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Plug Into The Power Pack!

The Power Pack is a three-pack deal to maximize supplementation with deer antler velvet by taking enough of it consistently for best results. The key to deer antler velvet supplementation is consistency, which is why there is three formulated versions:

The Power Pack Collection

The 3 Kinds of Tonic Tinctures Deer Antler Velvet

  • Deer Antler Velvet is a multi-use extraction for anytime and anywhere
  • Power Velvet is a performance extraction for morning and pre-workout
  • Regen Elixir is a regeneration and recovery formula best taken with protein meals

The Power Pack is for anyone into the fitness benefits for strength, performance and physique enhancement. It is the prime recommendation for another nutrient edge in bodybuilding.

Deer Antler Velvet Review of Benefits for Products

See further down the page for dosage and timing suggestions.


Dosage & Timing*

Taking the Power Pack Ensures Success.

Each version of deer antler velvet is formulated to support specific activities and specific times of day. You may open each bottle one-at-a-time to figure-out each one individually or if you are a 'seasonedtaker of deer antler velvet, jump right into all 3!

See Samples Days for Timing, and Specific Dosages with How To Take below:

Exercise/Fitness Day

  • Morning/Before Work - 1-3 droppers Deer Antler Velvet around breakfast
  • Exercise/Athletics - 1-3 droppers Power Velvet 15-30 minutes before physical activity
  • Evening/Dinner - 1-3 droppers Regen Elixir with high-protein meals/shakes

Non-Exercise/Rest Day

  • Morning/Before Work - 1-3 droppers Power Velvet around breakfast
  • Midday/Lunch - 1-3 droppers Deer Antler Velvet around lunch/early afternoon
  • Evening/Dinner - 1-3 droppers Regen Elixir with high-protein meals/shakes


How to Take a Tonic Tincture

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Power Velvet
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Regen Elixir
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