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May 8, 2019 00:20

Panax Ginseng

Table of Contents

  1. What is Panax Ginseng?
    1. Types of Panax Ginseng
  2. Nutrient Benefits of Panax Ginseng
    1. Energy Production, Nerve Function, Cognition
    2. Adrenal and Sex Hormones
    3. Circulation and Immunity
    4. Oxygenation
  3. Bittersweet Tonic
    1. Tonic Combinations
    2. Food Combinations
  4. References and Further Reading

What is Panax Ginseng?

Panax ginseng root is an energy tonic superfood supplement that is a nutrient powerhouse which energizes physical and mental wellbeing.

Once thought to be a 'panacea', or 'all healing', for its holistic vitalizing effects, panax ginseng root looks much like a person when harvested and dried. This human likeness has earned it the Chinese name 'ren shen', meaning 'human root'.

Panax ginseng root has verve with the ability to ignite the fiery energy of the body so that one will become more able to take on the challenges of daily living with purpose, drive and eagerness.

Simply, the root contains a plethora of naturally occurring nutrition that assist the body to release energy from food; specifically each individual cell in the body and their mitochondria, which are the generators of energy production.

Types of Panax Ginseng

The plant is cultivated for a lengthy time of a minimum of 6 years in Chinese gardens and in Korean mountains where the soils are rich in minerals that support the growth and development of healthy panax ginseng root plants.

Generally, to increase the potency of panax ginseng, the roots are steamed red to increase the bioavailability of unique constituents called ginsenosides. More about ginsenosides later on.

The Chinese roots are known to be cultivated for consistent quality so that they may easily be taken daily.

The Korean roots are cultivated for potency with some roots becoming the size of large carrots.

Panax notoginseng, also known as tienchi, is a closely related root that is very similar to panax ginseng in some ways due to it containing similar ginsenosides.

Nutrient Benefits of Panax Ginseng

Although it may look similar to a human in carrot-form, the panax ginseng root contains different nutrients than those normally found in vegetables.

The interplay and collaboration of the various nutrients is how panax ginseng works.

Energy Production, Nerve Function and Cognition

Panax ginseng is a unique tonic superfood in its variety of B vitamins, such as B1, B2, B3, B5 and B12, which are known to support energy production, nerve function and hormones. These vitamins assist the absorption of food in the digestive system and support circulation of nutrients, as well as nerve impulses, including those within the brain.

Biotin supports the metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, which is a good reason to take panax ginseng with complete meals so as to release the energy of food and support essential processes in the body.

Choline is a vitamin-like nutrient that supports circulation and nerve function and is linked to cognition through the transport of fatty acids at the cellular level.

The electrolyte minerals found in panax ginseng support essential processes for nerve impulses and muscle contraction and relaxation. These minerals include calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, and manganese.

Vitamin B5, also known as Pantothenic Acid, is responsible for coenzymes that synthesize proteins and additional transport of fatty acids that are essential to various bodily processes.

Adrenal and Sex Hormones

Pantothenic acid functions as part of hormone metabolism and collaborates with the naturally occurring phytosterols found in panax ginseng. Phytosterols are essentially plant cholesterol and is why its traditionally known to be a hormone tonic. These phytosterols, along with pantothenic acid, maintain adrenal function through the production of necessary stress hormones.

These phytosterols are also used as raw materials by the body to support the production of sex hormones. The vitalizing combination of support from all the other various nutrients maintain a state of optimal health which allows for the healthful production of such hormones.

Circulation and Immunity

Ginsenosides are the active constituents that make red panax ginseng work!

Ginsenosides have the overall effect of facilitateing energy utilization and production in the body with direct effects on glycogen energy pathways, such as initiating glucose metabolism in cellular mitochondria, activating spleen enzymes, and rejuvenating glandular hormones. 

They also combine with other starchy constituents found plentifully in ginseng roots, called polysaccharides, to call immune cells into action that fortify the immune system. Ensuring protective immune function allows the body to priortize energy expenditure on those various bodily processes that support the circulation of blood.

The ginsenosides include a variety of health supporting benefits, but most notably they work by maintaining circulation throughout the body, such as the internal organs. The ginsenosides especially work on the stomach, lungs, and heart, facilitating the support of digestion, breath, and circulation.

There are numerous different kinds of ginsenosides found within the steamed red roots of panax ginseng; some stimulate and some relax, but they always encourage smooth blood flow throughout the body which engenders pressurized circulation thus promoting an energy charge that vitalizes organs and cells.

These actions of ginsenosides and how they mobilize the human constitution are categorized in two main ways: 

  • The ‘panaxatriol Rg group’ is strengthening and up-regulating to the metabolism and entire nervous system. They assist energy by warming circulation, facilitating glucose utilization and activating oxidation in the body. Nitric oxide, with its circulation properties, is a common and beneficial oxidant. Higher levels of Rg ginsenosides are found within panax ginseng and notoginseng. 
  • The ‘panaxadiol Rb group’ is centering and down-regulating to the metabolism and entire nervous system. They manage nerve conductivity, assist vascular dilation, muscular tissue relaxation, and expedite the flow of immune fluids such as those that lubricate the lymph system. High levels of Rb ginsenosides are found within American ginseng and semi-wild panax ginseng roots.

Additionally, the amino acid L-Arginine will support the natural production of nitric oxide for vascular circulation.


Increasing oxygenation and circulation simultaneously will support energy production, overall vitality, and immunity. Particular tonics, such as panax ginseng, have an affinity to harnessing the trace mineral germanium from the soils they grow. Germanium supports cellular oxygenation in the trace amounts that it is naturally found within the roots. 

Bittersweet Tonic

The bitter-sweet flavor of panax red ginseng stimulates digestion:

  • The bitter flavor stimulates digestion of fats by the liver and gallbladder for energy that alivens the body and brain. 
  • The sweet flavor initiates carbohydrate metabolisms that supports mobilization of glucose and glycogen by the muscles and organs. 

Tonic Combinations

    The following four dietary protocols will ensure a gratifying 'ren shen' dining experience:

    Probiotics: An existing healthy intestinal flora biome is essential to achieving full absorption of ginsenosides. They digest the difficult-to- absorb ginsenosides into easily absorbable metabolites for greater activity and increase success with ginseng root supplementation. So inclusion of probiotics such as cultured foods and quality supplements into one’s daily diet will increase ginsenoside activity in the body.

    Antioxidants: Because boosting energy metabolism increases oxidation within the body, it is necessary to better control the by-products of oxidative metabolism, known as free-radicals, with antioxidants. Digestapeel, Tummy Tonic, and Black Ant, which contain orange peels to direct energy throughout the body, are also antioxidant tonics that assist supplementation with panax red ginseng.

      All types of tea, including herbal, also pair very well with ginseng.
      • Tea leaves contain antioxidant polyphenols, known as EGCG, which assist control of oxidation that increases during energy metabolism. Caffeine, found in tea, combines well with panaxatriol ginsenosides; thus increasing increase the overall metabolism and cognitive benefits.
      • Holy Basil is also a great non-caffeine addition that will help to direct energy throughout the body when combined with ginseng.
      • Chamomile will increase the soothing actions of panaxadiol ginsenosides and promote relaxation.
      Hydration: Electrolyte minerals are required to properly hydrate with water and are very important during periods of increased metabolism; due to greater use of cellular fluids gathering by products of metabolism that require removal from the body. Any electrolyte complex with common minerals, such as sodium, calcium, magnesium and so on, will assist panax red ginseng supplementation, but the following three tonics will provide exceptional assistance for proper hydration and concurrent ginseng supplementation:
        • Goji is a terrific berry-source antioxidant and is high in potassium and other energy minerals that ensure active hydration with concurrent supplementation. 
          • Schisandra is another hydrating berry-source antioxidant like Goji and this tonic strengthens lung and heart circulation.
            • Black Polyrachis Ant is a very good bug-source of adrenal and recovery electrolytes, such as zinc and copper; in addition to including black pigment antioxidants that assist higher energy.

            Jujube Date: Panax ginseng is traditionally combined with jujube date for a complete energy tonic. Jujube date is also traditionally used as an energy tonic because it contains b vitamins and electrolyte minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium. Additionally it contains flavonoids which calm nerve impulses and relax vascular tissue. These flavonoids make ginseng more acceptable to the body over prolonged use. 

            Astragalus: Commonly combined with ginseng, it has exceptional protein digestion and metabolism benefits that will further enhance ginseng root supplementation by promoting vital restoration of mind and body, as well as long-lasting energy. This combination will greatly boost immunity during times of exertion, by promoting quicker health recovery and well- being after such times.

            Food Combinations

            Pantothenic Acid Foods for greater de-stress and adrenal support:

            Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids for nerve, circulation, cognition and hormonal support.  

            Beets to further support circulation and nitric oxide benefits.

            Eggs for additional energy, cognition and hormone support from their nutrients of choline, B vitamins and cholesterol.

            References and Further Reading

            All references for informational purposes only.

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