How to Take a Tonic Tincture

by Jason Duke - Owner/Artisan

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How to Take a Tonic Tincture?
  1. How to Take a Tonic Tincture
  2. How to Mix a Tonic Tincture in a Beverage
  3. Tonic Tincture Expiration & Storage

How to Take a Tonic Tincture

Unscrew the dropper from your Tonic Tincture. One serving is one dropper which is one press of the rubber bulb which will fill a dropper tube to just above half-way, this is 30 individual drops which is also the measure of 1 milliliter.

How to Take a Tonic Tincture?

Remember: always start with a minimum dose and work up to a functional dose over time.

Reference the dosage section of each Tonic Tincture that you take, for example in the case of Berry Blood you'll find the suggested dosage section on the supplement's page.

Q: Should liquid extract supplements be taken on an empty stomach?
A: It is not necessary to take tonics on an empty stomach, since you may take them sublingual, which means under the tongue, which will allow some of the extract to bypass digestion - which will bypass digestion. Swallow the rest and let digestion finish off the more dense constituents in the extract.

For best results, take sublingually – place dropper(s) of liquid extract under tongue and hold for 15-90 seconds, then swallow the rest of the unabsorbed extract. If you are taking multiple tonics, take each separately so as not to mix them in the mouth.


If we prefer we may mix the extract with a beverage to discover its qualities, this may be because of the unique taste or one's tolerance concerning the potency of these very concentrated extractions.

The extractable components cross into the bloodstream within the mouth quite easily because of the alcohol present in the extract.

The mouth is very close to the lower brain stem and endocrine glands where many of the important components can bypass digestion and directly enter the blood stream and have profound effects.*

One Dropper is One Press of the Rubber Bulb Which is 30 Individual Drops Which Equals 1ml

Considerations For Consumption

  • Shake gently and thoroughly before every use

Turn the bottle upside down a couple times and jiggle it about. Repeat. Do not excessively shake as this will mix the air with too much of the extract and lessen potency.

  • If your extract should solidify and/or crystallize please warm a bottle to no greater than 120F* and gently shake.

Certain extractions, like deer antler velvet with its high collagen content and reishi with its high polysaccharide content, may solidify. Warm a bottle in you hands, or under a barely warm faucet, for a few moments. Then shake as recommended above. You may need to repeat a couple times. Remember room temperate storage of at least 65*F will suffice and should be okay for most extractions.

How to Mix a Tonic Tincture in a Beverage

When exploring the world of tonic herbs we have will discover a couple different ways to take them and due to the concentrations of Tonic Tinctures these flavors are very ripe and potent, which of course is a definite marker for potency, the more you taste the stronger it is!

There are many reasons for this flavor phenomenon. For example: in North America we are accustomed to the sweet, fatty and salty flavors, which is why many who consume coffee or tea will add cream and sugar to counter-balance the bitter flavors of our treasured stimulant pastimes.

Concerning your liquid extract, be assured that the strong and presently unique taste will become palatable in time. 


We may easily mix our Tonic Tincture in a beverage of 2-6 fluid ounces and slowly sip to assimilate the tonic herb goodness and strengthening properties in a more palatable manner.

One may also use this method concerning tolerance if they find that the extract may be too potent to take straight.

The immediate effects offered by our liquid extracts will be smoother by this method of consumption.

Please understand how to take a Tonic Tincture to ensure proper dosage of your selected tonic herb.

Add A Tonic Tincture to a Small Beverage and Sip Slowly

 Tonic Tincture Mixed with Beverage

Easily Assimilate the Goodness and Strengthening Properties of These Excellent Extracts

  • You may add this extract to any chilled or room temperature beverage and gently stir:
    • Water
    • Milk
    • Smoothies
    • Shakes
    • Wine
  • Do not add to hot liquids or heat extract over 120*F

Be aware hot temperatures and hot liquids over 120*F will damage certain key constituents and decrease potency and efficacy. Always add to a lukewarm, room temperature or a chilled beverage.

Tonic Tincture Expiration & Storage

Once a Tonic Tincture bottle is opened, it will expire within 30-45 days; however, an unopened bottle will last two years from its manufacturing batch date (check your labeling).  This is due to the highly volatile nature of many important key ingredients and their rapid degradation after contact with air.

Keep the lid tightly closed and bottle away from light.

Refrigeration of unused bottles may maintain potency, but dark cool storage will suffice.

If your Tonic Tincture liquid extract solidifies or separates, simply warm the bottle to body heat temp all the way through and shake gently. You may use a pocket or hand or faucet. You may need to repeat this procedure. If the dropper becomes plugged simply insert the clean point of a fork or other utensil.

Please visit our catalog and choose a tonic supplement ally to suit your needs and desires.