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The Power Pack is a tri-bundle deal to maximize supplementation with deer antler velvet by taking-enough deer antler velvet often-enough for best results. The key to deer antler velvet supplementation is consistency, which is why there is three formulated versions:

  • The Deer Antler Velvet is a multi-use extraction for anytime anywhere
  • The Power Velvet is a performance extraction for morning and pre-workout
  • The Regen Elixir is a recovery and regeneration formula best taken with protein meals

The Power Pack is for anyone into many of the benefits included within a fitness lifestyle for strength, performance and physique enhancement. It is the prime recommendation for bodybuilding.

See further down the page for further instructions on suggested timing and dosing guidelines.

Power Pack Uses*

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Power Pack Lifestyles*

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Plug into the Power Pack!

Taking the Power Pack ensures success with deer antler velvet.

Each version of deer antler velvet is specifically formulated to support specific activities and specific times of day.

The Power Pack Collection

Sample Day #1 - Exercise/Fitness Day

  • Morning/Before Work - 1-3 droppers Deer Antler Velvet around breakfast
  • Exercise/Athletics - 1-3 droppers Power Velvet 15-30 minutes before
  • Evening/Dinner - 1-3 droppers Regen Elixir with meals/protein shakes

Sample Day #2 - Non-Exercise/Rest Day

  • Morning/Before Work - 1-3 droppers Power Velvet 15-30 minutes before
  • Midday/Lunch - 1-3 droppers Deer Antler Velvet around lunch/early afternoon
  • Evening/Dinner - 1-3 droppers Regen Elixir with meals/protein shakes

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Allan E.
United States United States

Great trio!

I really love these drops, been actually using these products for a while I barely notice the taste. To be honest, I waited a while before I posted a review, because I wanted to make sure that the results I had from these products were real and not just a placebo effect. You really notice the difference when you’re at the gym and post recovery. If you just take it and don’t do anything active, I would expect anything to happen. Also communication and delivery is excellent, no issues ever.

Tonic Tinctures

Thanks for the great feedback Allan. Funny how you barely notice the taste, maybe you crave the unique nutrition! Yeah, I agree, that deer antler velvet is not placebo, we have over a 100 links to sources in our blogs, along with biochemistry stuff, to prove the value of concentrated nutrition for fitness. -Jason J. Duke

Gary P.

Super Deal on the Best Quality !

I'm have been using Jason's products going on five years now and I have to say this is a super combo for anyone who's trying to keep their workout regimen into high gear ! Even when I'm not working out this stuff keeps me tuned and ready ! Gary

Tonic Tinctures

You are an awesome client Gary, the best a small business could ask for. We developed the tonics to fit together in the Power Pack so that its easy to get enough deer antler velvet in your supplement regimen to make it work. - Jason J. Duke



This is the best deal for deer antler anywhere

Matt L.

In the gym more

This is a convenient pack with a good price. I get a lot of deer antler velvet for 100 bucks a month. I do what they say and I take the deer antler velvet in the morning, the power velvet right before the gym, and the regen elixir on rest days, the regen makes me hungry, so I have to take it with meals. I have noticed that when I cycle this combo helps me do work and keep up with my circut training. I feel my rest days are more restful and I am more lean. Most importantly this pack is helping keep me in the gym.

Joyce S.

Great price

I buy my pack every couple months. Its so affordable and you guys ship fast.