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Table of Contents

    1. Introduction
      1. Nutritive
      2. Tonic
      3. Adaptogen
    2. Benefits of Health Support
      1. Antioxidant
      2. Antitoxin
      3. Cognition
      4. Clarity
      5. De-Stress
      6. Energy
      7. Growth Factors
      8. Intellect
      9. Intimacy
      10. Meditation
      11. Rejuvenate
      12. Spiritual
      13. Strength
    3. Constitutional Maintenance
      1. Adrenal
      2. Brain Health
      3. Breathing
      4. Cardio
      5. Digestive
      6. Endocrine
      7. Epigenetic
      8. Eye Health
      9. Joint Health
      10. Heart Health
      11. Immune
      12. Liver Health
      13. Skin Cells
    4. Additional Essential Supplementation
      1. Eggs
      2. Omega-3
      3. Salt
      4. Tea
    5. References for Further Reading


Tonics, also known as superfoods and adaptogens, are low-calorie or non-caloric nutrient dense supplements ^, that often have a variety of unique constituents ^ which have broad health support of organ systems and other areas of the body ^.*

tonic tinctures super nutrition archetype card

Super Nutrition

A Tonic Tincture is made from tonics, superfoods and adaptogens, commonly known as herbs and botanicals, which are added to a diet ^ to support and maintain health and wellness.*

  • A tonic is generally a herb, botanical, superfood, or adaptogen that has concentrated nutrition and unique constituents.*
  • A superfood ^ is a food that contains concentrated essential nutrients that vary depending on the food.*
  • An adaptogen is a scientific term for a tonic superfood that is safe and normalizes health for greater wellbeing against the negative effects of stress.*


tonic tinctures nutritive icon


Health through nutrition ^ is holistic ^ with the individual freedom to choose ^ food and supplements in the support and maintenance of health and wellness ^.

Nutrition is holistic, therefore it is necessary to consume ^ the essential nutrients ^ required for the human body to optimally function ^. So instead of consuming one nutrient at a time, health is best cultivated with a holistic diet of all the essential nutrients ^, that make up the nutrition required for the functioning of the body ^.

Nutrition is about eating well ^ and getting enough micronutrients ^, but sometimes food is not enough ^, so nutrition must be improved through supplementation ^.

It is increasingly becoming known that food, even organically grown, is nutritionally deficient ^, and although a diet high in plants supports health ^, contrarily, for the confused, a limited scope of looking at only a few isolated nutrients will inadvertently expose common deficiencies, such as a deficiency requiring vitamin B12 supplementation ^.

The soils that plants grow within have been known to be deficient since 1936 ^ and soil has become sick due to modern farming and harvesting methods ^. Also the rising CO2 levels in Earth's atmosphere is causing plants to become less nutritious ^.

These many factors contribute to deficiencies, easily causing concurrent excesses of non-nutritious foods in the diet ^, which cause the nutrient deficiencies ^ that, according to Linus Pauling, a nutritional expert ^, lead to poor health and lacking wellbeing ^.

The nutrients in food and supplements are very well researched . which includes the broad range of health support from phytochemicals ^, confirming the traditional empirical understanding ^ of using whole-food tonics, superfoods and adaptogens ^.

One can learn from many different sources about nutrition and supplements.

Holistic nutrition, active lifestyles, and exercise must work together towards health and wellness ^; nutrition gives one the ability to work, perform at sports, and be well in daily living ^; as well as, building the strength and promoting the stamina to be of service to neighbor and nation ^.


tonic tinctures tonic icon


A tonic is a food, herb, or superfood that supports health, promotes wellbeing, is invigorating and benefits overall vitality ^. Tonic superfoods contain nutrients ^ that are nutritive which are best taken around meal time and for maximum absorption up to 30 minutes before eating ^.

A tonic may also be an adaptogen which has a tonifying effect, that supports health ^, from their unique non-specific phytoconstituents that support adaptation to stress ^.

Choosing a tonic depends on how they are used in conjunction with one's diet and personal life ^. Summarily; "Whether an herb is a tonic or not depends on its culture, " Lesley Tierra ^.

Michael Tierra is the pre-eminent expert ^, along with Lesley Tierra ^, on herbalism and herbology ^, which they divide into categories of Western ^Chinese ^ and Ayurveda ^. Other herbal traditions are relevant ^, and although all systems are different, they all work on the premise of holistic synergy with each individual person ^. Wholly, understanding of tonics will be more easily accessed through the above three modalities for an inclusive Planetary Herbology ^.

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tonic tinctures adaptogen icon


A tonic that supports adaptation to stress is an 'adaptogen' ^ which has nonspecific lasting health support ^ and is safe, non-toxic and has broad uses for wellness and performance ^.

Adaptogens are about bringing the Yang and Yin into balance ^, known scientifically as homeostasis ^ which is how adaptogens regulate the body; by normalizing the body's constitution towards harmony ^.

Adaptogens are invigorating to the body's resistance of stress ^ through their synergy of constituents ^, so different adaptogens work differently, depending on their nutrients and unique phytochemistry ^

Adaptogens are well studied concerning stress ^ with their unique non-specific adaptogenic phytoconstituents ^ that have effects on the brain, nerves and adrenals ^.

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Benefits of Health Support

tonic tinctures antioxidant icon


A tonic that contains commonly found beneficial constituents ^, known as antioxidants ^, that neutralize free-radicals which are produced by the body and from environmental toxins ^, which reduce oxidative damage to cellular lipids, blood, vascular tissues and DNA/RNA ^.

An easy way to think of antioxidants is ^, "...[one] may get the idea if you describe antioxidants as vitamin 'superheroes' who fight the chemical 'bad guys' that try to make you sick."

Antioxidants, as part of holistic diet maintain wellness ^, whereas limited vitamin and mineral supplementation is ineffective ^, but habitual daily consumption of plant-derived antioxidants maintain energy metabolism for healthy living ^.

Oxygen, which causes oxidation and free-radicals, is required for energy metabolism ^ and antioxidants donate an electron to free-radicals ^ so that the free-radicals don't damage tissues during the release of energy during oxidation ^.

Maintaining health with continuous phytonutrient consumption ^ from antioxidant-rich food and food supplements is best to manage oxidative stress ^. Indeed, spices, herbs and berries are the best antioxidant choices ^, as well as tonic herbs and superfoods ^.

The standard for antioxidant evaluation is ORAC, which means Oxygen Radical Absorbency Capacity ^, and the holistic nutritive combination of nutrients in whole foods sources supply the most effective ORAC ^.

Gynostemma (Jiaogulan) Antioxidant:

Schisandra Antioxidant:

Tonic Tinctures’ Related Products:

Many tonics within the entire collection, in particular; Berry Collection; Pedro's


tonic tinctures antitoxin icon


tonic superfood containing very strong antioxidant ^ constituents that help the body to neutralize environmental toxins via food, air and water. Something with antitoxin supporting benefit has a more-immediate effect when compared to general use antioxidants.

Contains one of the following:

  1. Selenium
  2. Copper
  3. Echinacea

1.Selenium ^

A tonic superfood that contains dark colored pigments such as dark-red, blue, purple and black pigments that have selenium within the biosynthesis of their molecular structure. Selenium is important in the production of many antioxidant enzymes that are produced by the body, such as glutathione peroxidase.

"Selenium is an essential trace mineral that serves many functions in human physiology, including the synthesis of antioxidants (natural substances that neutralize free radical damage), and thyroid and immune function" Businesswire - Dr. Joel Wallach’s Selenium Research Continues to Benefit Many ^.

Reference Resource:

  • Selenium is important in the production of the most powerful antioxidants made within the organs by various nutrient interactions.

"Selenium acts in synergy with the antioxidant vitamins, vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and vitamin E (α-tocopherol), by regenerating them from their oxidized forms and promoting maximal antioxidant protection." OSU: Selenium - Linus Pauling Institute

Tonic superfoods that contain blue, purple, and black pigments include:

  • Blueberries
  • Black Cherries
  • Black Mulberries
  • Huckleberries
  • Edible Polyrachis Ant


The tonic may also contain large amounts of plant-derived copper in the molecular structure of naturally occurring melanin ^, such as chaga mushroom , which has the ability to maintain blood vessel integrity, skin elasticity, and promote the body's ability to generate superoxide dismutase ^.


A short-term use botanical extracted from the various botanical species of Echinacea that contains unique combinations of highly active constituents such as echinacosides and isobutylamides that may be used for their strong antioxidant support.

"There is a tremendous amount of research that has been amassed over the years to support Echinacea's efficacy." Herbal Transitions: Echinacea spp ^.

Schisandra Antioxidant:

Tonic Tinctures’ Related Products:

Chaga Mushroom; Immuno Bomb; Schisandra; Mushroom Master


tonic tinctures cognition icon


A tonic superfood that contains supporting nutrition and holistic health benefits that support nerve health while maintaining cognitive abilities and skills, such as thinking and memory. Continuous consumption will support efficient thinking from oxygenated blood flow and energy metabolism.

May assist mental multi-tasking and concentration. This adaptogen will support forward positive thinking concerning one's life experiences and personal education.

Cognition is holistic attribute composed of any combination of the following health benefits:

  • Antioxidant
  • Energy
  • Brain Health
  • Cardio

Nutrients found within ginseng:

Additional Essential Cognition Nutrition:

Tonic Tinctures’ Related Products:

  • Ginseng Collection
  • Astragalus; Digestapeel; Golden Dragon, Lion’s Mane


tonic tinctures clarity icon


A tonic superfood that supports lucidity and sustains a clears the mind while supporting the the six senses of smell, taste, touch, sight, hearing, and inner-vision. Support focus for greater understanding and more precise learning of mental activities and spiritual experiences.


Tonic Tinctures’ Related Products:

Winter’s Paradise; Pearl; Lion’s Mane; Heaven Ginseng; Ashwagandha Cherry


tonic tinctures de-stress icon


A tonic superfood that supports adaptation to stressful activity and maintains relaxation during times of rest. May be best taken after stressful events so as to assist the promotion of a quieter mind and a release of emotional tension. When properly consumed with meals this adaptogen may reduce or prevent overreaction during stressful events.

The tonic superfood may contain any of the following constituents:

Ashwagandha for De-Stress:

Take De-Stress Tonics With Food:

Take a tonic with food to support the relaxation and calming benefits and for the healthy releasing of stressful feelings. Taking tonics without food will often negate their benefits, as skipping meals can depress your energy levels and diminish your ability to cope with daily stresses:

"It's important to keep your energy level up by not skipping meals; otherwise your levels of serotonin, a chemical in the brain that produces calmness, could change." Susan Moores, registered dietitian, spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association, and nutrition 7 Superfoods for the Blues by Dorie Eisenstein ^

Additionally, it is of benefit to eat for emotional health when taking a tonic superfood adaptogen to support tranquility. 

"Incorporate some self-care activities into your daily routine to start bringing equanimity ^ to all layers of your being. It is from stillness and peace that you build the strength and courage to make the right choices." The Chopra Center: Eating for Wholeness and Emotional Well-Being by Rachelle Williams ^

Reference Resource:

Tonic Tinctures’ Related Products:

American Ginseng; Ashwagandha Cherry; Digestapeel; Lion's Mane; Mushroom Master; Pearl; Reishi Mushroom; Winter’s Paradise


tonic tinctures energy icon


Tonic superfoods, such as adaptogenic herbs ^, are commonly known for their support of daily energy while resisting mental and physical fatigue ^. This benefit includes the overall vitalization of the body and its various cells from the plethora of concentrated nutrients and unique supporting constituents found in tonic superfood adaptogens.

In the orient, energy is known by the complicated and undefinable term "Qi" ^. In general, adaptogens are taken and used as a way to health and wellness ^; for having the energy and vitality for accomplishing work, exercise, and play.

Essential Additional Energy Supplementation:

Many tonic adaptogens are known to support balanced blood sugar along with a healthy diet and will be further supporting with the additional supplementation of chromium for healthy blood sugar levels.

Tonic Tinctures’ Related Products:

Nearly all of the Tonic Tinctures catalog, but in particular:

  • Ginseng Collection
  • Astragalus Collection
  • Deer Antler Velvet Collection
  • Tummy Tonic


tonic tinctures growth factors icon

Growth Factors*

Growth factors are unique peptide-hormones ^ with growth and recovery properties and are found in trace amounts within animal foods, such as beef, milk and eggs ^ and in the tonics known as pearl and velvet antler ^.

Lion's Mane: The mycelium from lion's mane mushroom is known to promote nerve health through growth factor activity ^.


tonic tinctures intellect icon


A tonic containing a combination of constituents that support complex or objective and abstract thinking. Benefits brainpower by maintaining healthy circulation and nerve health thus supporting the opening of the mind and the five senses to receiving more complex and detailed information from the external environment.

This tonic facilitates 'holistic' ^ -brain functioning', including all interconnected lobes of the brain ^, and ‘phrenic ^ - thinking^, that is, thinking with feeling via one’s breath from the diaphragm ^; for added stamina and the capacity to solve complex ideas using synchronized whole-brain thought.

Intellect is a combination of the following benefits:

  • Brain Health
  • Cardio
  • Cognition

Constituents that support the intellect include:

  • Ginsenosides and Germanium: Supporting to oxygenation, blood circulation and electrical impulses throughout the nervous system, including the brain.
  • Growth Factors: From mushroom mycelium ^ that have nerve strengthening properties
  • Ashwagandha: "The major biochemical constituents of ashwagandha from which its primary medicinal properties emanate, are based upon the a class of constituents called withanolides [14]  ^." Planet Herbs: Ashwagandha: Wonder Herb of India by Dr. Michael Tierra ^

Reference Resources:

"Complex systems are best addressed through holistic intuition, which is something that humans possess when they are very experienced in the applicable domain." Jim Elvidge - Sourced from February 10th 2019, Will Evolving Minds Delay the AI Apocalypse Part II? ^

  • Eating ‘Jewishly’ is known to promote enhanced awareness of mind, body, and spirit that results in a razor-sharp and pin-pointed intellect.

"Eating Jewishly means, first and foremost, the observance of the kosher dietary laws. But it is also means eating with awareness—awareness of the true Source of our sustenance, and of the purpose of eating." Kosher ^

Tonic Tinctures' Related Products:

  • Ashwagandha; Golden Dragon; Heaven Ginseng; Lion's Mane


tonic tinctures intimacy icon


A tonic superfood that is classically thought of as an aphrodisiac which contains a combination of constituents that maintains genital health and supports sexual performance.

Intimacy is a combination of different benefits, because adaptogens themselves have non-specific actions for the development of wellbeing. Therefore a healthy lifestyle with appropriate diet and healthy relationships is necessary to fulfill wholesome sexual satisfaction.  Tonic adaptogens have holistic effects that will support a lifestyle that engenders eroticism and passion for sexual satisfaction.

Because of this is it best to research the nutrients and unique constituents found in an adaptogen for insight in how it may support intimacy.

The circulation of warmth in the body can help to arouse sexual desire and support performance ^. Warming circulation tonics that support intimacy lifestyles are:

The supply of raw materials for hormones is important to maintaining hormonal health from both saponins and phytosterols.

  • Shatavari is a traditional women's intimacy tonic
  • Saw Palmetto is a supplier of phytosterols that are like cholesterol

Some adapotogens are unique in their actions of supporting intimacy:

Additional Essential Intimacy Supplementation:

Tonic Tinctures’ Related Products:

  • Ginseng Collection
  • Ashwagandha Cherry; Cordyceps; Black Ant; Deer Antler Velvet; Legendary Tonic Elixir; Male Silk Moth; Power Velvet; Shatavari; Saw Palmetto


tonic tinctures meditation icon


This tonic contains constituents that support undistracted mental activity by internal objects such as thoughts and external objects in the world. 

The attributes supported by various tonics include nerve health benefits, maintenance of a calm heart and mind, harmonizing digestive health; all for the ability to promote tranquility and maintain it during meditation ^.

Meditation is influence by the following benefits:

  • Breathing
  • Clarity
  • Digestive

Example constituents:

In Ayurveda ^ medicine, applying digestive health to mediation allows one to access and understand our emotional health ^, so that we may promote feelings of peace during meditation.

"The ancient teachings of Ayurveda tell us that our emotional state has a dramatic impact on our physical health; they reflect an understanding that human beings are emotional creatures and that there is an intricate connection between our emotions and what is happening in our physical body." The Chopra Center: The Link Between Your Emotions and Your Digestion by Katie Silcox ^

Tonic Tinctures’ Related Products:

Ashwagandha Cherry; Heaven Ginseng; Mushroom Master


tonic tinctures rejuvenate icon


This tonic has a reviving and refreshing effect that maintains a youthful feeling and supports a restful state of being. Oftentimes known as being emotionally grounded.

Tonic Tinctures’ Related Products:

Ashwagandha Cherry; Black Ant; Blood Grail; Goji; Regen Elixir


tonic tinctures spiritual icon


A tonic containing a holistic combination of nutrients and unique constituents that support personal connection to the divine source and maintaining devotion to one's personal system of belief. Good to use during ritual and/or prayer due to the calming, grounding feelings that help to stabilize one's spirit for emotional and intellectual progress.

Spiritual is a combination of the following benefits:

  • Clarity
  • De-Stress
  • Intellect

Preference Resources:

"Taoists also practice external alchemy (wai-dan), which involves diet and the use of minerals and herbs to promote long life."

Tonic Tinctures’ Related Products:

Heaven Ginseng; Mushroom Master; Pearl


tonic tinctures strength icon


A tonic containing constituents that support nervous innervation of muscle groups and the contractile capacity of muscle tissue. May maintain the conversion of lactic acid by shuttling it to the liver for conversion back to energy.

  • Contains highly bioavailable quantities of creatine ^ that have ergogenic ^ support benefits

Tonic Tinctures’ Related Products:

Black Ant; Power Velvet; Deer Antler Velvet; Korean Ginseng; Legendary Tonic Elixir 


Constitutional Maintenance

tonic tinctures adrenal icon


A tonic superfood containing constituents that support kidney and adrenal gland function and/or water, salt and electrolyte metabolism. It maintains an adaptive stress-response to life factors and the environment while reducing the perception of stress.

Specific constituents found in tonic superfoods that support and maintain adrenal hormones include:

Additional Essential Adrenal Nutrition:

Tonic Tinctures’ Related Products:

Ashwagandha Cherry; Astragalus; Athlex Ginseng for Men; Athlex Ginseng for Women; Chaga Mushroom; Cordyceps; Deer Antler Velvet; Male Silk Moth; Pedro's; Regen Elixir; Saw Palmetto; Schisandra.


tonic tinctures brain health icon

Brain Health*

A tonic that supports brain ^ and nervous system ^ health by maintaining the myelin sheath and facilitating nerve impulses ^.

Additional Essential Brain and Nerve Nutrition:

Further Brain and Nerve Nutrition Resources:


tonic tinctures breathing icon


A tonic that supports lung function and breathing. Contains constituents for lung health by maintaining smooth muscle function ^ with lipid fatty acids, saponins, and/or triterpenes that are involved in the production of prostaglandins ^ by the body. May help to protect lungs from environmental factors and benefit performance activities.

Cordyceps for Breathing

Consistent tonic supplementation with cordyceps mushroom ^ supports lung, heart and kidney functions of traditional folk tonic uses and cardio-respiratory circulation in higher altitudes and physical endurance activities.

Additional Essential Breathing Nutrition:

Tonic Tinctures’ Related Products:

Cordyceps; Immuno Bomb; Male Silk Moth; Pedro’s; Winter’s Paradise; Shatavari; Schisandra


tonic tinctures cardio icon


A tonic containing constituents that support the functioning of the human cardiovascular system ^, that will benefit aerobic cardiorespiratory endurance ^ by increasing breathing respiration ^, heart efficiency ^, and the circulation of blood; for increased nutrition and oxygenation throughout the muscles and organs of the body. Will maintain the elasticity of blood vessels ^ and cellular respiration.

Cardio is a combination of the following benefits:

  • Breathing
  • Energy
  • Heart Health

Tonic superfood contains constituents such as:

  • Vitamins ^ - B Complex; including B1, B2, B6, B12, and/or Folic Acid
  • Amino Acid - L-Arginine ^ for natural production of Nitric Oxide (AAKG)

Unique Constituents:

Additional Essential Cardio Nutrition:

Tonic Tinctures’ Related Products:


tonic tinctures digestive icon


A tonic that is traditionally known to support stomach digestion, the transformation of food into nutrients and their assimilation by supporting the circulation of nutrition throughout the body.

Promotes enzyme production and enzyme release from the pancreas to break down proteins and sugars; additionally, while promoting the production of bile in the gall bladder to support the breakdown of fats.

Digestive health is important for maximum assimilation of nutrients, therefore digestible nutrient dense food choices will yield maximal health benefits.

Additional Digestive Nutrition

Prebiotics ^ and Probiotics ^ are tonic superfoods and are best consumed daily; "these 'nutrition boosters' are natural ingredients in everyday food ^." They will assist the absorption and assimilation of tonic superfoods and are best incorporated with meals.

Reference resources on prebiotics and probiotics:

Prevent Digestive Hindrance:

Grains containing gluten ^, such as wheat, barley, rye, and similar grain proteins like gliadin ^,as found in oats, are not well absorbed or digested by the human digestive track. These proteins may cause irritation to tissues that they contact along the digestive tract which may interfere with the absorption of nutrients and overall digestive health. Source video: Cerial Killers - You Are What You  Absorb by Dr Joel Wallach ^

Also, compounds found in cruciferous vegetables are known to interfere with nutrient absorption, especially concerning iodine and thyroid function.

"In addition, some substances in foods, sometimes called anti-nutrients, interfere with the body’s use of vitamins and minerals. Thus oxalates ^, found in some dark green leafy vegetables, interfere with the absorption of some minerals (including calcium, zinc, and iron), as does the phytic acid found in some high-fiber foods." University of California: Berkeley Wellness - Nutrients: They're Team Players ^

"Because of the increased risk of food-bound vitamin B12 malabsorption  in older adults, the FNB recommended that adults over 50 years of age get most of the RDA from fortified  food or vitamin B12-containing supplements (17) ."OSU: Vitamin B12 - The RDA

Reference Resources:

Making these dietary changes for better absorption will increase B12 absorption and assist in further absorption of tonic superfoods for better benefit. Increased B12 levels, and the entire B complex, is associated with better cognition and cardio health and has a direct effect on raising low energy levels and has a de-stress benefit.

Tonic Tinctures’ Related Products:

  • Astragalus Collection
  • Digestapeel; Ginger; Immuno Bomb; Tummy Tonic


tonic tinctures endocrine icon


A tonic containing constituents that holistically supports the body and its production of hormones ^. The constituents that are naturally used by the body's organs, glands and other tissues include: fats that support hormonal health ^, phytosterols that are cholesterol-like constituents that directly convert into adrenal, sex, and other hormones ^, and saponins ^, sapogenins ^ and similarly structured constituents ^ that maintain optimal health for natural hormone production by the body.

Avoid Endocrine Interference

Limit seeds, beans, nuts and grains to prevent the consumption of antinutrients which will effect endocrine health. When it comes to grains choose gluten-free grains.

Additional Essential Endocrine Nutrition:

Reference Resources:

Tonic Tinctures’ Related Products:

  • Ginseng Collection
  • Blood Grail; Legendary Tonic Elixir; Power Pack; Regen Elixir; Saw Palmetto; Shatavari


tonic tinctures epigenetic icon


Encyclopedia Entry - Epigenetics ^

A tonic or formula of adaptogens that contain essential human nutrition ^ as vitamins ^ and minerals ^ and unique adaptogenic constituents that supports efficient gene coding ^ and maintains telomere ^ length and function; for promoting gradual changes to bodily constitution ^ via efficient DNA repair ^ and DNA replication ^.

Reference Resources: 

Tonic Tinctures’ Related Products:

  • Astragalus Collection
  • Heaven Ginseng


tonic tinctures eye health icon

Eye Health*

A tonic that contains constituents, such as pigments, that promote circulation of blood and nutrient to and from the eyes. These pigments are generally high antioxidant containing superfoods such as berries:

  • Goij
  • Huckleberries (Bilberries)
  • Mulberries
  • Schisandra

Tonic Tinctures' Related Products:

Berry Blood; Blood Grail; Goji; Schisandra


tonic tinctures joint health icon

Joint Health*

A tonic that contains nutrition to promote flexibility, joint strength by promoting circulation and/or offering raw material for rebuilding joints and ligaments. A tonic that naturally promotes the ability of the joints in the body to stretch and bend with ease. And enhances blood flow through the joints for increased performance and recovery.

Deer antler velvet contains a plethora of nutrition for joint health, as does Pearl:

  • Collagen
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Glucosamine
  • Chondroitin Sulfate
  • Growth-factors
  • Manganese

Ashwagandha Cherry includes ashwagandha which is traditionally used to nourish and rejuvenate joints ^ and the phytochemicals in black cherry are known to promote joint health ^.

Tonic Tinctures’ Related Products:

  • Deer Antler Velvet Collection
  • Ashwagandha Cherry; Mushroom Master; Pearl


tonic tinctures heart health icon

Heart Health*

Encyclopedia Entry - Heart ^

A tonic superfood containing constituents that supports heart health and function while maintaining efficient coronary circulation ^.


Special Constituents:

Additional Essential Heart Health Nutrition:

Tonic Tinctures’ Related Products:


tonic tinctures immune icon


A tonic that contains a broad range of constituents that support and maintain the body's immune system function ^. Immunity is a day-to-day continuous process ^ of consuming adequate amounts of relevant micronutrients ^. Additionally, medicinal herbs, like astragalus and many others, contain polysaccharides that support optimal immune function ^. A modest spectrum of micronutrients ^ available from food and supplements, including plant-derived trace elements, maintain immune response ^, so it is important to get a range of foods and supplements to ensure holistic nutritive support and maintenance of the immune system.

Tonics Contain Trace Minerals:

Reference Resources:


tonic tinctures liver health icon

Liver Health*

A traditional tonic, such as a medicinal mushroom ^, that has the recognizable bitter flavor that supports liver function ^. Medicinal mushrooms commonly contain unique constituents, such as triterpenes ^, that maintain liver health ^ in supporting the body's ability to make antioxidants ^ by neutralizing oxidative free-radicals ^. Additionally, the combination of constituents found in medicinal mushrooms, including their polysaccharide content, support liver health ^ through maintaining the wellness of the immune system.


tonic tinctures skin cells icon

Skin Cells*

A tonic containing constituents that support skin health and maintains youthfulness.  Will benefit skin cell growth by assisting the lymphatic system in the cleansing of skin cells from the inside out.

Common Constituents:

Deer Antler Velvet Contains:

Chaga Mushroom Contains:

  • Melanin
  • Copper

Shatavari, Asparagus Tuber, and Ophiopogon Bulb contain:

  • Saponins

Schisandra, Huckleberry, and Black Mulberries contain:

  • Antioxidants such as Anthocyanins

Reference Resources:

Tonic Tinctures’ Related Products:

Berry Blood; Blood Grail; Chaga Mushroom; Deer Antler Velvet Capsules; Schisandra; Shatavari; Winter’s Paradise


Additional Essential Supplementation


tonic tinctures egg icon


Eggs are the best tonic superfood (right above where tea ranks) for daily cholesterol consumption ^; leave the yolk soft so as not to denature the cholesterol lipids. Salt eggs to supply sodium to support bile salt production ^ of bile salts ^ to emulsify cholesterol (and other fats) for absorption ^. Additionally eggs contain choline ^; and choline supports the integrity of nerve cells and nerve impulse transmission .

Eggs are important nutrition in vulnerable population around the world ^.


Healthy consumption of cholesterol is necessary to maintain brain and nerve tissues ^ through myelin membrane growth ^ and cholesterol is critical to learning and memory ^.


tonic tinctures omega-3 icon


Omega 3 fatty acids are an essential nutrient that are metabolized into the conversion of prostaglandins ^ and support the smooth muscle alveoli of the lung cavities for oxygenation efficiency. Omega-3 fatty acids have performance effects concerning lung and heart circulation ^ and will greatly enhance a breathing, cardio and/or heart tonic when consumed together by holistic nutrition.

Essential fatty acids, such as omega-3 fatty acids, are important ^ for optimal brain wellness. ^


tonic tinctures salt icon



tonic tinctures tea icon


Tea is one the best tonic superfoods! (Probably right after eggs, which is the best tonic)

Tea is culture to many; a culture of supporting and maintaining health.

Simply, the bitter flavor quenches thirst and supports digestion.

Tea contains caffeine ^ and antioxidants such as catechins ^ that support nerve function and circulation of blood.

Below are some uses and lifestyles choices for drinking tea and taking tea supplements; whatever suites the need to get more tea.

Tea Uses

Tonic Tinctures Energy Icon Tonic Tinctures Cognition Icon Tonic Tinctures Digestive Icon Tonic Tinctures De-Stress Icon

Tea Lifestyles

Tonic Tinctures Healthy Archetype CardTonic Tinctures Study Archetype CardTonic Tinctures Peace Archetype Card

Tea Reference Research

The processing of fresh harvested leaves in black tea activates an enzyme that acts upon the polyphenol flavonoids, which are known as antioxidants, in tea which give tea its unique flavor and health support concerning cognition. Oregon State University -Tea

Tea is considered the best tonic according to the Tibetans, where tea is drunk daily as part of a complete diet to support and maintain health. They add yak butter, salt and possibly roasted barley flour to further increase nutrient value. Enjoy the visual journey on the Tea Horse Road: China's Ancient Trade Road to Tibet ^ by Michael Freeman and Selena Ahmed from which this info is sourced.

However, too much tea may not be a good thing, even considered the age-old wisdom of the early 1900's, as Margaret Grieve states how black tea may be easier to tolerate as a daily beverage, "Taken moderately by healthy individuals it is harmless, but in excessive quantities it will produce unpleasant nervous and dyspeptic [old-school word for irritable indigestion] symptoms, the green variety being decidedly the more injurious." A Modern Herbal: Tea ^

But green tea is a powerful brain-boosting adaptogenic herb according to Gerry Morton, which contains an amino acid that is responsible for the benefit: "L-Theanine has shown potential for preventing memory decline in old age, improving and heightening the attention span, enhancing focus and concentration, and aiding in complex problem-solving tasks." 6 Adaptogenic Herbs That Will Give You The Brain Boost You Need - mindbodygreen ^

Tea has been known to promote friendly sociability. Hazel Forsythe, an associate professor in the Department of Dietetics and Human Nutrition at the University of Kentucky says, "Besides making us healthier, she said, it would connect us, since 'we make friends over tea.'" Sourced from USA Today - More turn to tea as benefits become known ^

Professional Tea Merchants are Where to Buy Tea

Select a trusted and affordable source so that tea may become a daily activity as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Although you generally pay for what you get, spending more money doesn't mean better quality for a few reasons, for example: Maybe the tea is of plentiful harvest so that high supply equals affordable price. Or maybe you simply like the tea you like. A merchant can help one decide which is the most drinkable and healthful.

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