It's How You Take A Tonic July 06, 2018 21:20

Really, it is a simple idea.

Whatever IT is, a tonic builds to those goals by making our body, mind and spirit stronger.

By two ways, either;

  • Effects
  • Benefits

After a while, taking a tonic will come naturally.

Tonics may be perplexing at first, because tonics are different than other botanicals, but the best way to take a tonic is being consistent with dosing.

That makes them work better.

The more consistently we take a tonic the more we reap the effects and benefits, because tonics are building over the period of time that we take them which will enhance their effects.

You see, the benefits build over time. Effects are immediate.

One may get wonderful short term effects, but we also want those really good benefits that are ripened by patience.

  • To get effects: Take a large enough dose at one time during the day.
  • To get benefits: Take a small dose several times throughout the day.
  • To get effects and benefits: Take one or two small doses and one large enough dose throughout the day.

Tonic effects can be boosting to different kinds of performance and various demands of activity. So, here we see timing is a working key to unlock a tonic's stored potential.

Also, what we take with a tonic will work by synergism of their similar effects and enhance the overall experience.

The benefits are naturally working each time we take a tonic so they make gradual changes to the body. Each step is made with each dose.

They are building to benefits when taken with food, especially complete meals full of protein, healthy fats and other supplements geared towards your goals.

By being consistent we will get the best of tonics.

That is what makes a tonic work for you.