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Tonic Tinctures About us - Small Business, BIG Results!

Artisan tonic supplements.

Tonic Tinctures Motto is

‘Giving Healthy Adventure to Life!’

Serving the superhero client who seeks an exquisitely-charged life.


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Tonic Tinctures has been making its specialty extractions for ten years. We have a small business where our team works passionately to artisan-craft our tonic supplements.

It started when the owner Jason J. Duke discovered that he was making tonic tinctures better than he could find them on the marketplace.

"Years ago, I didn't have the time to make my own favorite tonics into extracts, so I had a huge problem; I couldn't find anyone else that could make the quality I do. Guess I'll have to do it myself!" Jason J. Duke

So Tonic Tinctures was created! Super concentrated multi-step extraction’s of Jason’s treasured tonics botanicals. Soon his friends were hungry to get in on the action and high-energy lifestyle. So he started selling them to his friends and on the internet. They were quickly a huge success and continue to be so!

Guiding Principals: Service; Honesty; and Excellence

Tonic Tinctures Service

Tonic Tinctures Honesty

Tonic Tinctures Excellence

  1. Service: Ultimately, we aim to do the work for you!The act of understanding client is very important to us at Tonic Tinctures; the connection between us and our clients is what drives us to be the best at what we do. We are an organic business that tailors what we do according to the demand and interest of our clients. We are ready and willing too assist with any client questions or concerns about our products, laboratory processes, and so on.
  2. Honesty: Foremost, we will continually offer and supply a premium tonic tincture at an exceptional value.These tonics will be first-rate and reasonably priced. We will seek out premier quality tonic herbs and share the value and potency with you.
  3. Excellence: We will always strive for unsurpassed quality that can be tasted and felt wholly in body, mind, and spirit. We will meticulously hand-craft every bottle of tonic tincture to be of the utmost potency.

We only use premium tonic herbs and work with growers, distributors and harvesters who value our own guiding principals. All of our tonic herbs are either wild-crafted, organic, or ranch harvested under humane conditions. They are always fresh!

Your All-Star-Superhero-A-Team

“Our A-team is passionate about Tonic Tinctures and your success with them; so please drop us a line if you have any questions. We personally select and hand-craft every bottle to ensure the utmost quality and potency for the finest tonics. May they assist you for the best physical, intellectual, and spiritual life. With truth and love, we remain devoted to our work and what we can do for you…” Jason, Lindsey and the Team

Jason J. Duke

Jason J. Duke

Artisan Team Lead

A specialist of artisan extractions and the crafter of small batched Tonic Tinctures. His knowledge and experience is of the highest rank; a student and a teacher of nutritiontonic herbalism, and fitness, including weight training. He is the owner and head manager of Tonic Tinctures. Foremost, he is the brains behind the complex multi-step extractions and loves to personally work with clients.

Lindsey J. Duke

Lindsey J. Duke

Team Manager

Lindsey is in charge of managing the behind-the-scenes processes of Tonic Tinctures. She is highly energetic and motivated and brings that energy to her team; inspiring other team members to get things done in a timely and efficient fashion. It is because of her and the rest of the team that your order speedily ships and arrives issue free!

Mike Brown

Mike Brown

Editorial Team Lead

Mike has exemplary clarity of English and he is super-careful about any signs of editorial confusion. University educated and employed, his mastery of clarity and conciseness is what separates the supermen from the super-boys - do not edit unless you have what it takes! Mike's resolute challenge is to make tonics accessible so we all can learn and enjoy the adventure. 

Ramzy N. Amer

Ramzy N. Amer

Design Team Lead

Ramzy is a high-energy professional and it shows in his artistic expression of Tonic Tinctures. His expert skills give us the luxury to visually adventure the world of tonic herbs. His foremost aim is to teach through his art so that clients may get the best results when they include tonics into their own lifestyle.