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Deer antler velvet is the best physical tonic for success with health and fitness, And a lot of people are serious about it, As more than 2,000,000 high-quality pounds are produced every year from world-wide velvet antler farms.

Business is booming! This is good:

As it makes your new thing to do affordable; so you can take what you need to make it work: It is about deer antler velvet's wide spectrum of unique nutrition.

We know about growth factors, such as IGF-1, which are responsible for promoting healthy hormones. It is the synergy of all the constituents that help these growth factors work better. And this is why our deer antler velvet is so awesome! If you go read other labels and check the magic "extract-ratios" and micro-nanogram amounts, you'll discover something interesting:

We aren't putting a few milligrams in each serving;

Tonic Tinctures' Deer Antler Velvet is impeccably formulated at 500mgs per 1ml dropper (60 droppers in a bottle). We are 10x to 50x more concentrated than the competition. You don't have to worry; you will get value for money and enough to make it work. Keeping your body going day and night.

You will find a bottle in your:

  • Gym Bag - increases joint and muscular strength*
  • Workplace Cabinet - improves work stamina* 
  • Bedroom Drawer - physical affection and intimacy*

 Its used by you for:

  • Less Fatigue*
  • Regeneration*
  • Healing Injuries*
  • Decreased Soreness and Discomfort*
  • Intimate Organ Health*
  • Healthier Weight Management*

Just to clarify that last point, lots of people notice this cool side-effect:

Indeed, within weeks you may begin to notice less extra weight around the waist and a firmer belly  (a.k.a. a smaller "spare-tire").* We tell them, "That is because your hormones are working better and why you are looking and feeling better from all that hard work exercising." We get a spare-tire because our body gets tired, Your new thing to do with your nutrition and fitness program will remove that spare-tire and replace it with a lean and solid waist that you and others can be proud of.

So we take Deer Antler Velvet to make:

  • Work easier*
  • Working-out better*
  • Our body leaner*
  • Muscles and joints hurt less*
  • Physical affection more satisfying*

How does it do all this?

Because it is the best physical tonic out there:


Deer Antler Velvet Liquid Supplement

Table of Contents

  1. Supplement Specs
  2. Deer Antler Velvet Ingredients
  3. Dosage
  4. What is Deer Antler Velvet?
  5. Does it Work?
  6. Benefits
  7. How Does it Work?
  8. Sectional Analysis
  9. What is the Best Deer Antler Velvet Supplement?

Supplement Summary

Serving Size:
• 1 dropper
Daily Usage: 
• 1-3 droppers 1-3 times per day
Extraction Ratio:
• 1 pound:1 quart - 28,500mgs to 2oz.(60ml)
Manufacture Date:
• July 8th 2018
• 2 Years from manufacture

Expiration & Storage Information

Made In Bend Oregon USA

Deer Antler Velevt Tincture

All Benefits
Reduced Soreness*

Power Velevt Tincture

Reduced Soreness*

Regen Elixir Tincture

Tissue Regeneration*
Increased Endocrine*
Gene Expression* 


Deer Antler Velvet Specs

From world-wide farms, we source humanely and respectfully harvested deer antler velvet that is prepared with industry approved, safe, and quick velveting removal methods with appropriate techniques for the deer. This process is overseen by veterinarians and includes government over-site of animal welfare.

Tonic Tinctures uses a variety of extraction methods for a full-spectrum formula which include:

  • Dual Solvent: Water and Alcohol Used Together for 99.9% constituent content
    • Includes Alcohol Extract as Seen in Russian Research
  • Constituents in Fluid Suspension for Maximum Absorption
    • Semi-soluble Peptides Suspension in Water Extract
  • Cold Processed where appropriate to preserve the integrity of the fragile constituents
  • Stabilized for Natural Preservation - No Preservatives, No Fillers, No additives

See our homepage for more about our methods.

This formulation uses moderate-low alcohol, 35% by volume, so that it may be taken everyday and is high in peptides that promote healthy hormones.

See below for more info about ingredients.


Deer Antler Velvet Supplement Ingredients

  • 100% Deer antler velvet
    • 70% sp. Cervus Elaphus Linnaeus - Red Deer
    • 30% sp. Cervus Nippon Temminck - Plum Blossom Deer
      • Chinese Industry Velvet Antler Farms
      • Small Taiwan Grade
      • Stronger Immediate Effects
      • High In Peptides/Growth Factors/Lipids
  • Structured Distilled Water
  • Triple Filtered USP Grade Organic Alcohol (35% by volume)


Summary Details

Tonic Tinctures Deer Antler Velvet Fresh Batch

2oz. (60ml) supplement - 60 droppers in a bottle

Tonic Tinctures Deer Antler Velvet Supplement Label

Deer antler dose is 500mgs extract per 1ml dropper.



Deer Antler Velvet Dosage

For best results, hold the extract liquid under the tongue for 60-90 seconds and then swallow the rest of the extract. This allows many of the constituents to enter the body through the lining of the mouth and bypass digestion. It also better promotes immediate effects.

Being based upon the textbooks and numerous studies concerning hydroalcoholic (alcohol and water) extracts that conclude "statistical relevance" for the desired effects and results of deer antler velvet, the following dosages are recommended for Deer Antler Velvet: 

Per Day: One dropper + one additional dropper per 50lbs of bodyweight.

Therefore a 150lb.-175lb. person should consume about 3-4 droppers minimum per day.

A meta-analysis by the New Zealand government and Deer Industry shows 2,000 milligrams minimum daily to achieve recognizable results. 

The average client will require 1,000 milligrams to 3,000 milligrams daily with a possible minimum dose of 2,000 milligrams daily. At this dosage a bottle will last approximately 3 weeks.*

  • This is 2-6 droppers per day of our deer antler velvet extract.

Additionally, the very physically active, manual laborers, competitive athletes, weightlifters, bodybuilders will obviously require more daily to achieve the desired effects and results.*

The very active client will require 2,000 milligrams to 6,000 milligrams daily. At this dosage a bottle will last approximately 1.5 to 2 weeks.*

  • This is 4-12 droppers per day of our deer antler velvet extract, please consider adding the double potency performance Power Velvet extract to your regimen.

Key Considerations:

  1. Take 30 minutes before exercise or athletic performance to boost physical activity or intimacy
  2. Take with meals to promote regeneration, growth and recovery.
  3. Take your largest dose earlier in your day especially if doing so for decreasing soreness in the muscles and joints.



What is Deer Antler Velvet?

Deer antler velvet, also known as velvet antler, is the young precalcified annual growth of antlers found on bucks, stags, and bulls in the spring that are covered with a velvety skin of fine soft hairs. Its grow quickly as their hormones increase with the season and is then harvested in the summer.

When we first hear of it, its usually about IGF-1.

But, its not only the tiny nanogram amounts of IGF-1 in velvet antler that make it work. Most importantly it's the concentrated combination of highly potent constituents working at the same time that signals our own IGF-1 and metabolic systems work better.

You need all the necessary unique combination of raw constituents extracted correctly to get all of these benefits.

Its been around for a while and there is a lot more to deer antler velvet than IGF-1.

So you might be wondering:

  • Traditional Applications
  • Present Day Use
  • Safe Harvest
  • Does Deer Antler Spray Work?

Traditional Applications

From cave people to you and me. Deer antler is easily consumed as a nutritional source for over 2000 years of recorded history, and no doubt long prior to the written word. Old school energy for modern stress. Used as a trophy from hunters, deer antler has been used as a superfood high in unique protein that will strengthen tissues and increase resistance to physical stress. Later, you'll see more about how that has become science today.

Many people from many cultures use it. Throughout history it has been used by the American Indians, Europeans, Romans, Russians, and Asians as an alcohol extract. Often it was easily made into soups for its strengthening bone broth protein full of raw material for tissues, joints and bone. The most complete ancient literature is the Chinese texts, which give it top classification for over 2,000 years.

In China it is known as young deer horn or lu rong and is used as a yang tonic that promotes:

  • vitality
  • regeneration of tissue
  • growth
  • aphrodisiac properties

It is used by health practitioners to raise

  • glandular imbalance
  • growth problems 
  • maturing population issues
  • prevent declining hormone profiles

In Asia is was and is consumed during the winter to generate warmth and flexibility. Several hundred years ago the traditional Russians developed vodka extractions This shows the early use of the alcohol extract for potency.

Present Day Use

A booming world industry. Use has continued till today as highly regulated commercial industry that supplies safe and efficacious velvet. Used for a long time in Asia. In Asia, it has been studied for more than 90 years. A potent natural botanical to researchers. Russian researchers began making the aqueous alcohol extract of deer antler velvet.

This is regulated in their country and is generally used for its:

  • profound performance enhancement
  • increased cardiovascular health
  • boosting intimacy

An Olympic sports edge. In the 1970's the Soviets included this alcohol extract into the repertoire of their Olympic and bodybuilding athletes as well as their military personal. Further down there is a video of a Soviet champion from this era.

Adapt to Your Life

Modern research has also classified it as an adaptogen for its wide array of other stress resistance benefits and its ability to create active homeostasis.

And all this means...

And is easily understood as increasing the state of health, well-being and performance of body, mind and spirit. We see that its been known by many names. More recently in the Western world, a liquid form, sometimes known as deer antler spray, has become popular within North American for its specific cellular and glandular benefits. But what's all this buzz and hype?

It is recently gaining popularity in the USA as seen with the deer antler spray controversy a couple years ago concerning several professional athletes. Oh yeah, I heard its a performance enhancer. They were consuming it for its natural growth factors, extracted via cold water, which are known to promote growth and regeneration capacities. Natural? Yes, and healthy. Where does this stuff come from?

Safe Harvest 

New Zealand breeds a magnificent stock of red deer. Setting the standard. It was nearly 40 years ago Deer Industry New Zealand set the standard concerning ranch raised deer and their professional welfare. But many other species are raised around the world including sika, wapiti, fallow, maral, and rusa.

World harvest extends far and wide. The farming of deer species for their velvet antler has been occurring for a long time in China and Russia. The Asian industry raises a predominant amount of sika, aka. spotted deer, on private and communal farms where they are well cared for by private owners. Quality of a this profound botanical is of utmost importance. Farms in Asia it is also both industry and government regulated for quality, safety, and the welfare of the animals.

Yielding the finest velvet antler. As they graze upon open ranches of wild grasses they are well cared for and not given hormones, antibiotics or other synthetic compounds. With animal welfare it became more widely available and affordable.

Disease-free deer. They are also free of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). Advisory committees and ranching codes require government certified veterinarians to oversee ranching practices. World production and consumption of deer antler velvet currently exceeds 2,000,000 pounds yearly. New Zealand produces 50% of the total.

Wow that's a lot, but wait! What about the deer?

Removal and Processing Standards

After about 55-60 days of growth the velvet antler is removed painlessly from the deer in less than 60 seconds so that it may be done as humanely as possible. These deer are not harmed and experience no pain in the removal of their velvet antlers for our consumption. The antler is then scraped of its fuzzy velvet and then cleaned before it is sanitized and pasteurized for safety, and then inspected for quality grading.



Does Deer Antler Spray Work?

It depends on how one approaches the subject of its effectiveness. To find out if deer antler spray works we have to find out firstly:

Does deer antler velvet work? - Where is the research? - Where is the conclusive evidence of it working? - What is the straight scoop?

Does Deer Antler Spray Work?

What a scam, right?

You might claim that deer antler spray is a scam. A hoax! Is there some relevance to your cries of falsity? And why are you right? 

So many questions...




Does Deer Antler Velvet Work?

Quality research will surface several key points.

Constructively using trusted sources will yield many experts who do know what they are talking about:

  • Wikipedia
  • Internet Study Databases
  • Textbooks
  • Published Journals

There are several books on deer antler velvet, thousands of individual studies, several meta-analysis, and even FDA backing for some of the constituents of deer antler velvet. Coming up shortly we will see what all these sources say concerning the benefits.

Deer Antler Spray Study

Worldwide phenomenon.

Much of the research and its conclusions on deer antler velvet has been done 15 to 70 years ago in many other countries around the world. There are experts with relevant degrees in nutrition and doctors who have spent a great deal of time researching this supplement to better understand its benefits for their own clients and patients. As well as educating us about the many reasons to use it.

Velvet Antler Dr. Betty Kamen

Thank you Dr. Kamen. [Kamen Book: Velvet Antler].

I am sure we will want to discover the truth and go buy he easy to read and well cited book to make your own study. She has a earned a PhD in nutrition. Written 500 articles, been on talk radio, on TV, in Time MagazinePrevention Magazine and written up in the New York Times a couple times. Okay sure, so what did her book say? This is where it starts to get good...



Deer Antler Velvet Benefits

Let's dive straight into the this meaty subject.

There are numerous health benefits to deer velvet supplements.

Just to recap the benefits, people take if for:

  • long-lasting energy & stamina for work and during exercise
  • nourishes & regenerates skin, joints and muscle
  • boosting performance & enhancing strength
  • cardiovascular health & heart rhythm
  • joint discomfort & muscle soreness relief
  • increased well-being & sustaining intimacy
  • Increased stress resistance and fatigue reduction
  • Increased lean muscle and prevention of adipose storage
  • Promotion of joint flexibility and integrity 
  • Reduced sugar cravings via glucose metabolism control
  • Enhanced strength through oxygenation, blood flow and lactic acid conversion

Help You Resist Physical Stress 

For a long time velvet antler is recognized as a powerful tonic that naturally stimulates us with a clean and non-fatiguing energy. Not like coffee or energy drinks. This effect can be subtle, but its long term consumption benefits are profound in that we can more easily overcome and adapt to daily stress. Many types of stress depending on who we are as individuals. How much to take is important and talked about in the dosage section. Having the capability of increased resistance to physical stress is a major use to everyone. 

Increase your overall energy and motivation while getting the most of your rest and recovery. Adapting to stress assist will help us better regulate our immune, nervous and adrenal systems. Adapting to stress means hormonal health. Proper use could even benefit an overactive system that is depleted, therefore promoting greater health in those with adrenal fatigue. It does so by activating the glands which secrete hormones that boost recovery and regeneration.

So all that sounds good, right?

Boost Joint Health & Injury Recovery

Some of us need to consider our joint health and prevent or recuperate from issues. Deer antler velvet has its own cartilaginous structure. So its much like our own cartilage joint cushioning, tendons and ligaments,

Naturally containing:

These nutritional constituents are recommended by the FDA for joints and any associated discomfort, stiffness and soreness.*

Be sure to take enough. Don't forget to read how much you need before you begin taking it.

Less blood naturally flows into the joints. We think the joint benefits come about as a result of increased blood flow into the joint structures as shown by the alcohol extract of deer antler velvet.

We will increase

  • cardiovascular blood flow
  • range of motion - flexibility
  • strength - better muscular contraction

Proper supplementation yields terrific long term benefit with a healthy goal oriented lifestyle. Give yourself some time to see results. Some report almost immediate results upon consumption while others may begin to notice effects within the first 2-4 weeks that will continue to get better with continued consumption.

Accelerated Regeneration and Growth

Let's fast forward to the last 20 or so years. Modern methods of analysis have discovered within deer antler velvet nanogram amounts of growth factors. Growth factors have glandular stimulating and cellular activating characteristics. In particular, IGF-1.

Savvy scientist know that IGF-1 isn't responsible for all the benefits. But as a superfood source with many different constituents, their synergism for health and well-being are now more understood. These various constituents found within deer antler velvet will profoundly feed and stimulate our cells for tissue regeneration.

To name a few:

  • type II collagen - raw material for skin and muscle regeneration - joint discomfort relief
  • hyaluronic acid - a joint and wound healer - promotes injury recovery
  • growth factors - promotes regeneration of specific tissues
  • glycans - raw material of connective tissue - elasticity of skin and flexibility of joints
  • stem cells - organ and tissue repair and regeneration at the base level of growth
  • bone and electrolyte minerals - found in bio-available ratio for glandular support, hydrating and bone-building 

These are required in enzyme and catalytic cellular functions as well as being the raw material for tissues. Growth factors are known to boost cellular functioning and uptake of nutrients This helps our own growth, regeneration of tissues and injury recovery, as well as a slowing and preventing the effects of agings. Many hormones are closely associated with IGF-1

With the advent of isolating these constituents research and scientific consensus has still yet to prove if it is the IGF-1 in the bottle that works or that extracted liquids themselves that cause glandular output of circulating IGF-1 blood levels to increase.

Regardless, there is most definitely a hormonal action involved with its consumption.

Up Performance and Lean Muscle Mass

Highly sought out among athletes and fitness enthusiast. It is the confirmed performance enhancement benefits of the hydroalcoholic extract that gives us an edge. It gives you positive performance results.

First recognition was seen in the Russian athletes of the 1970's who were tested. Athletes and gym goers, like yourself, appreciate the better performance and physique enhancement uses. Looking healthy is good for self-esteem and self-image. Much of this benefit is seen and felt through the nerve boosting properties.

This fancy concept is easily understood in the gym as increasing the contractile capacity of muscular groups. In other words, its strengthening to your body. Scientifically these concepts translate into increased anaerobic workloads and more weight for more repetitions, which is a progressive measuring standard of performance. Its about you reaching your goals. More progress for you equals more gains.

Athletes report, in studies and anecdotes:

  • greater strength
  • greater lean muscle mass
  • decreased delayed onset muscle soreness
  • increased joint health and flexibility

Endurance athletes have shown increases in red blood cell count and greater aerobic capacities, but this benefit takes time to ripen. More energy for you. But we need a certain amount to get real results, more on dosage below. Many receive metabolic benefits that increase overall energy and well-being. A specific group of those who supplement with our extract prefer it as a natural alternative.

Behind the Iron Curtain

Yes, the Soviets had even been involved in extensive research to ascertain the performance benefits of deer antler velvet. But they've been using it for awhile. In their country it was known in Russian folk use to be a warming and vitalizing food several hundred years ago, but with the advent of modern history, they began research nearly 90 years ago.

Modern research teaches us something new. It wasn't until the 1970's that they discovered an extract of the lipids manufactured into an alcohol extract that has many strengthening benefits to the human organism.*

The Secret Soviet Weapon

The chairman of the Olympic Committee mandated all athletes use their patented deer antler extract to increase recovery, growth and performance. Don't you remember the Soviet who dominated Rocky? And to those who know their history, the Soviets did actually dominated Olympic sports, especially weightlifting, from the early 70's to the late 80's. Could this have been a secret confidential edge?

If all of this interest you, you need our Power Velvet version.


Feeling Good and Raising intimacy*

Deer antler velvet has long been an intimacy tonic for men and women and a couple countries have developed alcohol extracts for use in those with intimacy issues. We get hormonal effects from supplementing.* Plus you already know about the blood circulatory properties which assist blood flow into the pelvis.

Because of the above mentioned performance properties and circulation benefits of the aqueous alcohol extract, as well as the nerve strengthening capacities one may find that the deer antler velvet extract will assist overall stamina of intimacy.*



How Does Deer Antler Velvet Work?

There must be a reason to is use and a booming world industry that garners the attention of several researchers and scientist in many countries. Modern understanding has greatly advanced our knowledge of velvet antler. We know by its composition and the knowledge of the structure and function of the plenitude of constituents which work together, like a symphony, to create an efficacious supplement that yields a multitude of benefits.

Its got a bunch of stuff in it, don't miss that link above about the constituents. But, overall it contains a large amount of peptides and minerals that work synergistically with unique compounds such as hyaluronic acid and growth factors to elicit many of the effects and results. Firstly we will outline the most scientifically backed uses of deer antler velvet. Read on and make your own conclusions from the evidence supplied in the rest of this article.

  • Solid Scientific Claims
  • Not Fully Conclusive Claims
  • Not So Scientific Claims 

Solid Scientific Claims

  • Tonic Adaptogen* - This is a fancy concept that references the research into supplements that elicit a strengthening effect on the body and its systems.They are tonic in action and stimulate clean holistic energy and prevent fatigue while helping us to overcome stress and maintain strong immune systems.* Due to some of the following actions we will see that this stress adaptation is generally physical in nature.
  • Performance - Borrowing the scientific research, its mandatory use by the Soviets has shown increased blood circulatory benefits, liver protective attributes and nerve strengthening effects of the aqueous alcohol extract.* This means it increases nervous innervation, easily known as the contractile capacity of muscle groups.* This leads to short burst style athletic performance increases found in weightlifting, bodybuilding, and similar sports.*
  • Joint Health & Injury Recovery* - Due to certain constituents recognized by the government one will benefit by better joint health, plus the content of proteins similar to our own bodily structures are plentiful within deer antler supplements, such as type II collagen.* Another involved and interesting cellular activator known as hyaluronic acid has many additional benefits for repair and regeneration.
  • Tissue Growth* - Ancient use was as a growth tonic for underdeveloping children and as a gland activator for the glandularly deficient.* It was also recommended to maturing people because of this interesting action on the body.* In modern times it has been discovered that very small amounts of key constituents, called growth factors, signal cellular structures for regeneration and growth, and are found in deer antler velvet extract itself and in larger amounts within the circulating blood of those who take it.*

Not Fully Conclusive Claims

  • Aphrodisiac* - For a long time the alcohol extract has been used to strengthen reproductive organ function, but modern studies of deer antler velvet results are inconclusive concerning women and from men. Although some people do report benefit in intimacy, this may be because of the performance, blood circulation and stress adaptation effects.* So in other words, if your supplement doesn't have the alcohol extract in it don't expect the benefits of supplements made with it.*
  • Fat Metabolism* -Besides containing a plethora of nutrition, such as peptides, growth factors and important minerals, which may help to prevent cravings, deer antler velvet also contains ursolic acid, which may be beneficial for increasing fat metabolism, we can, with a little effort and motivational boost, achieve a leaner and firmer physique.* Additionally, research in other fields suggests that it may be responsible for a smaller waist.*
  • Blood Health* - Because of the high mineral content and some studies suggesting increases in red blood cell count it may be possible to build blood quality, but this may take much more to achieve than one simply supplement.*

Not So Scientific Claims

  • Muscle Builder* - Some "experts" make bold claims that it builds muscle. They compare it to synthetic anabolics that give many athletes who dope an advantage over the competition. This is folly claim that has no backing from direct research or research into other associated fields that would be relevant to deer antler spray. Only one thing will build muscle: proper resistance training. Make the right choice and get to work.*
  • Speed Exercise Recovery - Depends which way you look at, but in general it really depends on why you would need it. If you think this works like synthetic anabolics that helps you recover quicker and train more you are grossly mistaken. But if you have joint issues, or desire the benefits of increased blood flow assisting and conversion in the liver, or need a boost to tissue regeneration than this is smarter thinking on your part.
  • Raise Only Male Hormones* - Seriously, what if you are a woman? This is once again incorrect as it does not directly raise only male hormones for a majority of the population, especially women. But if you have a lagging gladular system due to overwhelming stress and fatigue than the adaptogen capabilities may allow your lagging glandular system to function more appropriately, hence you may correct for proper hormone functioning.*



Deer Antler Velvet Sectional Analysis

There are three sections used to identify the composition of velvet antler.

Tips and Uppers – The tine is also known as the Wax or Jelly Piece due to its fatty glossy texture. 

Middles – The shaft and branch is known as the Blood Piece from the larger amount of vessels found in the interior.

Bottoms – The trunk, or flattened base section, known as the Bone Piece, is completely hollow inside.

This link here will give an in depth analysis of the constituents and sections.

Deer Antler velvet Sectional Analysis

In the above picture is an above average quality rack. We see that it has 14 tines, 2 main shafts and 4 branches, and 2 center trunks. Higher quality racks are known to contain more tines.



What is the Best Deer Antler Velvet Supplement?

Click the following link to learn what is the best deer antler velvet supplement?


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