Duke's Materia Tonica

Allopathic Medicine and Medical Quackery

Allopathic medicine is the government and organizationally regulated and commercially licensed medical healthcare industry of intervening with the causes of diseases and health conditions using drugs, procedures, surgery, counseling, and therapy, including trauma care and mending injured tissues in a clinical setting such as a hospital or clinic with pharmacists, nurses, and doctors.

Medical quackery and quack medicine has a basis in wrong health science and is the promotion of false medical treatments and cures for disease and condition causes for profit.

Tinctures, Tincturing Extraction Methods, Dissolved Powder Extracts

A tincture is an easy-to-take concentrated liquid supplement of any combination of vitamins, minerals, spices, herbs, botanicals, and/or superfoods.

Nutrition, Nutrient Science, Complete Balanced Meals, and Hunger

Nutrition is the science of feeding the body food from various sources to create complete balanced meals that contain a density of essential nutrients, like protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and unique constituents.

Taking Supplements, Their Functions, Best Time to Take, and DSHEA

Dietary supplements are taking charge of your health with foods that are additional sources of nutrition, to increase the density of nutrients in the diet, and are added to a balanced diet with complete meals to support, maintain, and promote health, wellness, and well-being..

Dieting is Unhealthy for Weight Loss and Being Overweight Remedies

Dieting, doing diets, and eating restrictive diet plans are unhealthy behaviors, when someone eliminates specific food groups, eats less or fasts, in order to lose or manage weight and to treat, manage, and prevent disease. Removing any food group from one's diet is unhealthy, because all types of nutrition are essential for optimal bodily functioning.

Herbology, Herbalism, Herbs and Spices, Medicinal Remedies, and Herbal Medicine

Herbology encompasses the nature of healing plants and other supplemental types of medicinal remedies which are collectively known as herbs. Herbology includes several different methodologies in the understanding of herbs.

Overview of Health, Wellness, Well-being, Health Education, and Public Health

Health, wellness, and well-being are related concepts within health education. Each and every person is responsible for their own health and the degree to which they participate with it's maintenance and development..

Deer Antler Velvet Review of Benefits for Products 33 Comments

Deer antler velvet (DAV) is a fast growing soft-bone on bucks, stags and bulls that is covered in velvety hair-like fuzz. Many cultures use deer antler velvet because it contains anti-aging nutrients and vitalizing constituents that support recovery, regeneration, and growth of tissues in the body, such as joints and muscles.

Black Ant Guide

Classification: Tonic
Category: Superfood and Adaptogen
Grade: Dietary Supplement
Tastes: Sweet, Spicy, Meaty
Used By: Male, Female, Young Adult to Elderly
Usage: Powder, Capsule, Tincture
Benefits: Anti-fatigue, Stress-Tolerance, Immunity; Rejuvenative, Antioxidant, Hormonal, Sexuality

Ginseng Root Guide

Ginseng root is the premier energy tonic herb. The Latin name 'Panax' comes from the word 'panacea' which means 'all-healing'. The Chinese name literally means 'man root' and embodies the energy of the human spirit.

Several varieties of ginseng exist around the world and all contain 'ginsenosides' or saponins, which are plant sterols similar to cholesterol. All parts of the plant contain ginsenosides, but they are concentrated highest in the roots.

Tips for Taking Tonics, Superfoods, Adaptogens, and Medicinal Herbs 3 Comments

Q: What is the best time to take supplements?
A: The best time to take supplements is around mealtime.

Q: What is most important when taking supplements?
A: Food, especially complete balanced meals. Skipping meals and fasting is not recommended as this will reduce results with supplements.

How to Take a Tonic Tincture 4 Comments

Unscrew the dropper from your tincture. One serving is one dropper which is one press of the rubber bulb which will fill a dropper tube to just above half-way, this is 30 individual drops or 1ml. Take by mouth or by mixing with a non-hot beverage.

Jujube Date Facts

Jujube dates have been cultivated and eaten for food for thousands of years. The fruit is commonly known as Chinese date or 'big date'. The largest dates are the best quality. They have similar flavor to apple and contain apple fiber, which is called pectin.


Superfoods are nutrient dense foods and supplements that are full of essential vitamins and minerals. They usually contain antioxidant nutrients that are very healthful when consumed continuously, such as colored plant pigments often called flavonoids, phenols, carotenoids, and so on.


Adaptogens increase work-tolerance, recovery from stress and promote immunity in the body. They have generalized benefits which reduce the perception of overall stress. They also increase stress-endurance. 

Dark Colored Antioxidant Benefits

Dark colored plant pigments are very healthy and some experts would consider them essential nutrition because of their wide-spectrum of potent health benefits. There is many different kinds of dark colored plant pigments with many different chemistries and names, but they all have similar benefits and effects.

Medicinal Mushroom Benefits

Medicinal mushrooms are a type of edible fungi that have various healing properties, from their nutrition and unique medicinal constituents.

The many different medicinal mushrooms are potent remedies. They generally have similar benefits that work with the immune, heart, and digestive systems, with particular antioxidant and antitoxin benefits associated with liver health, plus also being good for adrenal stress recovery and resistance.


Fasting is an unconscious activity of not eating food during sleep, which is interrupted in the morning by eating breakfast. Fasting can be faith based or religiously observed, for instance, prayer and reflection during Ramadan. A medical practitioner may inform a patient to fast in preparation for medical tests or surgery.

Classical Chinese Herbalism

Classical Chinese herbalism was invented 5000 years ago by the legendary divine farmer, known as Shennong, who developed the understanding of foods and herbal remedies for promoting health and healing.


Healing is the natural inborn regeneration ability, related to the health, growth and development, of all living organisms, such as plants, animals, and humans, to restore, renew, and regenerate themselves at any time.


Medicine is used for health and disease. Medicine can be something that heals the body, mind and spirit or non-healing such as a drug, device, or therapy that intervenes with the causes of disease.

Eclectic Herbalism

Eclectic herbalism was a part of the now defunct American-based branch of allopathic medicine known as eclectic medicine which used both healing-based medicines to support health, wellness, and well-being and also the diagnoses of diseases for treatment. Eclectic herbalism advanced the scientific understanding of how unique constituents work within medicinal remedies.

Native Indigenous American Herbalism

Native American herbalism primarily incorporates handed-down empirical knowledge that is passed from one generation to the next about the healing uses of herbs. The medicine of native cultures focus on balancing the body in accordance with nature. A native person understands energies and seeks spirit guidance for the application of medicinal remedies in the support, maintenance and promotion of health, wellness, and well-being.

The Healthy Erection

healthy erection is a vital part of physical intimacy with a partner.

A nutritious diet, that supports hormones with eggs, along with dietary supplements and medicinal remedies will promote a satisfying and consistent intimate relationship with a partner.