Black Ant Description

Black Ant Description

Type: Polyrhachis Vicina Roger
Cultures: Asian, Polynesian and Indian
Sources: China, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Southeast Asia.

The subtropical species of edible black ants are found throughout Asia where they have been commonly consumed as food and supplements for thousands of years.

Black ants were once given as a gift to Chinese emperors, to show them respect, gratitude or admiration and to promote a long productive life while ruling their empires. Still very popular in China, they are used as a nutritious addition to foods and bottled drinks, low alcohol wines and powder capsules.

Edible black ant is a unique adaptogenic superfood that is a quick-acting rejuvenative tonic that has a broad and profound range of health benefits; black ant is a highly nutritive food that strengthens adrenals, maintains calm nerves, promotes protein metabolism and regeneration, supports joint flexibility, ensures physical strength, enhances stress-resistance, promotes hormonal health and fortifies immunity.*

Black Ant Was Reserved as Food for The Earthly Gods of China!

Since the times of ancient China and before the three kingdoms, emperors used the Polyrhachis varieties of edible black ant as a tonic to strengthen their physical health and well-being.*

Some say these emperors, who were considered incarnations of divine spirits, would consume black ant to boost their overall energy, promote immunity, and invigorate their physical intimacy.*

Holistic and Grounding Highly Nutritive Tonic Herb for Kings (And Queens)!*

Black ant significantly improves nutrient density in the diet for better overall health and performance.*

Many Constituents are in Black Ant:

  • Black Pigments - powerful antioxidant that supports liver enzyme function and detoxification.*
  • Protein and Peptides - including all essential amino acids.*
  • Volatile Oil and Lipids - nerve health and concentration support.*
  • Creatine and Creatinine- stored in muscle tissue for instant energy and strength.*
  • Trace Minerals - High levels of zinc for immunity, energy, hormones and nerve function, as well as having important levels of selenium for recovery, tissue regeneration and liver enzyme function and detoxification.*

Alcohol Tincture Extraction for Maximum Potency and Preservation

Alcohol is required to preserve the lemon-tasting volatile oils and black pigments of ant which are some of the most unique constituents that are responsible for its potent energy effects of increased stamina, concentration, and balanced nerves.*