About Us

"I have LOVED this company from day 1 !!!" Barbara E. - Broomfield, CO

Sure, we're a small business.

But we do things in a BIG way around here!

Our Motto

We serve the intelligent and discerning client, those who seek to understand greater health and well-being.

At Tonic Tinctures, we proudly specialize in creating freshly made artisan small batched handcrafted tonics supplements for health, wellness and physique enhancement.*

  1. How We Started
  2. Guiding Precepts
  3. The Team
  4. The Laboratory
  5. Our Location

The Start Of Tonic Tinctures

Tonic Tinctures is a business that has been making its specialty extractions for over a decade and supplying them to the world of the internet for over 6 years. We have an onsite laboratory and office where our team works passionately to handcraft our tonic supplements for you daily and for many years to come.

"Just what the doctor ordered...very happy with the order." Carl S. - Greenup, Illinois 

It started when the owner Jason J. Duke had a predicament and a concurrent dream. He couldn't get his tonics and his tonicx from the marketplace as good as he could make them himself. He has had over 15 years of daily knowledge and experience adding these super potent foods with many benefits to his diet, but with a very active and motivated lifestyle didn't have the time to make them every day.

"Have purchased from this seller many times in the past; was never disappointed with the potency, flavor, aesthetic, and above all else the quality of products provided! Been a long time patron since 2013!" John T. - Tallahassee, Florida

These benefits he sought included:

  • Adaptation to daily life stress of physical, mental and emotional capacities*
  • Increased vitality with anti-fatigue benefits - better rest and recovery*
  • Boosted performance on the field and in the gym*
  • Balanced endocrine profiles*
  • Lean mass retention and gain while lower body-fat and bloat*
  • Healthier skin, nails, and hair*

Jason J. Duke

Owner and Manager


Jason J. Duke Tonic Tinctures

"Years ago I didn't have the time to make my own favorite tonics into extracts anymore, so I had a huge problem, I couldn't find anyone else that could make the quality I do. Guess I'll have to do it myself!"*

So was born the Tonic Tincture! A super concentrated multi-step extraction of his treasured tonics botanicals. Soon his friends requested to have some of the action and get the energy and health benefits too. So he started selling them to his community and on the internet. They were quickly a huge success. 

Our Guiding Precepts


We will consistently strive for quality that can be tasted, felt, and wholly experienced. 

We will meticulously handcraft every bottle of tonic herb to be of utmost potency concerning health, energy, and vitality of one's well-being.*

 Emma [Northern California] Tonic Tinctures Emma

"The quality of your supplements are really good! Thank you for the quick and speedy service and for making the best supplements to boost my adventures and hiking throughout the wilderness."*

Premium tonic herbs will be our standby and we will make connections with growers, distributors and harvesters who value our own guiding precepts.  All of our herbs are either wild-crafted, organic, or ranch harvested under humane conditions.  They are always fresh.

"I have enjoyed your products and have recommended them to others for years and will continue to enjoy them for years to come!" Thanks! Jeremy W. - Carrollton, Texas


Foremost, we will continually offer and supply a premium tonic tincture at an exceptional value. These tonics will be first-rate and will be reasonable and practical in pricing.  We will seek and find great quality tonic herbs and share the value and potency with you.

Tonic Tinctures Boone Family  Boone Family [Washington]

"Keep up the good work guys! We love adding different extracts to our already very healthy lifestyle and you make it quick and easy, especially with the potency of these products."*


Ultimately, we wish to be of service.  Listening to your concerns and desires we will to seek to make wholesome, beneficial, and understanding connections.  Not only will we operate our business with our principles and belief, but do so with yours in mind.  Tonic Tinctures is an organic business that will vary in operation and supply with the tendency towards the demand and interest of our clients. If anyone has a question or concern about our product we will always be ready for assistance.

"Amazing product. Nice communication too. Thanks again." Freddy - Florida

 The Tonic Tinctures Team

Our team is personally passionate of such tonics and your success with them, we invite your interest, so please send us an email or contact us by phone. In sincerity and with purpose we personally select and handcraft every bottle to ensure the utmost quality for the finest tonics. May they assist you, holistically, for the best physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Best regards and with truth and love we remain devoted to our work…Jason, Lindsey & Team

"Your products are fresh and powerful, keep spreading the love!!"* Andrew B. - Los Angeles, CA

Jason J. Duke

You've already met Jason, he is a specialist of artisan extractions and the crafter of small batched Tonic Tinctures. His knowledge and experience is extensive and is both a student and a teacher of nutrition, tonic herbalism, fitness, weight training, and alternative health. He is the owner and head manager of Tonic Tinctures. Foremost he is the brains behind the complex multi-step extractions and loves to personally work with clients.

Lindsey J. Duke

Tonic Tinctures Lindsey J. Duke

Lindsey J. Duke

  • Team Lead
  • Office Manger
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Lab Assistant

"I love the energy tonics give me, they keep me full of energy and ready to go get life no matter how much work is ahead of me or how hard I play. I have taken them all, but my personal favorites are deer antler velvet, Reishi mushroom, and Berry Blood. I made my husband carry the Berry Blood because it so good!"*

Lindsey is in charge of managing the behind-the-scenes processes of our business. But its not like you don't see the fruits of her and her team's work. When you see your order ship the same day free, when it goes out and arrives with no issues, its because of her and her team's smiles and hard work. How is Jason able to speak to so many clients personally and help them with their adventures through tonics, its because he has the time due to his passionate team. 

Tonic Tinctures Team

Tonic Tinctures Team
Team TT
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Onsite Bottling
  • Sourcing and Stock
  • Lab Assistance

These folks are hard working and responsible for many duties. They check stock and help bottle our fresh batches, as well as direct emails, print labels and pack orders. Without them we would not be able to offer you the excellent service you receive with each order. Thanks to the Tonic Tinctures team!

"Great product! Great service! Every time!"* Will C. San Raphael, CA

The Tonic Tinctures Laboratory

Every tonic is formulated and extracted with the traditional knowledge and the know-how of thousands of years of usage. With the conclusions of modern science we are able to bring forth the finest in quality. These tonics are safe and very easy to take.

We Use Raw Tonics Materials in Whole Form

Herb Tonic Cutter Grinder Pulverizer

They Begin the Extraction Process with Cutting, Grinding or Pulverizing

We small batched super concentrated extractions of tonics in our custom laboratory using the combination of traditional cold extraction methods and modern methods for a fresh and potent extract. Using only purified triple filtered organic alcohol and distilled water we give you the most pure supplement.

Refrigeration and Sealed Environments are Important for Potency and Sanitation

Laboratory Cold Extraction Methods

Cold Solvent Extraction is Important for Each Tonic

Tonic Tinctures applies our multi-layered, multi-point extraction process to all our supplements to obtain a full-spectrum product that is expertly extracted with all active constituents in practice. For a Tonic Tincture each recipe and formulation is actually different from the next. Even for the different tonic mushroom extracts depending on the active constituents and what people seek from supplementation and what the science says.

Traditionally Tonics are Extracted via Heat Methods

Tonic Tinctures Lab Equipment Used for Extraction

Many Final Steps of our Multistep Extractions Include Degrees of Proper Heat

We have many things and methods at our disposal, such as cutters, presses, condensers, cold extractions methods, pressure equipment and such. Every Tonic Tincture uses at least a couple different pieces of equipment and everything is extracted in a way for maximum potency

Our lab is both inspected and tested for safety and sanitation on a daily basis.

Tonic Tinctures Location

The finest handcrafted tonic tinctures are produced onsite in Bend, Oregon in the United States of America.
Bend Oregon USA

Be sure to explore our several tonic supplements to add to your own collection of daily health tonics. Gain extra energy and increased stress resistance today, grab your bottle with free shipping!*

"Tonic Tinctures is definitely the best site for all your health needs. Jason is and the team at TT have great customer service wonderful products that help rejuvenate the mind and body. Very informative website and if you can't figure things out you can always ask Jason and he will happy to clarify any questions or concerns you have. I have tried the deer antler velvet and it is now a staple in my diet(not the watered down crap others sell), also tried the reishi mushroom and I gotta say reishi is amazing...helped my son get over his allergies when they were really bad a month ago and they have not come back. Now trying the Korean Ginseng to help get that extra vitality and energy boost for work and karate. Thanks Jason for the top notch service and great quality tinctures."* Rashid J. New York, NY

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"Great work, keep it up!" Mike B. - Denver, Colorado