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Tonic Tincture uses raw materials that are sourced for potency, tested for safety and extracted via an advanced multi-step laboratory process for maximum effectiveness.

Gynostemma Benefits

Gynostemma Summary

Gynostemma is native to the southern mountains of China, Korea and Japan. In southern China it is is known as Jiaogulan and is commonly called "Magical Grass".

Due to its very high content of eighty-two known gynopenosides, of which fifteen are similar to ginsenosides found in ginseng roots, it is affectionately known as Southern Ginseng to the native south China culture where it has been in recorded use since 1406. 

It is the variety developed by Japanese botanist for sweetness in the 1980's that is currently cultivated and sourced for supplementation.

Gynostemma Jiaogulan Hill Farm

The Miracle Grass Hill Farm 

Gynostemma Uses

Research on Gynostemma was begun in the 1960's and 1970's when they had discovered octogenarians drinking it daily.*

It is now well known for its major properties of being antioxidant, adaptogenic, and anti-aging.

In addition to its many benefits as a tonic with overall qi promoting capacities, are the benefits for cardiovascular function, blood sugar modulation, and lung and liver protective potentials.*

In comparison to other tonic adaptogen supplements it gives a cooling invigorating energy.

Gynostemma Dosage

Dose is 500mgs Gynostemma (aka. Jiaogulan) liquid extract per 1ml dropper - supplement size is 2oz (60ml) per bottle.

For best results hold the extract liquid under the tongue for 60-90 seconds and then swallow the rest of the extract. This allows many of the constituents to bypass digestion and enter the body through the mouth. It also better promotes the immediate effects.

A Tonic Tincture is a 100% pure and unique high-grade super concentrated extract liquid that is lab produced from adaptogens and has profound tonic strengthening actions on our bodies in various ways.* 

Fresh Batched on December 20th 2017

Gynostemma Jiaogulan Liquid Extract Tincture Supplement Label

 Ingredients of Gynostemma Supplement

- Organic Gynostemma (gynostemma pentaphyllum), Organic Allspice (pimenta dioica)
- Structured Distilled Water
- Triple Filtered USP Grade Organic Alcohol (25% by volume)
- 2oz. (60ml) supplement - 60 droppers in a bottle.

Serving Size: 1-3 droppers
Daily Usage: 1-9 droppers per day
Tonic Cycle: 30-90 day cycles 2-3 times annually
Extraction Ratio: 4:1 which is 1 pound into 1 quart - 28,500mgs per 2oz. bottle

Expiration and Storage Information

A Pure, Potent and Powerful Gynostemma Extract Liquid Supplement

 Gynostemma Jiaogulan Liquid Extract Tincture Supplement Made with Allspice

Pictured is 28,500mgs of Gynostemma Which is Extracted into Every 2 Ounce Bottle

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