Goji Berry

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Goji Berry Extract

Goji Berry Tonic Summary

Tonic Uses: Recovery, Nutritive, Electrolyte, Antioxidant, Mild Endocrine Agent

Endocrine Glands: Thymus, Pituitary, Adrenal (Mild)

Organ Systems: Liver, Heart, Lung, Vascular, Lymph, Immune, Eyes, Kidney (Mild)
TCM Energetics: Yin & Yang Jing (Mild), Blood, Kidney, Liver, Lung

Ingredients: Goji, Distilled Water, Organic Alcohol (25% by volume)

Specifications: 2 oz. - 60 droppers per bottle

Serving Size: 1 dropper equals 1000mgs Goji

Daily Usage: 1-3 droppers 2-3 times per day,

Tonic Cycle: Daily and indefinitely

Clientele: Anyone, young and old. Physically active, Preventative health. Gently Promote Healthy Endocrine Profiles
Stimulate Your Endocrine System with Goji Berries Tonic
Replenish Your Cells With Essential Nutrition & Stimulate Your Endocrine System for Regeneration

With over 400 Goji berries per bottle this is the most potent full spectrum handcrafted tincture in the world.

Each dropper contains 6-7 organically cultivated Goji berries in a sweet tasting easy to take extraction.
Contents of 2 oz. Dietary Supplement in Tincture - Liquid Extract Format

Extraction Ratio: 1 pound into 1 pint

1 dropper equals approx. 1 gram

Organic Goji Berry,

Steam Distilled Filtered Water,

Organic Alcohol (25% by volume)
Expiration Date: 5/22/2017

 Suggested Dosage: 1-6 droppers divided into two daily doses.

At least one dose of 2-4 droppers is best taken 1-2 hours before bed to assist endocrine recovery and HGH production.
Goji Berry Extract

Being Extracted Into Liquid Form This Goji Bypasses Digestion and Increases Assimilation Substantially
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