What's a Quack? - Duke's Materia Tonica

January 1, 2019 11:23

What's a Quack? - Duke's Materia Tonica
A Quack Practices Quack Medicine 

What's a Quack?

Hundreds of years ago, 'to quack' may have been 'to shout' while presenting quackery cures to an audience.

Quack medicine, through the false medical treatments of disease causes, grew in popularity during the late 1500's. During the 1800's, allopathic medical licensing fraud was widespread, which added to the definition that quacks are bogus doctors. During the 1900's, quacks used everything from food, herbs, diets, strange electronic devices, energy beams, and interdimensional pseudo-science to treat diseases.divider wide darker

Who Quacks the Loudest?

Nowadays, a quack is any licensed or unlicensed doctor, physician, medical practitioner, and any website making false claims about drugs, surgery, therapies, foods, nutrientsherbal remedies, and dietary supplements; in treating, preventing, and curing the causes of diseases that have been diagnosed, including any unapproved government medical uses.divider wide darker

Healing with Dietary Supplements in not Quackery

A quack unethically and illegally treats, prevents, and cures diseases by using foods, nutrients, medicinal herbs, and dietary supplements. But contrary to the practice of medical drug quackery, foods, nutrients, medicinal herbs, and dietary supplements are used by anyone to support, maintain and promote health and wellbeing. Drugs intervene in the causes of disease, whereas foods, herbs and supplements work to heal the body with biochemistry.divider wide darker

What's Quackery?

The medical opinions of quacks and their practice of quack medicine is known as quackery.

Quackery includes any form of unapproved or inappropriate allopathic medicine that uses treatments that include food, herbs, drugs, therapy, devices, or procedures. Quack doctors and quack websites mislead people into using food, herbs, diets, the mind, energy, and spiritual rituals for quackery disease cures, instead of teaching people to eat and supplement for health, while integrating lifestyle habits that promote wellbeing. 

What is Quackery?
Quackery Magic does not Treat Disease 

Food, herb, supplement, drug, and device quackery was outlawed in 1938, with the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA) and amendments. This is because many allopathic medical doctors sold concoctions of various drugs, herbs, foods, and alcoholic beverages as miracles for the treatment of a multitude of disease conditions, especially to unsuspecting people in need.divider wide darker

The Deceptive Snake Oil Salesman

False drug and pharmaceutical claims are colloquially known as 'snake oil', a term that originated from the quackery of travelling doctors using snake oil for the curative treatment of diseases. Allopathic medical quacks would also spike supposed nutritional supplements and medicinal remedies with drugs, to give the impression of health and wellbeing when consumed. (e.g. to perk up a lethargic child, who is showing poor growth, instead of giving advice on proper nutrition).divider wide darker

Limits of Allopathy - The Stone of Folly

The Stone of Folly | The Quack, by Jan Steen, 1650-60
The Gullible Believe Quack Science 

A 1650 quack cure for madness is by cutting a surgical hole in the head of a patient to remove the imaginary "stone of folly" from a person who may be mad, gullible, abnormal, or easy-to-deceive with false hopes of magic cures.divider wide darker

Quackery Algorithms Spinning Out of Control

Currently, in 2020, algorithms, created by search engines, use artificial intelligence (AI) for sourcing search queries that promote quack medicine ideas, which deceive users into creating and implementing quackery.

In a circular pattern, the community of people, including search engineers and medical professionals, use the search engines to recursively reinforce quackery repeatedly, until it becomes commonplace misinformation, used in the algorithms created by search engines.

Healing medicine is a very complex set of interactions with a multitude of variables within the body, mind, and spirit which cannot be solved using simplistic AI quackery algorithms of food, nutrients, herbs, diets, and supplements. Allopathic medicine is a non-healing solvable problem that only requires a complicated AI system, such as a deterministic linear step-by-step model used in surgery or the prescribing of a drug or therapy to treat a disease that has been diagnosed.

A similar example from history is the integration of allopathic medicine into the complex system of classical Chinese medicine and herbalism; to create the simplified medical system of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). TCM was created to treat diseases without readily available drugs, devices, or therapies; by streamlining the inefficient medical use of herbs and therapies in poor rural areas of China which did not have access to efficient modern medical practice.divider wide darker