Saw Palmetto

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This is a potent and strong tasting creamy tincture of these unique berries. Although its an acquired taste, its easily a long-time favorite.

Our Saw Palmetto Berries come from the wild small palm trees that grow up to 10 feet in height. They grow up to 500-700 years old in the subtropical planes and hills of sand in Florida.

Many people commonly know that Saw Palmetto is good for the prostate and urinary system for males. In the olden days it was used as a fertility tonic for both males and females.

  • Male Prostate and Urinary Health
  • Female and Male Fertility

When we process our multi-step extraction, we ensure to extract the unique fats directly into alcohol for preservation. This is an important step, but not the only one to reach our standard of rich potency.

  • Fats are Alcohol Soluble

These special fats, known as beta-sitosterol, naturally promote fertility and reproductive hormones in both men and women. This means more balanced female hormones for women. Also more balanced hormones in males. Females may develop larger firmer breasts and womanly curves. Males may develop the size of their muscles and genitals. Other aspects of beauty will be preserved, such as head hair.

  • Fertility Hormones - Feel Good Aphrodisiac
  • Female: Feminine Curves and Larger Firmer Breasts
  • Male: Muscle Development and Larger Performing Genitals
  • Balanced Hormones in Male and Female Help to Prevent Hair Loss

One can essentially think of Saw Palmetto, when properly extracted, to be herbal hormones. These also include adrenal hormones, which are made from the fats found in Saw Palmetto. Thereby giving us increased resistance to stress. And increased recovery from stress.

  • Increase Adrenal Function
  • Anti-fatigue and Stamina Promoting Effects

One last thing that is not often recognized is that the fats found in Saw Palmetto may be used by the body for lubricating the lungs and joints. As with many of these other benefits, larger daily doses will help to boost joint resistance and joint health.

  • Joint and Lung Lubrication for Less Bodily Discomfort and Greater Ease of Movement
  • Reduced Irritability and Decreased Joint Discomfort.


Saw Palmetto Liquid Supplement

Supplement Summary

Extract Type:
• Tincture - Liquid Extract: Hydroalcohol
Serving Size:
• 1 dropper
Daily Usage: 
• 1-3 droppers 1-3 times per day
Extraction Ratio:
• 2 pounds:1 quart - 57,000mgs to 2oz.(60ml)
Manufacture Date:
• September 1st 2018
• 2 Years from manufacture

Expiration & Storage Information

Made In Sisters Oregon USA


Saw Palmetto Ingredients

  • Wild Harvested Saw Palmetto Berry (serenoa repens)
  • Structured Distilled Water
  • Triple Filtered USP Grade Organic Alcohol (35% by volume)


Tincture Details

Tonic Tinctures Saw Palmetto Fresh Batch

2oz. (60ml) Saw Palmetto Supplement - 60 droppers in a bottle

Tonic Tinctures Saw Palmetto Liquid Extract Supplement Label

Saw Palmetto Tincture is 1000mgs extract per 1ml dropper. 


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