Tonic Tinctures Activity Card Glossary

Knowing how to take our Tonic Tinctures will motivate progress and increase satisfaction. Oftentimes when we take them and what we take them with is crucial to best effects and results. 


Tonic Tinctures Day Activity Card

Energizing - best taken during the day to boost energy, promote well-being and sustain mental, emotional and physical activities


Tonic Tinctures Evening Activity Card

Centering - best taken to de-stress and promote a calmer and more relaxing time for restful activities

Day & Night

Tonic Tinctures Day & Night Activity Card

Completely Versatile - Very easy to use at just about anytime and simple to use anywhere to promote overall well-being


Tonic Tinctures Meals Activity Card

Meal Time - Increases absorption, enhances transformation and boosts utilization of all healthy foods.


Tonic Tinctures Shake Activity Card

Juicing and Protein Shakes - May be taken with a nutritious beverage to promote recovery from physical activities.


Tonic Tinctures Performance Activity Card

At Work, Pre-workout, Intimacy - Taken at least 15-30 minutes before physical performance activities and passionate play.


Tonic Tinctures Study Activity Card

Mental Faculties - Promote an intellectual state to further gathering, learning and study of information.


Tonic Tinctures Rest Activity Card

Relative Inactivity - Boost your ability to regain strength, health and energy

Long Term

Tonic Tinctures Long Term Activity Card

Tonic Goals - When taken for 30-90 days this formula will elicit deeper healing and more profound under-the-surface benefits

Health Cultivation

Tonic Tinctures Health Cultivation Activity Card

Progressive Resistance - Boost overall vitality and well-being, with longer-term consumption, for lasting health promotion. A tonic that naturally and holistically adapts to stressful activity.