Superfoods With Special Powers!

Uniquely special adaptogens and tonic herbs.

These liquid artisan supplements are made with specific attention to the skilled nuances of formulation so that you will be getting enough to make it work.

Purity, potency and powerful fresh batched Tonic Adaptogens.

Tonic adaptogens are an extension of orthomolecular nutrition and function in synergism and balance with your diet and nutritional levels.

These are the most potent adaptogens you will find due to theirhydroalcoholic liquid extracted benefits for absorption, assimilation and bio-availability. Alcohol and water are 99% absorbable to the human organism.

We useTriple Filtered Organic Non-GMO Gluten-Free USP Grade Alcoholin every bottle along withFiltered, Purified, and Distilled Waterfor maximum extraction. Here is a great article about distilled spirits and gluten-free.

Note: we do not use glycerin due to its very poor solubility and poor absorption like many "healthier" but far less effective extract liquids.

Tonic adaptogens natural contain concentrated vitamins and minerals, as well as having unique chemistry full of different healthful and energizing compounds that have been extensively studied to have pronounced effects on your biochemistry.

You can read more about these benefits further down the page.

Our job is to follow the guidelines of proper supplementation and supply enough of the tonic adaptogens in highly absorbable liquid form so that our clients will achieve the benefits and results they seek.

Freshly extracted and bottled onsite for the utmost quality care and safety standards, so that you may get the concentrated and authentic supplement that you want.

What you expect from our Tonic Adaptogens.

  • Quality
  • Potency
  • Service

We know why our multi-step liquid extracts reign supreme!

  • For purity.
  • For potency.
  • For power.

Tonic Adaptogen - Holistic adaptation to our external environment.*The body's adaptation response to daily stress, along with the harmonious internal functioning of our beings, brings free energy for purpose and meaning in all aspects of life.*

Tincture - In the traditions of past cultures and the science of modern day it is the liquid extractions that reign supreme for potency, safety, efficacy and ease of use.*


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What ia a Tonic Tincture?

Comparison of Benefits

A Tonic Tincture is a full-spectrum, concentrated, multi-step, a triple, quadruple and often a quintuple extraction of a tonic herb adaptogen. Traditional cultures have been making fluid extracts for over 5000 years as a standard and a tradition. Fluid extraction has come a long way. Water and alcohol are necessary for maximum potency of constituents.

Skip tablets, powders, 20:1, 10:1, 8:1 or % extract powders or even regular tinctures and get yourself a Tonic Tincture.

  • Powders are dried out and oxidized via grinding, precipitation or spray-drying. Unfortunately this greatly reduces potency as water and alcohol are required to preserve the integrity of volatile constituents.
    • Many uneducated sellers offer ratio extracts such as 20:1 and market these to be 20 times as potent.
    • This is incorrect: 20:1 means 20 times the raw material was used to make the powder extract. How it is extracted is what matters, not necessarily how much is used.
  • Tablets are powders further rendered ineffective by binding.
  • Regular tinctures, as they concern tonic adaptogens, are dilute and weak in action and best for short term use during acute health issues.*
    • Glycerin based "extracts" - it is actually impossible to fully extract a tonic adaptogen or anything in glycerin due to poor solubility - these other products are actually powders mixed in a glycerin base. Even some of the hydroalcoholic brands do this too. Additionally glycerin mixes are poorly absorbed compared to the small amount of alcohol used in our Tonic Tinctures.

Why is a Tonic Tincture so Dark and Thick and Full of Flavor?

A Tonic Tincture is a Pure Full-Spectrum Concentrated Multi-Step Extraction

Tonic Tinctures Comparison

Some manufacturers simply add extract powders to fluids and sell it as an real liquid extract!

Powder Dilution Liquid Extracts

  • Powder Extracts and Standardized 20:1, 10:1, 8:1 and % powder extracts
  • Are heated, dried, oxidized, and inferior to a fluid extract. 
  • These powders are made by spray drying or precipitating a fluid extract.
  • These actions render them less potent through the constituents coming in contact with air.
  • In fact, because they are often concentrated for the marker of singular constituent these may actually be less potent than the raw material they were extracted from!*
  • But don't take our word for it, how about an expert like Leslie Tierra L.Ac, Herbalist, A.H.G., "Interestingly and most importantly, standardizing herbs doesn't always increase their effectiveness...test of various herbs, determine that the whole plant extracts [full-spectrum] containing all the herbs' compounds are more effective then their standardized extracts."*
  • But, of course where the extensive scientific research has used standardized extracts, as in ginkgo 24% or tongkat ali 200:1, one will get the studied and researched results that they seek, but they still don't work like the raw material.* 
  • So don't expect your powdered extracts to work like the raw material and a full spectrum liquid extraction.

No Shortcuts note

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What is a Tonic Tincture?

  • Our Tonic Tincture adaptogen extracts are formulated utilizing the extensive scientific research concerning the efficacy and potency of tonic supplements.
  • We do so with empirical systematic use found in Western Herbalism, Native Cultures and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • The utmost care and attention is applied to each batch and each bottle so that you may receive the most benefit.
  • "I'm like a kid in a sweet shop with all these treasures!" Mike B. Hampshire, UK
  • They may be used for their numerous adaptive benefits and powerful antioxidant capacities concerning the multitudes of daily stresses.*
  • Tonic Tincture is a tonic liquid extract made from an adaptogen. It uses an advanced extraction method consisting of a multi-step process that produces a holistic, full-spectrum and concentrated extract.  
  • An artisan crafter meticulously micro-batches for a unique supplement that is effective for greater energy, health and wellbeing.
  • Because of the purity and how powerful they are one should be aware of how to take them to derive maximum benefits and results.*
  • Our ever-expanding product catalog of specially crafted supplements are just a click away!
Deer Antler Velvet Liquid Extract* Panax Ginseng Liquid Extract* Reishi Mushroom Liquid Extract*
Regen Elixir Liquid Extract* Korean Ginseng Liquid Extract* Cordyceps Liquid Extract*
Male Silk Moth Liquid Extract* Berry Blood Liquid Extract* Goji Berry Liquid Extract*


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TT Stands for Tonic Tinctures!

  • We at Tonic Tinctures micro-batch tonic adaptogen supplements for health, wellness and longevity through an onsite labor intensive meticulous process of multi-step extraction.*
  • These powerhouse supplements carry a big punch of purpose in these concentrated concoctions of super health.*

Adaptogen Extract Liquid Supplements

  • Tonic adaptogens are a premier health supplement as they feed us important nutrition needed for daily functioning and they often contain unique and special constituents that have profound capacities.*
  • Selecting and exploring tonic adaptogens is a lifelong passion as their consumption will become intimately connected with our aspiration and successes in life.*
  • They all have broad life imbuing actions and specific energy awakening potentials that are unleashed upon consumption and reinforced by loyal adherence to consistently taking them in our daily lives.*
  • You may mix and match or devote yourself to the cultivation of certain aspects of health.* Regardless, taking them is a key to unlocking our potential. *
mad scientist

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Uniquely Best in Quality

Uniquely Best in Quality
  • Sourcing the best of quality concerning our raw materials, with sustainability in mind, one will find organic and wild-crafted, as well as humanly ranch harvested adaptogens.
  • Although we select the highest quality we assure safety testing for the wellbeing of our clients.
  • With nearly two decades of intimate experience meticulously crafting these superfoods into exceptional supplements in our onsite laboratory, the work has been done so that anyone can easily apply their benefits into one's daily life.*
  • Our team has passion for creating and supplying the very best products, offering more than satisfactory service so that you achieve your best, and a lifelong dedication to promoting our extractions for your health and wellbeing.*

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What is a Tonic Adaptogen?

A tonic adaptogen is a supplemental source of specific nutrition.

  • It is tonic in action and strengthening to our endocrine system and its glands, our nervous system, internal organs, mental capacity and emotional spirits. 
  • It is also adaptogenic in that it has a normalizing influence on the bodily systems producing a non-specific beneficial response to stress.  

In other words, it will promote balanced functioning, and support effective an fatigue resistant metabolism. Many have potent anti-oxidant properties and prevent the effects of oxidative stress.

Tonic Adaptogens are Concentrated Superfood Sources of Specific Nutrition

Tonic Adaptogens

As a natural, from the Earth substance, it has adapted to its own environment and such power is imbued to those who consume them. Ultimately, it will promote the ability to adapt to numerous stresses and give us the potential to achieve active homeostasis for greater health and wellbeing. This may be seen as an extension of Functional Medicine and its concepts of our food, environment, both internal and external, and our psychological state of being having profound effects on our health.

Tonic Adaptogens Increase Resistance to Stress, Promote Health and Raise Well-Being

As they were greatly sought out by ancient cultures for their life giving properties, the use of tonic adaptogens has spanned throughout history. 

Native cultures and folk use preserved and discovered new additions throughout time, and through their teachings of the uses they have bridged the intimate participation of tonic adaptogens into our present day civilization.

Modern scientist have done extensive research into the nutritional into the field of tonic adaptogens identifying them with specific requirements to achieve classification.

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What is a Tonic?

Tonics are Concentrated Sources of Specific Nutrition

  • A tonic is a nutritional dietary supplement consisting of a special class of herbs and other substances found within Western Herbalism and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Many cultures have always consumed concentrated sources of nutrition to support health. In modern times we understand them as superfoods that give us strength and energy, make us feel young and contain anti-oxidant properties.
  • Tonics enhance energy, well-being and build our immune defenses.
  • They elicit natural and balancing effects on the endocrine systems for greater glandular health and hormonal wellbeing.
  • A tonic may strengthen any particular bodily system or organ or our entire body by alleviating any weakness and deficiency while promoting greater health and well-being.
  • They help to build our immune defenses and to counteract the immediate effects of oxidative stress.

Tonic Adaptogens

A Tonic Makes us Stronger and Healthier

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Requirements to Classify as an Adaptogen

Requirements to Classify as an Adaptogen

Many Requirements are Needed to Gain the Necessary Status and Classification of an adaptogen.

  • Tonic: They alleviate weakness and promote strength within any of the bodily systems. They are enhancing to energy and well-being while supplementing deficiencies in functioning.
  • Stress Adaptation: They increase resistance to many different types of stress. The types of stress that can be resisted, depending on the adaptogen, can by physical, emotional, mental, biological, and/or environmental.
  • Achieve Homeostasis: They elicit a bi-directional (bipolar) action on the bodily systems. A normalizing influence on any abnormal functioning will be attained, in that they will tone down or tone up the bodily systems.
  • Balanced Functioning: They have amphoteric actions, which means that they have harmonizing functions on the bodily systems. Such actions will alleviate weakness or malfunctioning of the nervous system, the organs and/or glandular health.
  • Support Metabolism: They are beneficial to the glandular systems and can be associated with the HPA Axis (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal) part of the stress system. They re-regulate the neuroendocrine and immune systems to induce a healing response.
  • Antioxidant: They have free radical scavenging properties and have been shown to produce increases in the bodily production of Superoxide Dismutase (SOD).
  • Nontoxic: Unlike drugs or medicinal herbs, adaptogens are safe to consume for extended periods of times by the majority of the population.

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History of Tonic Adaptogens

The history of tonic adaptogens stretches thousands of years into the long standing evidence from the scrolls, textbooks and oral traditions of ancient India, China and Tibet.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has a classification system that incorporates the principle of Yin and Yang as well as the Three Treasures of tonic herbalism.

Folk use of American Indians, Russians and other cultures have incorporated these herbs and substances into their pharmacopeias.

Western Herbalism which began with the Eclectics introduced formulations and herbs to promote health and wellbeing.

Modern scientific research didn't begin until the late 1930's with the Soviet pharmacists seeking out beneficial substances that could be easily attainable, affordable and efficacious for the greater health and well-being of their county's population.

In the 1960's and 70's research became more intense in the Eastern world when China, Korea, and Japan joined the Soviets adding thousands of peer reviewed studies and clinical trials on the use and efficacy of adaptogens. By this time it had become a field of biomedical research in the Soviet Union.

Although the Western world has been slow to adopt the methods in accepting the benefits of adaptogens a couple have begun to be recognized by both scientists and pharmacists.

In the early 1990's, the German Commission E (the German equivalent of the US Food & Drug Administration) listed ginseng extract in their pharmacopeia for its tonic strengthening actions and to assist the aging and elderly.

As of note, the USFDA does list all adaptogens as GRAS (generally recognized as safe).

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The Four Premier Tonic Adaptogens


The best of the best, these all-inclusive supplements raise our level of performance, protect ourselves, and increase the depth of our passions.*

    • Deer Antler Velvet is a deep energizer that is terrific for joint health and flexibility, natural hormone regulation, and lean physique enhancement, in addition to profound resistance to physical stress.* 
    • Red Ginseng increases our energy levels and capacities of mental performance and physical endurance while promoting a feel good passion for life and its challenges.*
    • Reishi Mushroom is for boosting our immune systems, liver function and cardiovascular health, as well as calming our emotions and centering our spirits.*
    • Goji Berry is a potent nutritional source that will support endocrine health in both the young and old and promotes attractiveness and recovery from our daily work and play.*

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Visit a Product Collection

Many of our extractions have similar benefits and differing grades of quality based on what you want, which depends upon your adaptogenic lifestyles.

These product collections represent certain general attributes concerning these superfoods with special powers.*

Having one from each collection on hand would represent a powerful supplement program ready to satisfy your every need.

    • Deer Antler Velvet Collection - Activate cellular function, regeneration and boost endocrine health.*
      • Physical prowess*
      • Quick recovery*
      • Regeneration of tissues*
    • Ginseng Collection - Enhance your life-force energy and overall wellbeing while promoting mental clarity*.
      • Aphrodisiac*
      • Clarity*
      • Endurance*
    • Medicinal Mushroom Collection - Immune regulating masters of organ health and cellular cleanliness.*
      • Protection*
      • Purity*
      • Activation*
    • Berry and Fruit Collection - Nourish the body and support wellness in our tastiest selection of extractions.*
      • Attractiveness*
      • Nutrition*
      • Assimilation*

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