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January 1, 2019 11:29

What's Disease?
Studying the Causes of Disease 

What's Disease?

Within allopathic medicine, diseases are the theoretical names given to the causes of any states and conditions of the body, emotions, and mind. Disease is the cause of any state and condition and is not the degree of healthy performance within a system, organ, gland or tissue of the body.divider wide darker

A Disease is Diagnosed by a Physician

A disease is determined by a diagnosis process used by medical physician who identifies the symptoms and/or examines test results of a patient. A disease cannot be diagnosed without a known cause.

A physician requires a diagnosis so that they may use the theories of pathology to begin intervention with disease causes through the treatment, prevention, mitigation and cure with accepted and approved methods.

Disease intervention includes drugs for treatment, prevention, mitigation and cure or surgery to remove glands, organs and tissues.divider wide darker

Diseases are for Medical Use Only

Using nutrients, medicinal herbs, or dietary supplements as intervention in the causes of disease is known as quackery.

Diseases are for Medical Use Only
Quacks Use Supplements and Herbs to Treat Disease