Dietary Supplements are 100% Regulated by Jason J. Duke

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Dietary Supplements are 100% Regulated

Dietary Supplement Regulation

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Widespread Dietary Supplement Regulation Confusion

Although dietary supplements are commonly used ^ for health ^, many people, including doctors, ^ are confused about their use and regulation ^. Fake unregulated and uncontrolled medical news on social media threatens health education and is miseducating society ^. An ignorant and reckless writer ^ publishes a false report that dietary supplements are different than a healthy diet, while also not knowing how to take and appropriately teach people to take supplements as part of a healthy diet ^

Losing Touch With Reality...Watch Out for the Dumb and Ignorant People!

Other people, who've lost touch with reality ^, give criminal reckless advice to treat medical conditions with supplements using unethical dietitian and medical doctor supervision, while also suggesting that nutrients are dangerous unregulated drugs that work differently in different people ^. Perhaps this is why a clueless journalist and unethical dumb medical dietitian wrongly think supplements are dangerous and loosely regulated ^, because they don't know what supplements are they also don't think they have beneficial effects or how to take and use supplements appropriately ^.

Does Someone Want to Intentionally or Unintentionally Harm Your Health?

See how government agencies, academia, doctors, journalists and search engines create a farce they 'believe' ^ which commits reckless endangerment of people's health by preventing appropriate dietary supplement education and disregarding necessary use ^.

Anyone Can Use Search Engines to Become a Reckless Medical Fraud Criminal!

Criminal reckless medical pharma fraud websites ^ write garbage to rank on search engines and do not properly inform the public on how to use supplements, while claiming they are also not regulated ^.

Search Engines Often Rank Dangerous and Misleading Medical Fraud for Dietary Supplements Damaging The Health and Economic Well-being of Everyone Who Takes and Sells Dietary Supplements

One common dietary supplement ^ has dangerous and misleading ^ medically oriented information ^ so that affiliate ^ advertising traffic ^ can direct search engine users ^ on how to improve their diseases ^, and treat ^ their conditions ^, while being marketed as a fake drug, with fake drug side effects and fake dietary interactions ^. Another nutrient found in foods and supplements is wrongly advertised as a medical drug that does work as a medical treatment ^ and doesn't work as a medical treatment with dangerous drug side effects ^.

Medical Pharmaceutical Fraud Is Often Confused for Nutrition and Supplementation

Government propaganda ^ and a medical fraud website create false information that essential nutrition and dietary supplements as risky symptom and disorder treatments with life-threatening drug side effects ^ while promoting dietary supplements outright as though they are drugs and falsely making claims nutrition works like illegal and controversial pharmaceutical drug treatments ^. Deceptive medical promotion of dietary supplements and nutrition is violation of FTC truth-in-advertising law ^. In the FTC's own words, "Although many supplements offer the potential for real health benefits to consumers, unproven products and inaccurate information can pose a threat to the health and well-being of consumers and cause economic injury." ^ By promoting and ranking 'quack' evidence-based medical conjecture fraud websites as nutrition, unnecessarily filled with medical jargon ^search engines neglect ^ to provide search results that educate ^; instead they threaten and damage individual health and well-being ^ and criminally ^ and recklessly disregard and injure public health and well-being ^.

Search Engines Promote Medical Conjecture in Place of Dietary Supplement Education.

Many times a medical nutrition fraud website writer ^ will state non-consensus medical conjecture that supplements can damage your health, promote illness and have drug side effects and not have have drug side effects at the same time, ^ while ^ making money ^. Similar certifiably ^ dumb dietitians ^,  who don't know how the body and foods work together to detox and promote health ^publish irrelevant garbage that apple cider vinegar lacks confirming drug research for consumption benefits and has drug side effects ^! Big pharma medical websites quack-up scientific proof that foods and supplements ^, like apple cider vinegar ^, are drugs to prevent and treat diseases ^!

Avoid Clickbait Headlines that Promote Drug Use for Health and Well-being

Clickbait headlines trick readers into seeing prescription drug injection treatments as the same as taking dietary supplements for health and well-being ^.

Which One is It? Drugs or Dietary Supplements?

A prestigious medical school creates clickbait by wrongly promoting the idea that drug dealers selling uncontrolled medical drugs illegally are selling dangerous dietary supplements ^.

Is the FDA Incompetent at Accomplishing Pharmaceutical Drug Regulation?

While using an ignorant biased conflict-of-interest medical government agency report ^, an exceptionally dumb 'investigative journalist' doesn't know who to blame for pharmaceutical drugs in the food supply ^, and wrongly thinks that drugs, produced by pharmaceutical drug manufacturers are dietary supplements, ^ because of drug regulation shortcomings ^ in how the FDA regulates pharmaceutical drugs as pharmaceutical drugs to keep them out of the food supply ^.

A Pharmacy Professor Can't Tell The Difference Between Drugs and Supplements

A pharmacy professor, who mentions the FDA is failing to regulate drugs in the food supply ^is ignorant ^ of dietary supplement law ^, He wrongly claims no medical conflicts of interest and suggests that medical professionals break the law by recommending dietary supplements to patients for disease mitigation, treatment, prevention and possibly cure ^. A dumb unethical reckless medically certified doctor, who prescribes foods and nutrients to his patients as though they are drugs, wrongly thinks drug recalls for dietary supplements, because they contain drugs, are because of dietary supplement deregulation when it is due to easily accessible drugs due to lacking drug regulation ^.

The Government Falsely Believes People Need Protection from Dietary Supplements

Lunatic journalists spin propaganda that dietary supplements kill people ^ while their state government attempts to restrict the use of dietary supplements ^, but will continue to allow the cover-the-counter ^ worthless and fraudulent promotion of drugs ^ that kill people to be freely accessible ^

Be Careful of Medical Quackery!

A well-known pseudo-medical dietary supplement website, ^ that is medically certified, ^ and a favorite online magazine project their own medical agendas onto uneducated and vulnerable people ^.

Prepare for the Polarized Clickbait Propaganda Spin

A medically certified ^ medical fraud website loaded with ^ medical quacks ^ publishes contradictory click bait that fat metabolism supplements have dangerous drug side effects with no evidence that they work ^, yet they also claim that they are proven to work with drug side effects ^.

Medical Propaganda is Created to Confuse You About Dietary Supplements Being Responsible for Healthcare Deficiencies and Medical Risks

The FDA ^ and a medically sponsored clinic confusingly say that because food nutrients and dietary supplements have strong health benefits that they are also harmful, when they spin propaganda that confuse harm from dietary supplements ^ with deficiencies ^ in healthcare ^ and medical errors from surgery and drugs that kill, injure and maim tens to hundreds of thousands of people every year ^.

Read All About It! Biomedical Drug Quacks Prove Nothing Once Again! 

Ineffective studies are used by incompetent researchers who waste government funds ^ so that a biomedical drug institute can financially support ^ journalists to spin biomedical drug propaganda ^ and disseminate scientific medical fraud ^ that they proved nutrients do not treat and prevent conditions so that they can falsely conclude nutrients do not promote health ^.

Learn More About the Truth of Dietary Supplements and Health Education Regulation

What is Quackery?

Medical quackery is medical fraud which is fake and unauthorized medical healthcare practice! ^ And many people, such as doctors, medical professionals, government institutions, online journalists, and search engines, altogether promote widespread medical quackery concerning food, nutrients and dietary supplements ^ along with the unlicensed and unapproved use of drugs, which is foolishly believed to be 'fake news' ^False evidence-based government confused propaganda wrongly believes quackery to be medicine that does not or has not been proven to work in the treatment, prevention and mitigation of disease ^; so this would show that pharmaceutical ^ treatments ^ don't work as effectively in the 'real-world', contrary to what is shown in evidence-based proof ^Perhaps evidence-based medicine is actually fraud-based cookbook science that creates autonomous quacks ^!

Doctors Commonly Practice Medical Fraud by Blaming Dietary Supplement Regulation for Their Medical Ignorance

Ignorant and speculative ^ journalists report the beliefs of quack doctors as though they are scientific facts, for example, that dietary supplements cause acute liver injury after they are taken for several months to justify dietary supplement regulation ^ when, in fact, the liver injury may have been more likely due to poor nutrition and poor dietary choices ^.

False Reporting by Journalists Promote Medical Conspiracies about Dietary Supplements Harming People to Justify Theories Concerning a Lack of Supplement Regulation

Harm from dietary supplements ^ "is usually unknown or can only be suspected" ^ since research shows that liver injury caused by dietary supplements is unconfirmed and unclear with no specifically known mechanisms of action ^. Medical fraud is based on intuitive fake-science beliefs of dumb doctors; ^ in other words, medical fraud promotes harmful conspiracy theories, while ignoring analytical science, which negatively impacts personal health and appropriate dietary supplement use ^.

Confusing Monetarily Biased Reporting Claims Dietary Supplements Don't Do Anything Except Harm and Kill You!

Journalists ^ with obvious biotech conflicts of interests ^ and a deleted fake news column ^ wrongly claim nutrients from supplements don't do much ^ except that they be blamed as the cause of harm and death ^ without a necessary burden of proof that they do cause harm or death from reasonable use ^.

Medical Fraud and Nutrition Disinformation is No Laughing Matter

Your doctor is dumb about food, nutrition and dietary supplements; they are not educated in nutrition ^. And they actually admit that they are nutritionally confused about food and dietary supplements, due to conflicting biomedical science ^. A published and respected physician ^ mentions that schools don't know which half of their medical science is wrong and will likely be seen as quackery in the future ^.

Dumb Doctors Demand Drug Regulation for Dietary Supplements

Feel free to laugh at the dumb arrogant doctors and biased medical drug lawyers who can only inject their suspicions ^ about the possibility that dietary supplements cause harm ^ so that they may confuse drug regulation and approval with dietary supplement regulation due to their convoluted logic of "the loophole that swallowed the law" because "it wasn't really a loophole." ^

Big Pharma Projects Their Lacking Drug Regulation Which is Killing People onto Dietary Supplements by Using Dumb Doctors and Lawyers.

They project their demands of increased dietary supplement regulation because of easily accessible drugs due to poor drug regulation. Using sophisticated anecdotal evidence and hearsay for their nutrition science ^, and an "extremely unbalanced medical education" ^ doctors wrongly need government drug regulation to know how people should eat and supplement their health ^!

Does Big Pharma Unethically Produce and Sell Dietary Supplements?

The mega-companies of big pharma unethically produce supplements alongside their drugs ^Is this a reason why a quack doctor ^, who wrongly think fruits ^ prevent cancer ^touches on an interesting topic about how some dietary supplements are fraudulent ^ which may be produced by large companies ^ with substituted ingredients ^ and sold in ^ major retail outlets ^.

Dietary Supplement Regulation Prohibits Unethical Medical Industry Quackery Concerning Foods, Nutrients, and Supplements

This same ignorant, reckless, unethical, dumb medically certified quack ^promoted by search engines, thinks dietary supplement law deregulated supplements when it actually increases dietary supplement regulation ^ to remove consumers choice to learn and take supplements from the unethical and reckless participation of the medical industry quacks which are a part of government oversight ^ to effectively remove the private and unethical interests of the medical industry from the food supply ^.

Beware of Dumb Doctors Who are Clueless about Nutrition Because Nutrition is Not Related to Biomedical Drug Research

Ignorant and biased university quacks still haven't figured out how nutrition works and that nutrition doesn't prevent and treat disease ^ and they join dumb doctors who say they need clinical drug trials and National Institutes of Nutrition ^ to learn what we already know about food and supplement nutrition ^ because their National Institutes of Health (NIH) is not about nutritional health education, but instead about biomedical drug research ^.

Perhaps These Medical Quacks Edit Biomedical Scientific Fraud Into Wikipedia

Indeed, the online Wikipedia page for human nutrition ^ is a cluster of unreliable biomedical scientific fraud ^ and unverified medical quackery ^ which has it's "health information" routinely reviewed by conflicting interests, such as doctors from the NIH ^.

Seriously! You Cannot Make This Stuff Up!

The medically established websites can't decide which form of medical fraud is best ^Health education and dietary supplements must be protected from widespread medical fraud ^.

Why Are So Many People Confused?

Search Engines Promote Confusing Disinformation with Ranking Biases

Google adjusts various search results ^ based on opinion, corporate big-business agendas, and profit ^, but algorithms are only as good as the information available to them, the engineers who program them, and the discretion of the people who use their outcomes ^.

Search Engines Define Nutrients From Food and Supplements and Bodily Structures and Functions Using Confusing Biomedical Jargon

Search engines fuel the “War on Gobbledygook” ^ by using medicalese ^ for search query results performed on non-medical searches ^, by surfacing results that are incomprehensible biomedical gibberish, ^ as a specialized jargon to confuse, diminish, and damage the general public's interest ^ in scientific non-medical understanding of food and supplement health education ^.

Search Engine Policy Implies That Drugs Are More Effective Than Food and Supplements At Promoting Health and Well-being

Search ^ engine advertiser policies prohibits foods and supplements that are 'as effective as prescription drugs and controlled substances' ^, yet drugs are irrelevant and ineffective for promoting health and well-being, like food and supplements, since drugs are only able treat, prevent, mitigate, and cure disease ^!

Search Engines Are a Medical Product That Freely Distributes Non-Consensus Medical Fraud

Search engines are a fraudulent medical industry product ^ with widespread medical industry dissension ^ and non-consensus ^ selective medically biased nutrition ^ 'quackery' ^ conjecture ^Search engines freely distribute the misinformation that they fight ^, by purposefully spreading contradictory search query results ^ and highlighting contradictory medical information as directly relevant for non-medical health related searches ^.

The US Government Demands that Search Engines Cease Promoting Pharmaceutical and Medical Fraud

A member of congress demands removal and limitation of harmful and deadly medical misinformation found on search engines ^, because pharmaceutical fraud includes ^ false medical claims which are a civil and possibly criminal liability ^.

Search Engines are Professional Reckless Fraudsters Who Rank Healing Medicine as Only the Practice of Biomedical Diagnoses and Treatments of Diseases

A dumb journalistic biomedical professor ^ promotes a singular definition of medicine ^, but the definition of 'medicine' ^ does not ^ only include the professional biomedical definition of allopathic and alternative medicine practice of the medical diagnoses, treatment, prevention and cure of diseases ^, when healing is primarily a non-medical process of restoring health ^, to heal ^, without only having to be a professional biomedical drug cure ^.

Are Search Engines Dumb or Are They Doing Medical Fraud on Purpose?

Perhaps there is widespread dangerous medical fraud on search engines because language processing by artificial intelligence can't derive the meaning of what is written ^. Or perhaps, "The use of code as a surrogate for law may mean that certain public goods or moral values once protected by law will now be ignored or compromised by those who develop or utilize this code" ^.

Or Perhaps Search Engines Imagine They are the Arbiters of Public Discourse Concerning Non-medical Health, Fitness and Nutrition

Google and their quality raters believe they know how to judge for the public what is best concerning discourse on non-medical health, fitness and nutrition ^. Bing imagines that characteristics of data and statistics is determinant of quality and credibility for non-medical health, fitness and nutrition ^.

Search Engines are Unaware, Ignorant and Dumb Unintelligent Criminals

Search engines lack the learned knowledge ^ to determine understanding and comprehend subjects ^; instead they use data ^, certifications, 'everyday expertise', and personal 'feelings' about how they think other people feel to create widespread misunderstanding and promote unmitigated quackery in search query results ^.

Big Tech's Conflicts of Interests to Promote Medical Fraud with Government Assistance and the Manipulation of Academia

With medical bias ^ and big-business conflicts of interests ^, along with disinformation ^, the tech industry has deceptively partnered with the US government ^ and the Department of Defense (DoD) to manipulate academia to avoid existing medical industry regulation ^, with their medically ^ conflicted ^ employees ^, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) DeepMind Health ^ team ^, who falsely categorize health education to promote medical fraud with medically biased algorithms ^, that include the use of personal medical data, which is deceptively called health data ^, to ensure privatized medical industry interests are protected ^ so that health ^ and wellbeing ^ are wrongly included by the definition of biomedical ^.

Google Employees Openly Participate in Medical Fraud Algorithms

One Google engineer says that "medical terms are close to my heart" while suggesting carrot juice cures cancer ^! A Google spam fighter claims to know about medical fraud, but suggests that it is only spammy slang ^.

Google's 'Director of Engineering' is a Revolutionary Verified Quack!

Google's 'director of engineering' is a verifiable ^ quack who publishes quackery ^ in books ^ and on a couple ^ blogs ^. This dumb Google quackaneer has medical quackery conflict of interests for his dietary supplement company ^ and has ^ partnered ^ with a quack medical doctor ^ who unethically ^ endorses dietary supplements and sells (prescribes?) dietary supplements to his patients ^.

Google Is So Far Out-Of-Touch With Reality That They Think Supplements are Pharmaceutical Drugs

Indeed, Google says that they actively analyze and rank medical fraud concerning dietary supplements with the assistance of medical industry 'quacks' ^. Dietary supplements are considered healthcare and pharmacy in Google advertising ^ and Microsoft advertising policies ^. Search engines have also partnered ^ with third-party websites ^ concerning irrelevant dietary supplement certifications ^ that confusingly mix drugs, dietary supplements, nutrients ^, and healthcare together as conflicted interests ^ for profit ^.

Clueless Search Engine Optimzation (SEO) Experts and a Search Engine CEO Guide Their Search Industry to Promote Medical Fraud

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry experts are able to track the ranking of 'quacks' within the algorithms prepared by Google ^. They notice that fraudulent medical nutritional websites ^which they mistakenly believe is an industry of "natural medicine" ^needs scientific sources for unapproved medical use of nutritional supplements ^ that can be somehow approved through expertise, authority and trust ^.

This Complete Mess, Messes with Your Health! Who's to Blame? Are Search Engines, Government Agencies, SEO Experts, and Medical Organizations Altogether Reckless Criminals Confusing You Into Thinking that Food, Nutrients and Supplements are Dangerous Drugs That will Harm You?

Uninformed SEO companies ^, along with uninformed SEO ^ experts ^, one who is a trusted authority in conjecture ^select guidance in website categorization and design where they ignorantly can't tell the difference between recipes, health, nutrition, fitness, medicine, science, drugs, medical and quackery ^ Another reckless SEO expert wrongly believes essential nutirents from supplements to be medical treatments for medical conditions with dangerous drug side effects ^; indeed, corrupt fraud in regulating agencies illegally claim^ with government ^ and medical propaganda, that 'like drugs, supplements have risks and side effects^Add to this farce the unethical and illegal real-life consequences ^ of uninformed algorithm developers which are unfortunately unsuspected and unintentional ^

Quack Proof of a Possible Medical Drug and Treatment is Not the Same as Approved Medical Drugs and Treatments

SEOs believe ^allopathic quack medical pharmaceutical fraud of food nutrients and supplements ^ has the possibility to be substantiated by strong research ^. Even the ^ CEO of a search engine ^ suggests that scientific evidence based proof is all that is necessary to quack medical fraud ^, instead of simply using accepted and approved methods of licensure for medical practice ^ by the ^ FDA ^ ! Health fraud with unapproved medical products, devices and drugs, by licensed and unlicensed individuals ^is readily known to government agencies, so talk to your doctor ^.

Google Patents are Transparent About How They Associate Medical Information with Health Education

Google may use algorithmic patents to rank scientific medical fraud written ^ and promoted by medical quacks and unlicensed individuals as though this information is representative of health education ^.

Bad Actors Abound Throughout the Internet to Confuse and Manipulate Vulnerable People

Other people and organizations also manipulatively use SEO, used in ranking search queries and social media exposure, ^ to play games with the algorithm ^ for filling data voids ^ that exploit missing informational content ^, whereby corrupting the context of keywords and phrasing ^ and in polarizing agendas that result in disinformation ^.

SEO Industry Disinformation is Created on Purpose to Deceive Users

SEO industry leaders ^ promote pseudoscience 'quackery' about search rankings ^ as complex to enforce their own biased opinions and to preserve marketing agendas ^. Purposeful SEO manipulation ^ exacerbates disinformation, known as spam, ^ sometimes through hired trolls ^ who spread false and confusing content ^. Journalists, who don't know the truth of medical fraud, confuse 'health disinformation' for straight-out quackery ^ that search engines often host on their platforms designed and developed by trolls with agendas who use SEO for nefarious purposes ^.

Defend Against Disinformation with Media Literacy

With 8 of 10 people searching for health information on the internet ^understanding health and nutrition, such as foods and  dietary supplements ^, requires media literacy ^.

Internet Bias and Health Disinformation

Be Careful of Internet Health Disinformation

Disinformation Blocks Health Education and Dietary Supplements

Indeed, as algorithmic problems amplify ^ learned ^ biases ^ beyond data science limitations ^, Google fights against disinformation and misleading results in their search ^, such as mixing together dietary supplement health research ^ with unapproved drug disease treatment study conclusions ^; evidence that dietary supplements do not work for the prevention and treatment of diseases  ^.

Dietary Supplement Research Contradictions and Medical Ignorance

Biased organizations label food and dietary supplement nutrients as drugs ^ and medical health doctors are ignorant of how to study food and dietary factors ^, due to inadequate nutrition education ^; to the extent of excluding precisely controlled lab rat studies for nutrient science ^ and dietary supplement research in their study conclusions concerning health ^. Some deluded research scientists believe nutrients from food and dietary supplements are dangerous unregulated drugs requiring drug approval ^.

Biased Journalism for Marketing Fake 'Food Drugs' As Dietary Supplements

Biased medical journalism requires that common food nutrients and dietary supplements must be subject to clinical trials for disease treatment and prevention ^, while falsely marketing drugs as food nutrients and dietary supplements ^.

Much More Common is Medical Websites Turning Food and Supplements Into Fake Drugs

Specifically, biased medical quackery websites, promote probiotics wrongly as risky drugs ^, for the treatment, prevention ^ and management of disease conditions ^.

Quackery Websites Wrongly Promote Tea as a Powerful Drug!

Some of these unethical and inexperienced medical conflict-of-interests doctor and dietitian journalists ^ wrongly think various teas are obesity drugs ^ that treat constipation like a drug ^ with drug side-effects and drug actions of regulating cholesterol, preventing liver disease, and somehow treating and not treating cancer at the same time ^!

Quackery Website Projects Their Own Medical Fraud as More Reliable

While further discussing probiotics ^ as hyped up ^ drugs ^, a medical fraud website says that a study confirms that they promote ^ along with over 150 other websites, reliable dietary supplement fraud which is prioritized in Google search results ^; they suggest that your healthcare practitioner is the most trusted source for medical dietary supplement drug fraud ^.

Biomedical Studies Used as a Scientific Consensus Fraud to Promote Food and Supplements as Unapproved Medical Drugs

Interestingly, while mentioning distrust of medical experts, the above cited study promotes medical drug fraud as health literacy by using probiotics as medical disease treatments ^; a recursive proof that they are an online source of scientific consensus fraud ^A medical fraud writer ^, shows evidence-based studies to promote scientific conjecture as proof to prove fish-oil can be used as unapproved drugs to mitigate and treat many diseases and conditions ^ - their 'quack' filled review team ^ and their nutritional pharmaceutical fraud team take advantage ^ of a vulnerable public while making foods ^ and essential nutrients 'snake-oil' miracle wonder-drugs ^!

Big Pharma Uses Search Engines to Promote Medical Dietary Supplement Fraud

Indeed these highly ^ ranked ^ and commonly ^ found ^ medical drug websites ^ about dietary supplement medical 'quackery' fraud are deemed accurate, expert, authoritative and trustworthy by Google's search quality evaluators ^. Medical doctors recommend avoiding many online sources containing medical information since they are "...funded by pharmaceutical sources" ^.

Search Engines are the 'Quack Doctor' of Choice for All Kinds of Medical Fraud

Many people using search engines prefer to make very important trusted decisions using non-consensus allopathic medical fraud websites over 'natural' medical fraud websites ^ for self-research and self-diagnoses of diseases and conditions ^ through a strategically ^ search engine guided ^ 'patient journey' ^even when it may unknowingly be wrong ^ by recklessly and unethically promoting search engine results, that exploit consumers ^, which are vetted by conflicted medical industry interests ^.

Professors, Journalists, Doctors, Academia and Search Engines Do Not Follow the 'Principles of Medical Ethics'

The AMA breaches it's own medical 'health' policies ^ while allowing doctors, journalists, academics, and search engines to be grossly negligent with reckless incompetence ^ by promoting conflict of interests search results ^ and by breaking the medical code of ethics by being unprofessional, deceptive, participatory in quackery fraud, while openly breaking applicable laws, and violating patient rights ^. Search engines profit from breaking this code of medical ethics, including the use of the medical industry's gross incompetence of supplementation ^ and dumb fake 'medical' nutrition ^ by ignoring obvious legal blocks to the medical industry's participation in the supplement industry ^.

Search Engines and Tech Platforms are Your Everyday Global Health Criminals

Search engines do not fight disinformation ^, and they no longer (if they ever did?) educate the global public in nutritional non-medical health ^, but instead exploit consumer healthcare data ^ as reckless and unethical ^ drug 'health' companies ^ that peddle medical quackery conjecture ^!

Superfoods are Not Medical "Food Drugs" for Preventing or Treating Disease

Nutrient dense foods are called ^ 'superfoods' ^. Amusingly, superfoods are only poorly defined to university nutrition 'quacks' who don't know how food works on a molecular level concerning structure and function health benefits ^. Indeed, according to meaningless journalism, superfoods must wrongly have a medical definition to support health and well-being ^.

A Medical Quack, An Ignorant Professor and A Criminal Government Agency are Simply Dumb About How Food and Supplements Are Healthy

A registered medical dietitian ^ affirms she is a quack ^because she confirms journalistic gibberish ^, promoted on medical quackery health websites ^that she is ignorant and 'unclear' about how antioxidants work, while also being confused about how antioxidants haven't been proven to be drugs through clinical trials to treat, prevent, and mitigate diseases and health conditions; indeed, she is completely unaware that superfoods exist ^while citing a dumb university professor who doesn't have definitive proof that food is healthy ^ and a criminal government agency that states antioxidant supplements, which are foods, are dangerous and falsely interact with drugs ^!

It Get's Worse...They Really Don't Know Food and Supplements Are Not Medical Drugs and Treatments!

Another nutritionally dumb quack ^ doesn't think food and supplements are scientifically backed to to be healthy because they don't treat, prevent, mitigate and cure disease ^. She ^ also wrongly thinks foods and supplements have side-effects because she wrongly thinks that food and supplements interact with drugs ^, while quoting a criminally reckless government organization ^ who wrongly informs everyone how to medically eat food and use supplements to wrongly replace a bad diet and poor eating habits ^.

How Dumb is Your Doctor About Food and Supplements? Hopefully Not as Dumb as Internet Website Medical Propaganda Writers!

Some dumb doctors promote the idea that eating superfoods means eating only one food to the exclusion of all others ^. Ignorant journalists and dumb doctors promote medical fraud by thinking that ^ vitamin C's properties for 'immune support' mean that it prevents ^ and treats the symptoms of the flu and common cold ^ while hospitals prescribe vitamin C as a "drug" ^ which is a unauthorized medical drug treatment ^ with dangerous adverse drug side effects ^.

The Medical Profession Freely Admits Their Reckless Endangerment of Public Health Education through Non-Consensus Nutritional Fraud.

Indeed, allopathic certified medical nutrition professionals are contradictory, dumb and ignorant ^, since "the medical profession still doesn't know exactly how to influence the immune system...," ^ with nutrient science of foods and supplements ^but similarly certified medical nutrition professionals ^ quack contradictory scientific fraud that an immune system 'boost' ^ will falsely give you a overactive medical condition ^. One need to look no further for non-consensus dietary medical conjecture ^! Even government medical propaganda admits that vitamin C plays a role in the immune system ^, but reckless contradictory and confusing propaganda published by uninformed and nutritionally ignorant quack medical schools wrongly claim ^ along with quack dietitians who promote rhetoric ^ and prey on the vulnerable public ^ about nutrients and foods that boost immunity, like fruits and veggies and supplements made from them, are probably a lie ^! A hospital hero ^ chief medical officer of quackery ^, cited incorrectly ^ in sloppy journalism, contradictorily warns that nutrients don't work, except when they work too good they harm you, if they do ^, contrary to government propaganda that they do work ^Search engines ^ and various medical pharmaceutical fraud sources, along with licensed and unlicensed quacks ^are probably reckless criminals who endanger the public health ^! Conflicted medical interest in medicine ^ use best evidence-based quack proof found in studies ^ to recklessly endanger and damage individual health and wellbeing ^.

A quagmire of quackery crap! The never ending 'snake oil' just never ends...

A modern version snake oil peddler who promotes 'snake oil' scams' ^ recommends dietary supplements as a strategy to treat flu symptoms ^. Indeed, an uninformed university quack ^ is used to promote herbal remedies as treatments ^ on 'snake oil' scam websites as ^ dangerous ^ mysterious working drugs, for many different kinds ^ of diseases ^.

Quackity, quack, quack! Quacks consulting quacks!

One quack expert questions if nutrient benefits are 'real' ^. Because doctors with a rudimentary nutrition education are dumb about nutrition ^, they are best partnering with contradictory, dumb and ignorant certified medical nutrition professionals who write conflicting non-consensus information on the internet ^.

Dietary Supplement Regulation Myths are Combined with Misinformation

Just because online platforms sell fake supplements doesn't mean that dietary supplements are not regulated ^Convoluted medical misinformation promoted by ignorant critics promotes the idea of a lightly regulated ^ or unregulated dietary supplement industry that is a myth which has been busted by the government agencies who regulate it ^.

What is Real?

Dietary supplements, ^ such as vitamins, herbs, botanicals and concentrated food extractions ^ are regulated by ^ the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ^.

But wait...

Internet Bias and Health Disinformation

Do Dietary Supplements Need Approval to Be Healthy?

"Are dietary supplements approved by the FDA ^?" 

Dietary Supplements Do Not Need Approval by the FDA to Be Healthy.

They are not regulated the same way as drugs ^. Only drugs are approved by the FDA ^ so that the drug may legally make the claim to diagnose, treat, prevent and cure disease ^.

Avoid Health Fraud Scams!

The internet is full of disinformation and medical quackery about dietary supplements ^ as quick-fixes for curing, treating, and preventing disease, as well as being falsely approved as drugs to diagnose, cure, treat, and prevent disease ^.

However, dietary supplements are not approved by the FDA as prescription drugs to treat and cure diseases ^.

Difference Between Drugs and Dietary Supplements

Dietary Supplements vs. Pharmaceutical Drugs

Dietary Supplements are Safe, whereas Drugs Cause Harm

Dietary supplements are considered safe, with reasonable certainty of no harm, unlike risky and potentially harmful drugs ^.

Drugs Must Be Clinically Trialed for FDA Approval

Drugs must be studied ^, by double-blind human clinical trials ^, and submitted for approval by the FDA because they are prescribed for the treatment of specific diseases and conditions ^.

The Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA, 1938)

Drug consumption elicits adverse reactions, side-effects, and interactions with foods and supplements which can harm and kill people; which is why the FFDCA was passed in 1938 to ensure drug safety through testing and medical pharmaceutical regulation ^

Dietary Supplements are Safe

Dietary supplements, consumed responsibly, are safe and necessary to promote a healthy diet, daily performance and general well-being ^. Taking them as a meal replacement is ill advised since they do not contain a complete spectrum of nutrition that includes protein, fats, vitamins and minerals which are essential to the functioning and maintenance of the human body ^.

What are Dietary Supplements?

What are Dietary Supplements?

Dietary Supplements Are Not Drugs!

Dietary supplements are nutrient dense non-caloric or very low calorie food like vitamins, minerals, herbs and concentrated food extractions. They often have a broad range of benefits that are intended to supplement the diet with additional nutrition, since they are generally taken with meals ^.

Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA, 1994)

The FFDCA (1938) was further amended by congress in 1994 ^ because of journalistic and medical charlatans ^ who wreck damage on the health education of foods and dietary supplements by disseminating medical drug quackery as though food and supplements treat and prevent disease, have side-effects and are responsible for dietary interactions ^.

Dietary Supplements and Health Education Are Not Property of the Medical Industry

DSHEA (1994) is a regulatory anti-censorship law that clearly defines dietary supplements ^, while also protecting health information and preventing them from becoming unapproved pharmaceutical drugs under the privatized regulation and control of the medical health-care establishment ^.

With FDA regulation, the general public has free and easy access to dietary supplements and to information about what makes them work ^.

Dietary Supplements are About Nutrient Density

Dietary Supplements are About Nutrient Density

Dietary Supplements Are Nutritive

Specifically, they maintain and promote health ^ as food without the calories. Dietary Supplements are concentrated sources of nutrients ^ that support bodily functioning and performance, invigorate well-being and vitality, and promote adaptive stress resistance

Some Nutrients May Reduce Disease Risk

There is a small select group of foods ^ and nutrients that ^ may scientifically qualify ^ or be authorized ^ for 'health claims' because they may reduce the risk of disease ^.

Nutrition for Healthy Performance

Nutritional biochemistry is the scientific study of various structures and functions of the human body and includes evidence-based research about the benefits and effects of consuming nutrients ^.

Dietary Supplement Research for Self-improvement

Confusing dietary supplements with drug treatments is a mistake so, get ready to discern between ^, miracle quick-fixes that are full of meaningless medical jargon, false medical or drug disease treatment disinformation and misleading health information ^, instead recognize truthful health information about how various nutrients support the structural integrity and functional performance of the body ^.

Dietary Supplement Research

A Savvy Researcher of Supplements

Be Skeptical of All Websites

Confusingly, even the government's own websites falsely compare dietary supplements to drugs and discuss their roles in the treatment and prevention of medical conditions ^. So, the government's own websites and documentation are unreliable since they ^ combine exaggerated and unrealistic information ^ about dietary-supplements, health-information ^, drug-disease-treatment, and medical-information together ^.

Journalistic Sources Create Confusing and Inaccurate Information

Biased journalism questions eating foods and taking supplements as a scam ^ that is risky ^, with falsely attributed reactions that kill people ^. Inaccurate journalism uses selectively biased science and difficult to understand 'quack' thinking from certified medical professionals ^ who are untrained in food nutrition and supplements on health ^. Confusingly, written journalism questions food and supplements as though they are not food, do not work, and are a scam ^, but instead reports them as unproven drugs ^ that help treat ^ or do not treat diseases and conditions ^ while encouraging distressed people to skip a doctor visit ^ and quoting medical 'quacks' and medical sources ^ who ignorantly question the health benefits of nutrients from supplements ^.

Avoid Dietary Supplement Health Misinformation That Compares Them to Risky and Poisonous Drugs

Many dietary supplements have clean safety histories and many benefits ^ for health with little toxicity ^, but some official sources question their safety and efficacy ^ as 'naturally' ^ unsafe and unproven drugs with drug interactions ^ that are ineffective disease treatments ^ which are poisonous ^.

Food and Dietary Supplements Are Not 'Natural Drugs' For Treating Disease

Their own government study finds the use of dietary supplements controversial ^, but the same study shows that they are not harmful when used reasonably, nor are they effective for treating and preventing disease ^Studies have found little correlation between nutrients and disease treatment ^, with little risk of harm when taken reasonably ^.

Journalists and Researchers Confuse Drug Dealers with Dietary Supplement Sellers

Uninformed researchers will make mistaken claims that ^ unapproved new drugs ^ are dietary supplements, because of unscrupulous drug dealers, ^ and further suggest that more FDA regulation for dietary supplements is required to stop drug dealers from selling unapproved new drugs as dietary supplements ^ when FDA drug regulation already exist.

Many Who Write About Dietary Supplements Do Not Know Enough About Dietary Supplements

Bewildered pharmacists know very little about common dietary supplements ^ and puzzled journalists claim 'disease benefits' and falsely associate drug risks and side-effects with them, such as: ^

Dietary Supplement Fake News Agenda

Dietary Supplement Fake News Agenda

Dietary Supplement Fake News Health Misinformation Is Written to Be Scary

Misleading journalists scare consumers into questioning dietary supplements are risky because they violate the FDA's safety regulations through imaginary loopholes required for drug regulation ^.

Exaggerated Research Falsely Concludes Adverse Drug Effects Concerning Dietary Supplements

A dubious website entry ^ and doctoral research make exaggerated conclusions about dietary supplements from limited information concerning a very small amount of emergency department visits where they falsely claim dietary supplements have adverse effects ^ from possible irresponsible lifestyle choices made by patients who were also taking weight-loss and energy supplements ^.

Dietary Supplements Do Not Have Drug Side Effects or Adverse Effects

Ignorant website entries ^, confusing government websites ^ and biased organizations, who cannot read information correctly, wrongly advise that dietary supplements have harmful drug side effects and adverse effects ^, instead of appropriately informing the public that reactions and adverse events may occur from dietary supplements ^; choose and take dietary supplements wisely and report any problems to your doctor ^.

Fictitious Arguments to Promote Contradictions for Confusion

An uninformed journalist confuses 'boosting your immune system' as an unapproved drug treatment for disease ^These dubious journalists contradict themselves when the write that dietary supplements must become drugs to treat benign conditions that are ineffective for the treatment of conditions ^.

Avoid Useless Information on How to Take Dietary Supplements by Not Taking Them

Don't rely on truly dumb freely-associated pharmaceutical medically oriented advice on how to take dietary supplements by not taking them ^. This anti-nutrient advice for people to not consume dietary supplements is reckless endangerment of another persons health ^.

Another Confusing Contradiction About How Supplements Work and Do Not Work At the Same Time

They deceitfully promote dietary supplements as natural cures ^ namely, that they "are as potent as certain prescription drugs," ^ yet, at the same time, they claim they do not have any health benefits ^.

Ignorant Journalists Blame Nutrients For Harming People

Criminal reckless journalists blame nutrients for the effects of poor education concerning dietary and lifestyle choices ^, while they wrongly promote quackery with food and supplements as disease prevention and treatments ^!

Are We Confused Yet?

No wonder why conscientious journalists report people are confused about ^ how to eat food and supplement to the detriment of their health ^. Start by eating a wholesome diet ^.

Wait, what...? How About One More Contradiction?

These fake news ^ journalistic sources deceptively appear to be supporting the health and wellbeing of the consumer while falsely reporting that a food prevents disease ^, but a dietary supplement made from that food does not treat disease ^.

Medical Drug Quackery Merry-Go-Round

These same unethical journalists will intentionally mislead the general public that medical 'quacks', using snake oil and unapproved drug treatments that make people sick are promoting health with food and dietary supplements ^.

Be Careful of Scary Government Supported Medical Propaganda

A government institution deletes ^ and releases contradictory dietary supplement information, through cleverly written propaganda that also misleads by omission, false claims of serious drug side-effects ^, whereas the dietary supplement is non-toxic when used reasonably ^.

Now You are Becoming Aware of the Fake News Tricks

Deceptive journalism will recommend unreliable government websites for consumer information and claim that dietary supplements are useless, a waste of money, similar to dangerous ^, contaminated ^, counterfeited drugs ^ with side-effects ^ and, all at the same time, will somehow make you healthier with 'disease benefits' ^.

    Research Health Benefits, Not 'Disease Benefits'

    Dietary supplements support health and may reduce disease risk ^, regardless how the conflict of interest medical 'quack' doctors ^ define 'nutritional support' as drug treatments with 'disease benefits' ^.

    Avoid Health Disinformation

    Distinguish Legit-Info From Disinfo

    Avoid Learning About Drug and Disease Effectiveness for Dietary Supplements

    Conducting scientific research on dietary supplements ^, including their roles in disease treatment and prevention or lack thereof ^ does not necessarily imply that they are either effective or ineffective in treating or preventing diseases or conditions ^.

    Health Through Nutrition is Not Synonymous With 'Drug Disease Treatments'

    Unlike drug disease treatments, health through nutrition does not require definitive scientific proof or FDA approval through human clinical trials. Instead, nutritional health uses observational studies that show the structure and function of nutritional biochemistry ^. Yet, these inferior medical journal observational studies are deemed appropriate for medical fraud ^.

    The Broad Actions of Health Through Nutrition Can Not Be Specifically Proven by the 'Quack' Medical Professionals

    The unknowing and uninformed favoritism of some sources of information to combine medical experimentation for specific diseases with the broad actions of nutritional biochemistry research together is very challenging, confounding, and unpractical ^.

    Quack Alert! Can the Cause of the Problem of Health be Proven? Is Health a Problem?

    Unfortunately, experienced research scientists and quack doctors ^ confuse studies of observational health ^ with irrelevant disease prevention and treatment clinical trials ^ in an attempt to definitively prove the cause of the problem of health through nutritional supplementation ^.

    Health and disease are different things and many quack doctors and research scientists don't know the difference.

    Be Wise and Seek Nutritional Support Information for Your Health

    Dietary supplements, through the knowledge of nutritional biochemistry, are meant to be used as supplemental nutrition in one's diet in order to improve and maintain healthy well-being and performance.