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December 17, 2020 21:48

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Tea is one the best tonic superfoods! (Probably right after eggs, which is the best tonic)

Tea is culture to many; a culture of supporting and maintaining health.

Simply, the bitter flavor quenches thirst and supports digestion.

Tea contains caffeine ^ and antioxidants such as catechins ^ that support nerve function and circulation of blood.

Below are some uses and lifestyles choices for drinking tea and taking tea supplements; whatever suites the need to get more tea.

Tea Uses

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Tea Lifestyles

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Tea Reference Research

The processing of fresh harvested leaves in black tea activates an enzyme that acts upon the polyphenol flavonoids, which are known as antioxidants, in tea which give tea its unique flavor and health support concerning cognition. Oregon State University -Tea 

Tea is considered the best tonic according to the Tibetans, where tea is drunk daily as part of a complete diet to support and maintain health. They add yak butter, salt and possibly roasted barley flour to further increase nutrient value. Enjoy the visual journey on the Tea Horse Road: China's Ancient Trade Road to Tibet ^ by Michael Freeman and Selena Ahmed from which this info is sourced.

However, too much tea may not be a good thing, even considered the age-old wisdom of the early 1900's, as Margaret Grieve states how black tea may be easier to tolerate as a daily beverage, "Taken moderately by healthy individuals it is harmless, but in excessive quantities it will produce unpleasant nervous and dyspeptic [old-school word for irritable indigestion] symptoms, the green variety being decidedly the more injurious." A Modern Herbal: Tea ^

But green tea is a powerful brain-boosting adaptogenic herb according to Gerry Morton, which contains an amino acid that is responsible for the benefit: "L-Theanine has shown potential for preventing memory decline in old age, improving and heightening the attention span, enhancing focus and concentration, and aiding in complex problem-solving tasks." 6 Adaptogenic Herbs That Will Give You The Brain Boost You Need - mindbodygreen ^

Tea has been known to promote friendly sociability. Hazel Forsythe, an associate professor in the Department of Dietetics and Human Nutrition at the University of Kentucky says, "Besides making us healthier, she said, it would connect us, since 'we make friends over tea.'" Sourced from USA Today - More turn to tea as benefits become known ^

Professional Tea Merchants are Where to Buy Tea

Select a trusted and affordable source so that tea may become a daily activity as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Although you generally pay for what you get, spending more money doesn't mean better quality for a few reasons, for example: Maybe the tea is of plentiful harvest so that high supply equals affordable price. Or maybe you simply like the tea you like. A merchant can help one decide which is the most drinkable and healthful.

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