farms for safety and the highest quality.

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You deserve the best for your health which is why we make the best!

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Your order will come with a card with directions on how to take it directly by mouth or in a little water and sip on the extraction.

Or be sure to get 3 bottles for a 2-3 month supply since the benefits of nutrition build up over time and get better the more you take your tonics.

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