The Power Pack

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The Power Pack program contains all three of our specifically formulated deer antler velvet supplements for those desiring full benefit including athletic performance enhancement, increased recovery, metabolic fat burning, boosted growth and the development of lean mass.

Tonic Tincture is a unique handcrafted, full-spectrum, multi-step extraction that concentrates all the constituents for potency and efficacy.

A Tonic Tincture is a 100% pure and unique medicinal grade super concentrated extract liquid that is lab produced from adaptogens and has profound tonic strengthening actions on our bodies in various ways.* 

Power Pack Program

Abbreviation - Name, Equivalent Dose: Summation of use

NZD - Deer Antler Velvet, 500mgs: a formulation for performance, recovery and growth.*

PV - Power Velvet, 1,000mgs: a performance supplement that will boost strength and fat burning.*

HGT - Human Growth Tonic, 500mgs: formulated with added tonics to prime the endocrine system for regeneration and growth.*

Power Pack Dosage Performance Guidelines

500mgs + 500mgs per 50 pounds of lean mass.

Training frequency:

1-2 times a week - no change to above equation

3-4 times a week + 500mgs to 1,000mgs

4-7 times a week + 1,000mgs to 1,500mgs 

A 175 pound person training 5 times a week may find best results with 3,000mgs to 3,500mgs per day.

For further assistance please review Specifics on Timing and Cycling Dosage

Sample Program #1

Adjust program for individuality and preferences.

Try taking each bottle separately for your first Power Pack cycle to learn the attributes of each extraction upon your physiology. After finishing one bottle within a 1-2 week time frame move to the next bottle.

1st - HGT to prime the endocrine and metabolic systems*

2nd - NZD to increase performance and recovery abilities*

3rd - PV to peak on a program*

cycle off for 1 week and repeat or move to program #2

Sample Program #2

Adjust program for individuality and preferences.

A 175 pound person training 5 times a week may find best results with 3,000mgs to 3,500mgs per day.

Training Day:

Breakfast 2-3 droppers NZD or 1-2 droppers PV

Training 1-2 droppers PV

Dinner 1-2 droppers HGT

Non-Training Day:

Breakfast 1-2 droppers NZD or 1-2 droppers PV

Lunch 1-2 droppers NZD or 1-2 droppers HGT

Dinner 1-2 droppers HGT

Upon completion of program #2 take a 30-90 days cycle off antler velvet for 1-4 weeks to allow the body's metabolism to adapt and reset to a new endocrine set point.*

Expiration & Storage Information

Please peruse our collection of deer antler velvet supplements and choose a best fit for you today or visit our Tonic Tinctures Storefront to discover more adaptogenic supplements and gain further access to greater energy, health, and wellbeing.

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