What to Do When Your Package is Missing or Stolen After Delivery

Contact the Delivery Company

It's best to contact the delivery company directly for packages that have been confirmed delivered and are missing. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to assist or recover a missing or stolen package after it has been confirmed delivered by the delivery company, since we have fully processed your order and fulfilled delivery.

But, there are some things that you can do to be proactive and assist the carrier that serves your local area about your missing package, as there still might be hope for a recovery. In the case of package theft (aka. porch piracy) your package may be lost for good.

USPS Missing Mail Steps

Steps to do for USPS Missing Mail and Lost Packages (according to there website accessed November 21st 2022)

  1. Check the tracking number and double check the address to make sure you processed your information and order correctly.
  2. Complete a Help Request Form online to get the process moving and assist USPS in having your mail carrier and local branch find out where your package is. They may or may not recover your pacakge. 
  3. If the Post Office has still not found and recovered your package after 7 days, Submit a Missing Mail Search Request. They will follow-up with the status of your request.

FedEx Missing Mail Steps

Steps to do for FedEx Missing Mail (according to their website accessed November 21st 2022)

  1. Log In or Create a FedEx account
  2. Go to the Tracking Number Page
  3. Enter your tracking number
  4. Select Manage Delivery then Report Missing Package
  5. Follow the rest of the instructions on the page.
  6. FedEx will process a trace to look for your package and follow-up with you as soon as possible.

You may also use the FedEx claim filing system when filing a claim for a missing package after delivery to possibly recover some or any of the value. 

UPS Missing Mail Steps

You may file a claim in the UPS claim filing system after 24 hours have passed from the time your package has been confirmed delivered, but is missing. UPS will initiate a trace to look for your package and follow-up with the status.