Black Ant Examination

Black Ant Examination

What does Black Ant do?

Black ant supports, promotes and maintains immune function, stamina, stress-tolerance, circulation, nerve function, sex and adrenal hormones, sexual function, liver detoxification, and muscular strength.

Immune Function

Black ant strengthens the immune system from the concentration of the amino acid glutamine, vitamin E, the minerals zinc and manganese, and polyphenols, such as SOD antioxidants.

Stamina and Stress-tolerance

Black ant naturally contains superoxide dismutase (SOD), which is a powerful antioxidant made in the liver to support oxidation for energy production. It also contains substantial amounts of the mineral selenium, which is used by the liver to make SOD, further increasing stress-tolerance and stamina. In addition, high amounts of vitamin E in black ant increase the stress-resistance benefits.

Liver Detoxification

The combination of vitamin E, SOD, selenium, and the anthocyanin pigments of black-purple-green found in black ant assist the removal of the by-products of fatigue that may build up during physical or mental effort and/or by contact with environmental toxins.


In black ant, amino acids, such as alanine, and certain trace minerals, such as selenium, maintain and promote protein synthesis for rest and recovery support after physical and mental work and stress. Chromium, another essential mineral, also stabilizes the production of energy and blood sugar for more efficient protein metabolism.


Black ant contains small amounts of iron for red blood cell oxygenation and copper to promote vascular blood vessel strength and tone. It also contains high amounts of omega-9 fatty acids that promote blood-flow.

Nerve Function

Black ant contains cholesterol and fatty acids that are used by the nerves for repair and maintenance. It also contains neurotransmitter hormones, similar to dopamine, that support nerve impulses in the brain for optimal mood, clarity of thought and also within the nervous system for muscular stamina.

Muscular Strength and Joint Health

Black ant contains many muscle and joint nutrients, including BCAA's that support muscle growth and recovery. Glutamine and aspartic acid also promote muscle building. Calcium and magnesium work together to control muscle contraction and relaxation, while the trace mineral manganese supports joint flexibility; as does formic acid in black ant. Ants also contain creatine and creatinine as their main energy source, which do not require air to work, meaning that they are 'anaerobic'; thus promoting strong and lasting muscular contractions during work and exercise.


Vitamin E is found in high concentrations in black ant that maintains male and female reproductive health. They also contain cholesterol, which is nearly identical structurally to adrenal and sex hormones and will support their production, combined with omega-3 fats, saturated fats and several other minerals such as zinc.