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Deer antler velvet reviews of our supplements used by numerous clients daily across the country and the world. Our clients find this extract to be both superior in effects and long lasting healthy results.* Many report similar benefits of increased daily energy and athletic performance while others find it good for their joints and for their libido.* Many will receive many benefits that are available upon consistent supplementation with a functional dosage.*

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    General Reviews

    The Real Deal! - "I can see a difference in the shape of my musculature. Also have been able to increase the amount of weight and number of reps. As a side note, noticeable increase in libido...will not be without this tincture in my supplement arsenal!" - William R. Hennika [Canton, MI USA]

    Hello Tonic Tinctures,

    I just wanted to thank you for your fine product.  I do believe it has at very least made my nails stronger my hair healthier and my over all well being is better.  I "had" chronic inflammation in my elbow from suffering bursitis as a teenager.  I am now 37 and feel every injury I ever had. I have been going to the gym and not being able to go as hard as I would like do to the injury's and swelling.  Combined with Fish Oil I really and truly feel as if your product has helped with inflammation and overall regeneration and strength.I feel so strongly about your product that I have let all of my friends and family know about it.  I have just placed another order with you and looking forward to trying your new Power Velvet.  So when you see my order come across throw an extra scoop of velvet in there for me.  Just kidding ...unless you want.

    Thanks and a customer for life,Andy

    Jon Swoper "Swope" (Detroit) - Great Product, December 27, 2011

    I'm a 37 year old male and am very active. I play basketball 4-5 times a week so my activity is more cardio than weight lifting etc. I've been taking Tonic Tinctures Deer Antler Velvet for about 5 months now and am very happy with the results. It has helped out with both my endurance and recovery. I'm just not as sore in the mornings anymore and I have a lot more energy when I'm out on the court. It has helped me regain some of the quickness/explosiveness all men lose in their late 30's. I've been playing hoops like this for years, so it isn't like I wasn't in shape all ready. This stuff is just giving me that extra boost to help hold off father-time.I've also lost a few pounds since I've been taking it, which may be a benefit of the serum itself or the fact that I'm running harder and for longer now and burning more calories that way. It's likely a combination of the two, which is great. Not only is the product top notch, but the information that comes with it is extremely helpful. I get the feeling that this is a company that takes a lot of pride in their products. It's just well represented, when you receive your first bottle you'll see what I mean.

    Health Freak - This stuff is great!!, January 15, 2012

    Love this stuff. I've taken the product before in the past from other Makers but this brand is by far the best. I would recommend to anyone.

    HowdySunshine - Good stuff, January 16, 2012

    I have been working out for over 20 years and I have tried everything on the market. I am proud to say that Deer Antler Velvet is one of the best supplements that I have ever tried!! I have been training in mixed martial arts for 9 years and I am also a police officer. Due to my MMA training, weight lifting and SWAT training, there have been times when I could barely get out of bed. Since I have been taking deer antler velvet, I have had more energy in the gym on the mat and at work. All my aches and pains were gone within 2 weeks of starting my first bottle of deer antler velvet. My strength has gone up along with my cardio. I would recommend this product to anyone!!

    Mr Mailman - AMAZING, January 11, 2012 – 5 Stars

    Just incredible! Muscle fatigue gone. I consider myself extremely active - I work out, I'm a 15 year letter carrier 4 years of active duty and 16 years of reserve and have a 4 year old boy and a 7 month old boy ; I'm tired - at least I was. Since I took this Deer Antler. For me the first drop. I haven't felt like this in years body aches gone, stronger, and energetic. Two years ago I slipped on ice coming down steps delivering mail on my left elbow; never went to see a doctor it was very painful for two years, my elbow is fine now. I couldn't raise my left arm without excruciating pain in my shoulder and left knee was going on me, I now feel fine no pain. When I work out and run I recover just overnight. Five of my co-workers, to include my supervisor, already got this Deer Antler - they too can’t believe how they feel. I totally recommend. Just to mention I'm 39 years and I've been on Deer Antler for 1 month. New Zealand Deer Antler Velvet 2 oz. Liquid Extract IGF-1

    Benjamin V. Holston "Ben" - IGF, January 16, 2012 – 5 Stars

    Very well made at the Apothecary. Better than the other brands & you get twice as much for half the price. I will always but from this business. I am sold on their products.

    Kyle - I'll be a long time customer, November 3, 2011 – 5 Stars

    This stuff works. I have tried many different supplements and this one has definitely made an impact on my training. I have lost some fat, and have greatly improved cardiovascular ability. I previously posted on the 1 bottle count page, and said the taste sucks, and that was a reason I didn't give it 5 stars, but the taste grows on you. I don't enjoy the taste, but you can definitely get used to it. I've lost about 5lbs of fat and have been eating like complete crap (pizza, cookies, brownies, etc etc). I'm not calling this a miracle product, but it's damn near close. One caveat I'll say is, I am a personal trainer, and know how to workout and know how to control my body and its functions. Having said that, this product has definitely improved my abilities in all facets of my training. I strongly recommend this product, BUT you have to work out. This isn't going to magically make you buff or toned or make you run a mile in 6 minutes, but it will

    Antone - I like it, February 3, 2012 – 4 Stars

    I have to say I really like this product. Realistically you need to take what the manufacturer calls an "athletic dosage" for a minimal of three weeks. I didn't see major results until the third week. My bench press on the third week went up 40 pounds. No wonder why major league baseball banned this natural product. Surprisingly, my blood pressure also decreased while taking this product.This is one of only a handful of supplements that I have taken that actually works. Too often companies chose to cut corners instead of producing/providing a quality product. Hopefully this manufacturer continues to provide us with quality products.

    Jonathan Whitehead (RALEIGH, NC, US) - Great IGF-1 Product, December 5, 2011 – 4 Stars

    I've been working out for about 18 years now; this is the best supplement I've invested in. This product has aide my body recover faster than normal (1day), and if I wanted to, I could do the same rigid workout the next day. I've been reading about IGF-1 for quite some time and finally found a product that is in my budget and that works. I must add GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!Pros: Recovery, Lucid Dreaming, 2oz and price.>Cons: None other the taste, but you will acquire the taste.

    Margaret V. Czech – Review, January 7, 2012 – 4 Stars

    I tried this product because I had tendonitis in my hands that i had been unable to get rid of. A friend mentioned it to me. I researched it and decided to buy it. After taking 2 droppers in the morning and 2 before exercising every day for two weeks i had significant improvement in my tendonitis. By the end of the month, not only was my tendonitis gone, I had amazing recovery from workouts. Normally i would be really sore for two day after working out. I had no soreness at all. I must admit the stuff doesn't taste very good at all, but I am sold. I just re-ordered.

    dirty mike - GOOD PRODUCT, October 14, 2011 – 5 Stars

    I tried this product for at least a month to get a feel for the results. First, the product manufacturer requests to take the product for a month and then take a week off from using the specific item. I've followed these instructions and I've found the results to be good but not extraordinary. I use this product for weightlifting cycles, I practice HARD-CORE or HIT TRAINING. This type of lifting was developed by Mike Mentzer and it produces great results on it's own; but the Deer Antler helped me recover faster. Also, I was stuck and unable to grow more mass/strength. This product enabled me to break through this.

    Continually Undisputed - Saves my knees and my workouts, December 28, 2011 – 5 Stars.

    I was on this product for two straight months, while I didn't really think i saw the results, after two months OFF it, you'll know something is missing. When I was peaking on this product I was six foot-two and 205 pounds lifting weights daily and feeling the need to hit the gym. Now that I went off this stuff Im up to nearly 220 pounds and all of it is fat (Thanksgiving Christmas weight, family time etc). MOST IMPORTANTLY,though, is the fact that my knees and shoulders have been aching for weeks, something I NEVER felt while using this product. Now that I'm back I literally can take this right before the gym bust out a 55 minute workout with cardio and weights while being pain free. I have gone from taking 20 some ibuprofen a day for pain to ZERO, this alone is worth the investment. If you take this stuff CORRECTLY and try it for 30 days I PROMISE you a result you'll be surprised of.

    R. Raguso - satisfyingly beneficial, November 18, 2011 – 5 Stars

    I ordered this product to try it out and my experience was positive and I got the sense that regular use would be beneficial. The transaction was smooth as can be and the directions and literature were helpful and informative. Thanks!

    M. Molina "Violet Star" - Powerful and Effective., March 2, 2012 – 5 Stars

    I love this product, It makes me feel good to know that the deers are not being harmed and that the velvet antler is carefully harvested by the farmers, in New Zealand. I am very satisfied with this product, I have been taking it for the past 2 months, and I feel like my energy and strength have increased. It is a great Jing Tonic, and I will be a customer for many more times to come. thank you for Making this available to the People who need it. Very satisfied.

    George - Great bargain and big difference So far, February 18, 2012 – 4 Stars

    I was buying Pure Factors and it was getting too pricey so I saw New Zealand (3 2oz bottles for the same price as 1 1oz bottle). My mood is better overall. I have been in the gym 2-3 times per week for 1 hour for the last 5 weeks and am seeing great results (high energy, good strength, willingness to push, quick recovery and no injuries). I am with a trainer and he is like impressed when coming me to other guys in same bracket. I am 52, 40 pounds overweight, and have not worked out in 11 years. So I am like.... wow, this stuff is doing its part. I will definitely keep taking it until I reach my fitness and well-being goals and then see what happens then (go off for a while and see how I feel). I like the freshness date on the bottle and the letter from the owner of the company. A nice touch.

    living in madions - Worth buying, February 20, 2012 – 5 Stars

    This stuff has been awesome! I've had planters fasciitis for the past six months and not even inserts where helping. Since I started taking this I've noticed that my foot has started feeling better after a few weeks. Taking a dose in the early afternoon helps with the early afternoon crash vs. drinking cup of coffee. These guys also show you how much antler velvet is actually extracted into the bottle compared to other brands.

    William R. Hennika - The Real Deal!, (Canton, Mi USA) September 26, 2011 – 4 Stars

    Been using Deer Antler for three weeks. As an avid bodybuilder, I can see a difference in the shape of my musculature. Muscles are more full and defined than prior to using. Also have been able to increase the amount of weight and number of reps on certain lifts. As a side note...noticeable increase in libido and "all" that entails;) Will be placing another order soon; will not be without this tincture in my supplement arsenal! 

    Dave - Incredible product!, June 26, 2011 – 5 Stars

    I've been taking this for 2 weeks now and I've lost 4 pounds of fat, my body is much more toned and I have more energy. There's a lot of antler velvet products out there but you should get this one because Tonic Tinctures show how much antler velvet is actually extracted into the tincture. Many places claim theirs is the best on the market because of the potency, but most of that is just marketing hype. This is the exact dosage you need (500mg per dropper) so anything more or less is not worth it. I tried the NOW brand of IGF-1 and is had very little dvelv extract (11mg per two sprays or 500mg per bottle). Don't get NOW IGF-1 it doesn't work very good. Here's one testimonial for this product by Tonic Tinctures! It works! This stuff is great!

    This stuff really works well. This will be my second time purchase, and it's definitely a good investment. A+ - Aaron

    Great starter product, Upgraded to the Power Velvet after I used up this product. Great company and even better service. Best IGF-1 product on the market right here! – Andrei

    Delivery of the Antler Velvet was fast. Started in August. Took 3-4 weeks before I noticed anything. By x-mas I had lost over 2 pant sizes and from snug XXL shirts to wearing my XL shirts from the "other" closet after 4 years of not seeing them. My new batch of velvet is here and can't wait to see how many more sizes I can lose. I have no idea how much weight I've lost. – Eric

    Great stuff for giving energy, especially the "Power" product. More importantly, being a 57 year old fitness buff this dramatically improves recovery time! I have been using the "regular for about 3 months and was so impressed had to try the "Power" Product and it is even better!!! Make sure to cycle on and off (i do 3 weeks on and 1 week off) to maximize its effectiveness. – Tony

    I love this product for my son who is a wrestler. It gives him the edge that he needs to obtain his optimum performance. He also has trouble with an arthritic disease and this has helped straighten that up too! Thank you to New Zealnd Deer Antler Velvet!!! Amazon got my product to me in amazing time!!! – Tanis

    Order was received quickly, and the best quality I have been able to find. I had some questions for the seller, and he answered them. I will continue doing business, and have been extremely happy with the product. Great for body-builders and fitness people looking for the extra edge. – Henry

    Just started using this product 2 weeks ago but I am going to give this a 5 star for the difference I see it is making in my workouts. This is allowing me to workout longer and harder. Plus I see my muscles really bulking out and even more than I would expect from simply working out longer than what I am used to doing. I hope this keeps doing what it is doing! – Deborah

    This stuff is totally AMAZING!! I have taken it for only 3 days and here are the changes (I am 35) My spouse has said my face looks noticeably younger my energy level and Libido is through the roof! My flexibility, stamina, focus and mental clarity is off the chart! This HAS to be the answer to aging! I would suggest to anyone over 30 to get this NOW!! I'm a customer for life! - K. Smith

    This stuff is great. It certainly does everything it advertised it could do and more. Seller was courteous and took great care in assuring I had a quality product and was sent in a durable shipping container. – Peter

    I am a skeptic... HOWEVER... This stuff helped my back issues and joint issues more than anything I have ever tried. My sleep improved I could tell my test level was higher.. Libido was up. I did get some acne from this. If your on the fence about this product take my word for it I dont fill out many feedback responses but with this I had to. Results after about 2-3 days maybe after the first. – Kyle

    Order was exactly as promised. I have already noticed that I have more energy. I am a returning student to collegel because of injury and joint issues. I am age 54. This product was the best one that I chose, after much research. – Deborah

    I ordered this a few days ago and was delivered very quick. It arrived right before I was heading to work so I took it with me. I took a few drops before work. The energy I had was incredible. I currently work 2 shifts and they are each 4 hours, but I work in shipping so you can imagine the workload I put up with. After the second shift, I still had enough energy to keep going. I asked my manager if I could work another shift. I was still going at it. I’ve read reviews about Deer Antler Velvet and had to try it myself. Lets just say that this works much better than taking B vitamins for energy boost. Now it has only been one day so I haven’t seen much results, but I can tell I am already a fan of it. - Christian Ramriez

    Keith's Review

    Awesome News Jason and Team!
    I bought another cheaper brand to hold me over on non-workout and less strenuous workout days and it is nowhere near as helpful as yours.  In fact I've highly recommended it to my Mother, Wife, and a good friend and fellow fitness buff.
    I'm 36 years old and have completed 16 years of training.  Needless to say my joints and soft tissue are junk now.  I have 2 torn rotator cuffs, knee pain since 15 years old, tendinitis etc.  After 3 days on your product I felt like I did at 23 years old!! Truly amazing!
    All the reviews that I read about DAV being a placebo are nonsense, it's very real when said aches and pains are magically relieved.  In the gym my typical workouts don't bring me to fatigue any more either.  I keep with the same routines though to preserve my well being. Feel free to use my words above on your review page

    Customer for life! - Keith Kummer

    Todd's Review

    Jason, I would like to give your product a review.

    After starting the standard deer antler velvet I immediately noticed a difference. It wasn’t a blast of energy it was the ability to continue on with a hard labor day at work or a workout with legs! I could last longer than normal and would have to regulate my intensity just to not overdue it because I could. Over the past couple months I have learned to harvest the energy and use you product at the right times to get large gains in the gym and at work. I will be 42 next month and always try to keep my edge on the younger generation and with the deer antler velvet that is not a problem. I have shredded off 15 pounds without even trying. I eat like a horse and take 3-4 protein shakes a day to fuel the muscle gain and still the pounds drop off! It is amazing and I feel great.

    Over the last month I have turned over 10 people on to your product wondering what my secret was. Everyone has seen the difference and is amazed. Another great feature of the product, I have an employee that was working out with me on the heavy bag and fractured his scaphoid. It is one of the bones in a cluster in your wrist. The fractures take a long time to heal due to low blood circulation in that area. I immediately started him on the deer antler velvet as one of it gains are high blood flow. After his first visit the doctor could not believe the X-ray results as the fracture has almost completely disappeared. The doctor went on to say he has never seen a recovery this fast and they normally take twice to three times as long to see this type of bone repair.

    Can you say AWESOME!  I have ordered your Power Velvet to try it out and I’m sure it’s another great product. Keep up the good work and I will continue to market your product on my end. Thanks again for a quality extract you are the man!

    Todd Myers - Emergency Response Manager - Environmental Restoration LLC

    Rashid's Review

    Rashid Jalili of Abbot Art

    • Karatedo Student
    • Ocean Fishing Sportsman
    • Successful Business Owner
    • Husband & Father of Two

    The Beginning

    I was introduced to the deer antler velvet by my Shihan Anthony Davino [Anthony’s extensive review is the last one in our listing]. Approximate 8-9 months ago we joined Shirinjiryu Kenyujokai Karatedo with Anthony Davino our Shihan to learn this great art. I noticed immediately that my Shihan had the stamina of a bull and was able to both outlast my son 11 and me 36 at the time with stamina and strength. I do understand that Karatedo had helped keep him in shape and give him the ability to knock out 60 pushups and do pullups with ease but what was interesting was how he did it with so much ease and his recovery time was so quick. By the second class I asked my Shihan if there was any vitamins or things he was taking to help him besides the daily Karatedo and he quickly informed me of deer antler velvet and a great guy he knew Jason Duke. So there was the beginning of the story...

    Quick Service and Quick Results

    Tonic Tinctures sent the deer antler velvet to me quickly and I started taking the recommended functional dosage daily. What I did notice was if I took the deer antler velvet right before a training session with my Shihan I had more stamina and had much more energy during the workout. Second thing I noticed was that after a workout my recovery time is much more rapid. Instead of feeling drained and in pain (Shihan's training is pretty grueling) I still had stamina and was able to train properly.

    Friend Can Play Soccer Again!

    Months later a buddy/coworker of mine Nathan(50 years old) complained he could not play soccer anymore like he used to when he was a kid. He complained of pains in his back and also thighs and as a result was only able to play 15 minutes during the game else he would be in excruciating pain. Nathan has been a serious soccer player all his life and there was no way he was going to quit due to his love of the sport. So I recommended my pal try out Deer Antler Velvet....within a few weeks he stated the pains he had were all gone and he could now play a full game with no problems.

    Out of the Bed and Back to Life!

    Now fast forward 2 months later and Nathan mentions to me his brother has balance problems and weak muscles that make him barely able to move - a case of sever fatigue. His brother who lives in Haiti found it difficult to walk and do to his inability to walk or do daily exercise he was losing weight and his muscles were deteriorating ... so Nathan sent took two bottles of deer antler extract to his brother on his next trip to Haiti. After a month of taking the velvet Nathan's brother was able to strengthen his leg muscles (with concurrent exercise) enough to be able to walk properly and is now able to workout regularly. But at least now he is not stuck in bed and can do a simple task such as walking that many take for granted as it comes to easy for them. Taking the deer antler velvet was the only thing he did differently during this period and no other treatment he tried or was prescribed by doctors had worked up to this point

    Best Regards to Jason and Tonic Tinctures Team

    Tony's Review

    Shihan Anthony D’Avino’s Review

    So I have had great results, with the Antler Velvet. I call it “wake up juice”. I consume one dropper before breakfast, one midafternoon, one with my “pre workout regimen , which includes ,Green tea ,with two tablespoons of honey, plus two royal jelly caps( something Bruce Lee consumed before he did demos),and one just before class, with one sublingual B-12 vitamin, which supplements the Antler Velvet.

    Endurance, strength, and recovery, are the most noticeable qualities, that I have seen improvements in. One of the problems with other supplements is the use of caffeine and guarana, which cause “edginess”, and creates mood problems, like the roid rage. Also finding that there is not the morning after class soreness!

    For Martial artists, Antler Velvet promotes flexibility! The manufacturer mentions that Antler Velvet is a subtle experience, that it takes a few days for the person to recognize the effects.

    That is the one fact that I really like. You don’t really feel “wired”…you just “get things done”. As an artist, while working at the easel, I will look at the time, and find an hour has flown by! just sort of “take care of business”

    .I purchase my Velvet from Jason Duke, whose business name is Tonic Tinctures. I purchased a three bottle order, which cost $79.99, and is about a three month supply. Jason ensures the freshest velvet.

    The batch that I received was processed only days before it arrived. Unopened the velvet will last two years, in the bottle. After opening, it will be good for around two months.

    Not that expensive compared to other supplements!If you are interested, you can find Jason on Ebay, by just typing in “New Zealand Antler Velvet”, he’s located in Oregon and is a body builder, and like myself, a surfer.

    I mentioned my pre workout regimen to Jason, and co incidentally; he also consumes the Green tea, honey, royal Jelly, B-12, and the Antler Velvet! I will write to Jason and mention that he may be hearing from Shorinjiryu members. I’m not sure, but perhaps he will give us a deal!

    The only drawback with the Velvet is, I keep having the urge to watch the movie Bambi! :0)Regards, Shihan Anthony D’Avino

    Ben’s 15 Month Power Velvet Review & Testimonial


    I want to say first and foremost you and your wife are people of the highest integrity and are passionate about your products.

    I am writing you this long awaited deer antler velvet review so as not to be hyping a product but rather give a real world experience.  I am 56 yrs young and started on Power velvet about 15 months ago. After reading about so many products I stumbled upon yours on eBay and then found your website.  It was very informative and explained the use and how it works. Other deer antler velvet makers use hype and measure by nanograms to appear more potent. I read through their BS, and kept on thinking I would try yours first. Had I tried others I may have given up, believing the whole industry is based on voodoo science. I guess my gut paid off this time by taking yours as my first experience. You answer questions quickly, direct and logical and that was most comforting.



    After taking the very first dose I thought this can't be; 20 mins and I felt an amazing boost of energy that seemed different but surreal. 

    I have had shoulder surgery as a result of a motorcycle accident. I've had back surgery as well and just plain aging is taking its toll on joints and recovery and my overall wellness. 

    In addition, I have had diabetes and took pills for years, but the doctor told me I'd be shooting insulin soon if I did not change my lifestyle. After receiving that rude awakening in November of 2012, I got busy. I quickly lost 10 lbs and on 2/22/2013 I joined the gym. In six months I went from over 30% bf to just about 19%. My waist went from 38" from 34". After taking a chance I stopped taking my metformin. My A1C test revealed no diabetic indicators. I guess diet and exercise DOES work. 

    After hitting a wall I looked into peptides and decided on IGF1-LR2. But I had an issue on taking synthetic GH. So I tried a shot at IGF in its natural occurring state, as found in New Zealand Deer Antler Velvet

    Having taken over 15 bottles of PV over the last 15 months, I KNOW YOUR PRODUCT WORKS! My energy, strength, muscle growth, repair and recovery and all around wellbeing shot through the roof.  I tried an off cycle and immediately felt like crap. I ordered more and it was even more effective than the first time. It appears that it even works better on us old farts. Even the magic wand works better and longer. I'm even noticing my hair is gradually growing back on my crown. Yes, you heard it! I've read that in some men hair rejuvenation is possible, although the jury is still out.

    Currently I am down to a 30 inch waist a 44 inch chest/back and about 14.5% bf and getting quite vascular - even when I was weightlifting in college I never saw this type of progress.

    I believe in my heart that if not for discovering your product, I would have not had the energy to achieve such results in the past year. 

    People ask what I'm doing and I tell them, but the doubting Thomases' will always discount a product.  I guess spending their money on a Rockstar or Redbull is more logical. Damn fools. 

    About 6 months ago I decided to eat Paleo and it even made the progress with my new diet more effective. 

    I can't live without deer antler velvet. If you ever stop making this product I will have to hunt you down to get your formula. 

    Now I understand how so many of your customers' reviews state, "customer for life". Add one more to the list!

    Thanks so much for you continued efforts to make this product better. The world needs more of you guys. 

    Best Regards,

    Ben Mark - Los Angeles