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Mushroom Master Poster

Mushroom Master 14 Medicinal Mushroom Formula Has These Key Benefits:

  • Nurtures the body's natural response to stress and supports recovery.*
  • Fosters a positive outlook and emotional balance.*
  • Sharpens cognitive function, focus, and mental clarity.*
  • Encourages calmness and resilience.*
  • Bolsters immune system function.*
  • Supports healthy brain and nerve function.*
  • Maintains healthy hormone balance.*
  • Supports liver function and detoxification.*

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Benefits and Uses*





Mushroom Master is a formulation of many different medicinal mushrooms that are known and studied to the be the most effective health promoting fungi discovered and cultivated on Earth; each mushroom and its various parts, such as the fruiting body, mycelium, sclerotium, and spore, have various beneficial effects on different organs, tissues and glands for a holistic full-body tonic that cleanses, rejuvenates, fortifies, opens insight, and frees the spirit from pollution and contamination.*

The Power of Mycelium at Your Fingertips!

This Mushroom Master formula contains fourteen different organic hardwood grown medicinal mushrooms.

They are expertly blended and meticulously extracted for the synergistic potency of their combined nutritional health promoting and stress-relieving constituents.*

This formula is not about what each single mushroom does by itself, but their all-together combined adaptogenic potency.*

It works by supporting harmony and rebalancing of the body, mind, and spirit through countering stress and removing toxins; in other words, this combination of medicinal mushrooms recharges the voltaic cellular batteries of our own electric nervous system.*

Mushroom Master Contains Fourteen Different Medicinal Mushroom Species:

  • This formula contains the favorite well-known medicinal mushrooms such as chaga, reishi, and cordyceps, which are the powerhouses of the fungi kingdom because of their holistic health vitalizing and stress resistance benefits.*
  • Other important medicinal mushrooms are selected for the formula such as lion's mane, turkey tail, shiitake, maitake, and mesima for their own species specific unique constituents.*
  • Additional species, such as agarikon, agaricus blazei, oyster, suehirotake, and poria are added to the formula to maximize the diversity of constituents involved in immunity and increase the assortment of trace-mineral and rare-earth minerals.*
  • Lastly, small amounts of true tinder polypore is blended for its circulating properties which further activates the formula for a stronger immediately felt stress-releasing effect.*

Mushroom Master is a Tonic That Supports The Whole Body and All of Its Tissues, Organs, and Glands.*

Water and alcohol extracts, through our multi-step process, all of the important constituents from each mushroom in combination and activates them for maximum efficacy.*

Medicinal Mushrooms Contain a Variety of Constituents With Direct Health Benefits:*

  • Antioxidant protection from daily activities and stress, as well as the negation of environmental toxins.*
  • Harmless long-chain starches, known as polysaccharides, which support immune and gut health.*
  • Triterpenes and other aromatic compounds that support vascular, heart and liver function.*
  • Mycelial acids stimulate cellular metabolism, promote the movement of lymph and cleanse tissues.*
  • Bio-available electrolytes, such as vitamins and major minerals, that support nerve impulses.*
  • Plant derived trace-minerals and rare-earth minerals that support a multitude of life-process via enzyme production.*

Medicinal Mushrooms Are a Daily Cleansing Tonic.*

It works by gently cleansing all tissues of the body, while smoothly stimulating cells to healthy activity.*

In a polluted environment, we face many toxins and constant non-stop oxidative stress that limits our rational, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. The long term consequences of a toxic life are a reduction in our capabilities for understanding concepts, successful living, personal development, and peak physical health.

This is why a master formula is necessary to promote healthier living for all tissues, organs and glands of the body, as well as supporting the response of the immune system for a thorough decontamination of daily toxins commonly found in food, air and water.*

A Powerful Medicinal Mushroom Formula for Promoting a Stress-Free Lifestyle.*

It assists the balancing of emotional health, supports spiritual insight, and enhances spiritual practices; all due to its powerful heath normalizing homoeostatic action for a lifestyle of self-actualization.*

Mushroom Master promotes a serene lifestyle and is deeply nourishing to the nerves and clearing to the mind; we will feel a deep calm and a lightness-of-being.*

The overall effect of this formulation is one of gentle calmness by balancing adrenal function to stress to assist with recovery, rejuvenation and tranquility.*

A Body in Balance Supports a Balanced Mind and Balanced Insight in One's Personal Practice.*

Mushroom Master promotes a healthy inward lifestyle of reduced distraction where self-reflection and insight may be sought and discovered.*

Indeed, the pineal gland will be detoxified and supported for a deeper rhythmic connection to day-and-night cycles, as well as supporting the development of the mind's eye for clarity and cognition.*

Choose Mushroom Master for a Healthy Spiritual Lifestyle.*



We formulate with the sweeter and polysaccharide rich outdoor lab-grown log-cultivated medicinal mushrooms, so that this supplement is tonic.* This means it is safer and easier-to-take for the long-term benefits.* The one exception is that we use a small amount of true tinder polypore that is sustainably harvested wild.

Mushroom Master Liquid
Mycelium Strands Are The Nerves Of The Ecosystem

Log cultivated medicinal mushrooms have many advantages:

The main advantage of log cultivation being that one can harvest all parts of the mushroom for a high concentration of all constituents, especially the polysaccharides, while also including the acids which have their highest concentration in the mycelium.

Outdoor lab-grown log-cultivation also produces a consistent supplement that will easily work without any natural variances found in wild mushrooms that could impair potency, due to the attentive detail to cultivation in a controlled environment.

And lastly, outdoor lab-grown log-cultivation allows us to harvest medicinal mushrooms without injuring the ecosystem and the necessary mutual relationship of medicinal mushrooms and their natural environment.

We formulate using a variety of extraction techniques for multi-step potency which include:

  • Artisan-formulated for Wholistic Effects and Benefits
  • Harvesting at Times of Full Botanical Potency
  • All Active Parts of the Mushroom are Included in the Formula
    • Fruiting Body
    • Mycelium
    • Sclerotium
    • Spore (reishi only)
  • Cold Processed Where Appropriate to Preserve Integrity of Fragile Constituents
  • Dual Solvent: Water and Alcohol for 99.9% constituent content
    • Semi-soluble Polysaccharides Included in Suspension
      • Additionally Activated for Easy Digestion
  • Stabilized for Natural Preservation - No Preservatives
  • Flash-steamed for Cracked Cell-walls to Release Chitin Bound Constituents

This formulation uses moderate alcohol, 35% percent by volume, so that it has a balance of all the necessary health promoting constituents.

See our homepage for more about our methods.



All mushrooms are organically grown in a controlled outdoor lab on logs, unless otherwise stated.

Although all mushrooms have similar molecularly structured constituents, diverse variances in these constituents will modify the health giving and supporting benefits of each individual medicinal mushroom, thereby effecting and supporting different organ systems for a whole body holistic effect.

The Formula is Separated Into Four Different Stages that Include Specific Clusters of Actions and Constituents.

All medicinal mushrooms have antioxidant capacities, support immune function and lymphatic flow, but particular medicinal mushrooms excel at promoting the cleansing of tissues through the movement of lymph and counteracting toxins via their antioxidant activity. These particular medicinal mushrooms will be noted because they are exceptional in these aforementioned regards.


Holistic: Broad Efficacy Medicinal Mushrooms with Adaptogenic Combinations of Benefits that are Strengthening to Adrenals for the Movement of Health Towards Homeostasis.*

  • Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) Heart, Vascular, Liver, Adrenal, Antioxidant*
  • Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) Liver, Adrenal, Skin, Antioxidant, Mineralizer*
  • Cordyceps (Ophiocordyceps sinensis/Paecilomyces hepialid) Lung, Adrenal, Kidney, Mitochondria, Sex Organ*


Assistant: Unique Mycological Nutrients such as Triterpenes, Ergosterols, and Peptides, Among Other Various Myco-Nutrients, that Assist Holistic Stage Medicinal Mushrooms by Boosting the Range of Health Benefits*

    • Mesima (Phellinus linteus) Joints, Bladder, Prostate
    • Lion's Mane (Hericium erinaceus) Nerve, Stomach, Brain
    • Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor) Lymphatic, Liver, Bowels
    • Maitake (Grifola frondosa) Lung, Spleen, Nerve
    • Shiitake (Lentinula edodes) Liver, Vascular, Bone

    STAGE #3

    Supportive: Novel Mushroom Acids for Cleansing and the Stimulation of Cellular Activity, Species Selected Polysaccharides to Promote Immunity, and Bio-available Mineralizers that Support Nerve Health and Assimilation of Nutrition.*

    • Poria (Poria cocos) Spleen, Bladder, Mineralizer
    • Blazei (Agaricus blazei) Immune, Liver, Antioxidant
    • Agarikon (Laricifomes officinalis) Antioxidant, Lung, Mineralizer
    • Suehirotake (Schizophyllum commune) Immune, Digestive
    • Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus) Immune, Lymphatic

    STAGE #4

    Amplification: Specific Mycological Acids that Support Circulation and Activation of Entire Formula by Supporting Lymph and Blood-flow into the Deepest and Hardest-to-Reach Tissues of the Organs, Glands and Joints*.

    • True Tinder Conk Polypore wildcrafted (Fomes fomentarius) - Joint, Glandular, Circulation



    Recommended Dosage: 417 – 3.750 milligrams @ 1-3 times a day*

    Mushroom Master dropper:

    • 60 1ml droppers in a 2oz (60ml) bottle
    • 1ml dropper = ~1,250 mgs Mushroom Master formula

    Mushroom Master drops:

    • 30 drops in a 1ml dropper
    • 1 drop = ~42 mgs Mushroom Master formula

    To find a functional dose, start with a minimum dose of 10 drops to 1 dropper and work up to a functional dose.* Many benefits of tonics come from consistent and continued use over a period of time.*

    Suggested Mushroom Master Cycle:*

    • Initial Phase = 3-30 days
    • Long Term = ∞

    Continuous consumption of Mushroom Master will yield increasing benefits over the time consumed; in other words, consistent daily consumption of Mushroom Master at a functional dosage over the period of suggested time will increase health.*

    After an initial cycle Mushroom Master may be continued on-and-off as desired for the cultivation of health or traded-out for another tonic adaptogen superfood.*

    Suggested Timing:

    Tonic Tinctures Day and Night Activity Card
    Tonic Tinctures Health Cultivation Activity Card
    Tonic Tinctures Long Term Activity Card


    How to Take

    Mushroom Master may be taken anytime, overall daily consistency is best with medicinal mushrooms.*

    The high amount of antioxidants within Mushroom Master will mobilize fat metabolism from tissue stores so it may be taken on an empty stomach.*

    • Detox - consume on an empty stomach to promote liver and tissue detox.*
    • De-stress and Rejuvenation - consume with complete meals and healthy snacks to promote rest and recovery.*

    The addition of probiotics in the daily diet will further activate the constituents in the extraction for easy assimilation.*

    Mushroom Master Time Concept
    Benefits with tonics take time; taking enough consistently rewards health

    Take as desired: consume on a continuous basis to develop the natural tonic and adaptogenic benefits that build over time.* Some benefits are immediate and some results require consumption over several days and weeks to accomplish.* A good tonic cycle is 45-90 days of a tonic adaptogen which will generate lasting health changes.*

    Shake gently: secure the lid and turn the bottle over back-and-forth 3-5 times to evenly distribute the tincture. Do not over-shake as the vigorous mixing of air with the extract will oxidize and damage many of the necessary constituents for required dosage and potency.

    By mouth: hold the liquid under the tongue for 60-90 seconds and then swallow the rest of extract; doing so allows digestion to begin in the mouth and will take advantage of the activated multi-step extract so that many of the constituents will bypass digestion and enter the body through the mouth and throat.* Holding the extract also promotes better absorption and assimilation and elicits an immediate effect that is performance oriented*

    Mix with water: squirt the drops or entire droppers into 2-4 oz. of water that is under 120*F. Water that is cool to lukewarm temperature is best to preserve the volatile and fragile constituents from being damaged and denatured which will reduce the potency of the extract.* Sip slowly to allow absorption in the mouth and throat.* This method makes it easier to become accustomed to the extract and to take larger doses of several different tinctures at once in a tonic program.*

    For maximum potency: regularly consume the tincture within a period of 45 days; after 45 days of continuous consumption the extract may begin to gradually lose potency requiring a larger dosage to achieve similar benefit.* A bottle will generally last 10-30 days depending on dosage and concurrent supplementation programming.*

    Further dosage reference: How to Take a Tonic Tincture


    Mushroom Master Liquid Supplement

      Tincture Details

      Tincture Type:
      Multi-step Hydroalcohol
      Serving Size:
      • 1 dropper
      Daily Usage:
      • 1-3 droppers 1-3 times per day
      Extraction Ratio:
      • 2.5 pounds : 1 quart - 120,000mgs equivalent per 2oz. bottle
      Manufacture Date:
      • December 1st 2023
      • 2 Years from manufacture

      Expiration & Storage Information

      Made In Oregon USA



      Tonic Tinctures Mushroom Master Supplement Label

      Mushroom Master Tincture is ~1250mgs extract per 1ml dropper.


      Questions and Answers

      Mushroom Master Questions and Answers

      Common questions about Mushroom Master supplementation.

      Please submit any question via our contact form.

      Q: How does Mushroom Master work?
      A: Mushroom Master works in 3 main ways. 1. By boosting immune function from the activated polysaccharides. 2. By supporting organ, gland and nerve function from the variety of mushroom acids which are found in highest concentration in the mycelium, mycelium is the nerve-like roots of mushrooms. 3. By mineralizing your body with a wide variety of trace minerals, such as copper, selenium, and germanium, that support a multitude of enzymatic processes and nerve health. Additionally there are many other aspects and unique constituents at work such as polyphenols, antioxidants an amino acids.

      Q: When should I take Mushroom Master?
      A: Anytime is okay to take Mushroom Master, but overall be consistent on a daily basis. Many clients use it for recovery, rest and relaxation times. Be sure to eat well with complete meals for best results and benefits.

      Q: The Mushroom Master label shows electricity, why?
      A: The reason for the electricity on the label and on the supplement poster is that mushroom mycelium is akin to nerves and medicinal mushrooms are a terrific nerve and stress tonic, especially Lion's Mane mushroom which supports the production of nerve growth factors.

      Q: Will Mushroom Master get you high?
      A: No, Mushroom Master is made from medicinal mushrooms which are not to be confused with recreational drugs.

      Q: Is Mushroom Master psychedelic?
      A: Medicinal mushrooms are not hallucinogenic or psychedelic.

      Q: Can Mushroom Master be used for my condition/disease and does Mushroom Master have side-effects?
      A: Medicinal mushrooms are not drugs and do not have side-effects, nor do they treat conditions and diseases; this is a hokey ineffective use promoted in medical propaganda. Please avoid medical fraud on the internet when researching supplements.


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