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Schisandra Poster

Schisandra Has These Key Benefits:

  • Promote daily stress-resistance*
  • Support liver function and detoxification*
  • Support blood cleansing*
    • Detoxification of fatigue and stress by-products*
    • Neutralize environmental toxins*
  • Support adrenal stress resistance*
  • Support respiratory health*
  • Promote mental clarity and focus*
  • Support emotional centeredness*
  • Support digestive health*

please pay attention click pics for more info

Benefits and Uses*





Schisandra is a superior stress tonic used as a stand-alone and as adjunct adaptogenic superfood that contains a plethora of unique nutrition, including plant pigments, known as polyphenols, that calm the heart, clear the mind and heal the body. Schisandra is traditionally used in formulary of tonic herbalist seeking greater health, overall daily performance, and the enhancement of all other tonics taken with it.

Schisandra Berry Is a Core Stress Tonic.*

It strengthens the body's overall health, stabilizes the expression of emotions, clears the mind from distraction and awakens the flow of spirit, thus encouraging greater will to endure challenges and reinforcing peace in one's personal purpose.*

Schisandra's Chinese Name Is ‘Wu-Wei-Zi’, Meaning ‘Five Taste Fruit’.

The fruit comes from the crawling vine that grows in China, Russia, Korea, and the United States. The vine contains tiny red berries that taste sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and pungent; all the five flavors of Chinese Classical Herbalism at the same time!*

Our schisandra is formulated to harness all the flavors so that it has the effect of boosting other tonics, foods and drinks.* In other words, it enhances whatever we take with it, including other supplements.* Nevertheless, because schisandra is a ‘five taste fruit’ it may be used as a stand-alone daily tonic to support holistic wellness.*

Schisandra' s Constituents are Various:

  • Polyphenols including the red and purple antioxidant pigments that are known to support vascular and liver health.*
  • Lignans which are plant hormones that support liver enzyme functions for the cleansing of blood and detoxification of tissues.*
  • Phytosterols are raw materials for adrenal and other glandular hormones necessary for endocrine health and stress support.*
  • Vitamins such as A, C, E which are essential nutrients for various bodily processes.*
  • Bio-available minerals from the fertile river plains, in which schisandra vine grows, that maintain overall wellness.*

Schisandra’s Five Tastes, The Corresponding Chinese Herbal Element, And What They Do:

  • Sweet (Earth) building and tonifying to body and directly effects digestive health.*
  • Sour (Wood) has releasing properties and is soothing to the nerves while assisting tissue and liver cleansing.*
  • Salty (Water) maintains healthy water metabolism and kidney/adrenal function. *
  • Bitter (Fire) antioxidant or protective function that cleanses toxins from the liver and bodily cells.*
  • Pungent (Metal) supports circulation metabolism and supports lung health.*

Schisandra Has It All For Stress!

Because it promotes holistic health it is easy to add to any supplement program for its adaptogenic benefits of balancing the body, emotions, mind and spirit towards homeostasis.*

Choose Tonic Tinctures

Tonic Tinctures is a special low alcohol formula of freshly sourced organically China grown schisandra berries, this is where schisandra is naturally native and cultivated by individual family farmers as part of their agricultural commune along the rivers, such as the Yangtze.*

Tonic Tinctures goes through a meticulous multi-step extraction process to balance the five flavor profiles of this powerful fruit - sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and pungent.*

It is an expertly made extraction; NOT dilutions commonly found in the marketplace. This tincture is plenty potent and is perfectly preserved to maintain the vibrant red-purple color of the polyphenol pigments.* As schisandra itself is a concentrated fruit, a little goes a long way Please see our homepage for more information about how we make it.*


Batch Specs

Schisandra Liquid
Schisandra Is Bursting With Five Flavors

We select large Chinese river valley schisandra berries that are organically cultivated.

We formulate using a variety of extraction techniques for multi-step potency which include:

  • Artisan-formulated for Wholistic Effects and Benefits
  • Harvesting at Times of Full Botanical Potency
  • All Active Parts of the Berry and Seed Extracted and Preserved
    • Cold Processed Where Appropriate to Preserve Integrity of Fragile Constituents
  • Dual Solvent: Water and Alcohol for 99.9% constituent content
    • Semi-soluble Polysaccharides Included in Suspension
    • Stabilized for Natural Preservation - No Preservatives
    • Activated Polysaccharides for Easy Digestion and Assimilation

    This formulation uses very low alcohol, 18% by volume.

    See our homepage for more about our methods.



    • Schisandra Berry (Schisandra chinensis) Organic
      • Forest river valley of northern China
    • Structured Distilled Water
    • Triple Filtered USP Grade Organic Alcohol (18% by volume)



    Recommended Dosage: 111 – 999 milligrams @ 1-3 times a day*

    Schisandra Dosage Equation:

    The dosage of most tonics work by bodyweight and activity level and dietary factors. The amount of schisandra taken is similar for everyone and only slightly affected by activity level.

    BW + AL + DF

    • Bodyweight (BW) is the overall weight measured by a bathroom or locker room scale.
    • Activity level (AL) is a relative unit based on the amount of work accomplished, stress-levels and fitness-intensity.
    • Diet factors (DF) are based on how much calories and food is taken in, such as protein, fat and carbohydrates.

    Estimated Daily Dosage:

    • BW = 0-1 dropper per ~175 pounds bodyweight
    • AL = + 1-2 droppers - 1 low/medium, 2 medium/high
    • DF = + 0-1 dropper for every ~3000 kcal reached

    Example #1: 115lb person (BW = 0-1 dropper) who is working at a busy socially oriented job (AL = 1-2 droppers) and eats ~1750 kcals (DF = 0-1 dropper) would have a functional dosage of ~1-4 droppers daily divided into 1-3 doses across the day.

    Example #1 is BW 0-1 + AL 1-2 + DF 0-1 = ~1-4 droppers

    Example #2: 210lb person (BW = 1 dropper) who is lifting weights and working an office job (AL = 1 dropper) and eats ~2500 kcals (DF = 1-3 droppers) would have a functional dosage of ~3-5 droppers daily divided into 1-3 doses across the day.

    Example #2 is BW 1-2 + AL 2 + DF 0-1 = ~3-5 droppers

    To find a functional dose, start with a minimum dose of 10 drops to 1 dropper and work up to a functional dose.* Many benefits of tonics come from consistent and continued use over a period of time.*

    Schisandra dropper:

    • 60 1ml droppers in a 2oz (60ml) bottle
    • 1ml dropper = ~333 mgs schisandra berry extract

    Schisandra drops:

    • 30 drops in a 1ml dropper
    • 1 drop = ~11 mgs schisandra berry extract

    Suggested Schisandra Cycle:*

    • Initial Phase = 33-99 days
    • Long Term = ∞
    • Optional Cycle-off Period = 3-7 days

    Continuous consumption of Schisandra will yield increasing benefits and results over the time consumed; in other words, consistent daily consumption of Schisandra at a functional dosage over the period of suggested time will increase health and wellness benefits.*

    After an initial cycle Schisandra may be continued on-and-off for long-term supplementation health benefits or traded-out for another tonic adaptogen superfood.*

    Suggested Timing:

    Tonic Tinctures Day and Night Activity Card
    Tonic Tinctures Long Term Activity Card


    How to Take

    Schisandra may be taken anytime to adjust the body towards adaptogenic homeostatic functioning, which mean towards less stress and more balance.

    Schisandra is a versatile berry that may be added to any supplementation program to support any of it's various benefits. It is a booster berry that will enhance any foods, supplements and other tonic adaptogens take with it.

    Schisandra has long term holistic building benefits.

    Schisandra Time Concept
    Benefits with tonics take time; taking enough consistently rewards health

    Take as desired: consume on a continuous basis to develop the natural tonic and adaptogenic benefits that build over time.* Some benefits are immediate and some results require consumption over several days and weeks to accomplish.* A good tonic cycle is 45-90 days of a tonic adaptogen which will generate lasting health changes.*

    Shake gently: secure the lid and turn the bottle over back-and-forth 3-5 times to evenly distribute the tincture. Do not over-shake as the vigorous mixing of air with the extract will oxidize and damage many of the necessary constituents for required dosage and potency.

    By mouth: hold the liquid under the tongue for 60-90 seconds and then swallow the rest of extract; doing so allows digestion to begin in the mouth and will take advantage of the activated multi-step extract so that many of the constituents will bypass digestion and enter the body through the mouth and throat.* Holding the extract also promotes better absorption and assimilation and elicits an immediate effect that is performance oriented*

    Mix with water: squirt the drops or entire droppers into 2-4 oz. of water that is under 120*F. Water that is cool to lukewarm temperature is best to preserve the volatile and fragile constituents from being damaged and denatured which will reduce the potency of the extract.* Sip slowly to allow absorption in the mouth and throat.* This method makes it easier to become accustomed to the extract and to take larger doses of several different tinctures at once in a tonic program.*

    For maximum potency: regularly consume the tincture within a period of 45 days; after 45 days of continuous consumption the extract may begin to gradually lose potency requiring a larger dosage to achieve similar benefit.* A bottle will generally last 10-30 days depending on dosage and concurrent supplementation programming.*.

    Further dosage reference: How to Take a Tonic Tincture


    Schisandra Liquid Supplement

      Tincture Details

      Tincture Type:
      Multi-step Hydroalcohol
      Serving Size:
      • 1 dropper
      Daily Usage:
      • 1-3 droppers 1-3 times per day
      Extraction Ratio:
      • 3/4 pounds:1 quart - 20,000mgs to 2oz.(60ml)
      Manufacture Date:
      • February 12th 2024
      • 2 Years from manufacture

      Expiration & Storage Information

      Made In Oregon USA



      Tonic Tinctures Schisandra Liquid Extract Supplement Label

      Schisandra Tincture is 333mgs extract per 1ml dropper.


      Questions and Answers

      Schisandra Questions and Answers

      Common questions about Schisandra supplementation.

      Please submit any question via our contact form.

      We currently do not have any questions, please ask one.

      Q: I am going to make my first purchase and want to know if I can take Chaga Mushroom with your Ashwagandha Cherry tincture or the Schisandra one? I am new to using herbs, so not certain how to use them and if they are safe to mix.
      A: Yes, they may be used together as part of supplement program. They may be freely mixed, so feel free to experiment. Schisandra is a great booster to any other tincture and combines easily to amplify the effectiveness of other tinctures for better benefits.

      Chaga Mushroom - 1-2 droppers
      Schisandra - 1 dropper

      Ashwagandha Cherry - 1-2 droppers
      Schisandra - 1 dropper

      Or do two main tonics together:

      Ashwagandha Cherry - 1-2 droppers
      Chaga Mushroom - 1-2 droppers

      These tinctures are very potent so you may want to start by mixing them with a little water to get used to them.

      Remember to take them with enough fluids and complete meals based on your desired goals in health.

      Q: I currently take schisandra to help me sleep at night. I use [another brand] and have been happy with results in the product. I am noticing that I am using about 4 1/2 droppers each night and I am wondering if I switch things up would I get the same results without having to use as much. I was searching and ran across your website?
      A: Our tincture is made differently than the other brand you mention, as we make a multi-step extraction with a multi-step process - so you should need less than 4 1/2 droppers of our product. See the difference between the other brand's single tincture and our multi-step tincture. Our artisan batched multi-step process yields on non-transparent extraction that goes through non-heat preservation extraction steps, as well as heated extraction steps and concentration steps creating a unique liquid that captures the depth and flavor found in schisandra berries. I personally have decades of daily experience on this multi-step process of batching and understanding how each tonic adaptogen works and extracts best.

      Q: Schisandra helps me with stress and prepares me for sleep without sedating me. I wanted to get your feedback on using schisandra in this manner and wanted to test out your tincture to if my body would respond better since you have a special method for making them. I also wanted to get an idea of other tinctures that are similar to schisandra in order to possibly switch things up to see what you recommend.
      A: Schisandra does help someone adapt to stress and adjust to different levels of activity, especially rest and recuperation. Schisandra is a tonic berry so that it will build up health for adrenal glands, liver, skin, lungs, heart, and vascular tissues. Many of the benefits come from the pigments, polyphenols and various enzyme supporting constituents that assist liver function. So, in summary, schisandra is a major adrenal adaptogen, balancing stress-response, and liver tonic, reduces by-products of fatigue and toxin load in the body - so this is most likely why you feel better. Perhaps you have worked things out and discovered this is where you needed assistance, Congratulations! You've come to understand a core tonic herb in being a tonic herbalist.

      You could add a medicinal mushroom of choice such as Chaga or Reishi which easily combine well with Schisandra and are similar in how they work with additional benefits unique to them.

      The next tonic herb to figure-out to take would be astragalus root during the day which is best taken with meals to support anti-fatigue stress-tolerance and promote activity. Berry blood is a great version that is easy to take anytime and anywhere during the day and, in addition to astragalus, contains three tonic berries - goji, mulberry and schisandra.

      So, all in all, continue to add more and more tonics to your diet. Be sure to swing by our Tips for Taking Tonics... blog post to understand how to use tonic adaptogens with dietary measures to make them work better.



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