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Power Velvet Has These Key Benefits:

  • Promote physical stamina and endurance*
  • Promote muscular strength and joint flexibility*
  • Promote vascular performance and heart circulation*
  • Promote red blood cell production*
  • Support healthy weight-loss*
  • Support physique enhancement goals*
  • Relief from minor aches and discomfort in joints and muscles *
  • Promote physical recovery and injury repair*
  • Support endocrine function and healthy hormones*
    • Regeneration hormones*
    • Healthy growth*

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Benefits and Uses*

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Power Velvet is a sports and fitness supplement that 'revs-your-engine'. It is a scientifically formulated deer antler velvet supplement which has profound anti-fatigue benefits that increase muscular strength, support healthy hormones, and enhance adrenal endurance. It is made in accordance with the science-backed Russian studied alcohol extract of the rich waxy tips of Asian velvet antler which is are high in unique lipids and peptides for a potent performance supplement.*

Power Velvet is an Absolutely Pure Deer Antler Velvet Supplement.*

It is formulated for all the benefits of deer antler velvet, but specifically for those clients who want to pursue peak performance and realize rapid recovery.*

Power Velvet uses twice as much velvet antler as our regular strength deer antler velvet and is higher in the waxy hormone tips that are full of the peptide growth factors.*

It Is Ideally Suited for Clients Who Want:

  • Reduced Joint Discomfort*
  • Greater Joint and Muscle Strength*
  • Fat Reduction via Increases in Metabolism*
  • Better Exercise and Energy*

Using Research and Science.*

We use much of the studied and extrapolated information to make our extract as effective as possible, including the Russian researched alcohol extract, to maintain joint stability and health, promote muscular strength and support circulatory effects that boost blood-flow for better performance.*

Power Velvet is for Physically Active People.*

  • Workers - Make it Through the Day - A better nourished body via greater nutrient density gets more hard-work done.*
  • Athletes - Live the Performance - Enhance endurance with greater stamina via increases in the lactic-acid conversion to glucose cycle.*
  • Weight trainers - Beat the Weights - Greater power via better muscle group contraction from increased nervous innervation and contractile capacity of muscle fibers.*
  • Bodybuilders - Conquer the Gym - Healthier hormones and better recovery means making more muscle.*

So You May Be Missing Out!*

If you have not been taking deer antler supplements, know they are your ‘key’ to unlocking performance and recovery so you can accelerate towards your fitness and your physique goals.*

Power Velvet is best taken as part of a complete deer antler velvet program called the Power Pack that outlines specific programs for better success with supplementation.*

Deer Antler Velvet Handbook

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Batch Specs

From world-wide farms, we source humanely and respectfully harvested deer antler velvet that is prepared with industry approved, safe, and quick velveting removal methods with appropriate techniques for the deer. This process is overseen by veterinarians and includes government over-site of animal welfare; improperly done velveting is illegal and unnecessary in a marketplace with over 2,000,000 pounds sold annually world-wide.

Tonic Tinctures uses a variety of extraction methods for a multi-step formula which include:

  • Dual Solvent: Water and Alcohol Used Together for 99.9% constituent content
  • Constituents in Fluid Suspension for Maximum Absorption
  • Semi-soluble Peptides Within Suspension
  • Cold Processed where appropriate to preserve the integrity of the fragile constituents
  • Stabilized for Natural Preservation - No Preservatives. No Fillers, No additives

See our homepage for more about our methods.



  • 100% Deer antler velvet
    • 55% sp. Cervus Nippon Temminck - Plum Blossom Deer
      • Chinese Industry Velvet Antler Farms
    • 45% sp. Cervus Elaphus Linnaeus - Red Deer
      • Deer Industry New Zealand Velvet Antler Farms
  • Structured Distilled Water
  • Triple Filtered USP Grade Organic Alcohol (45% by volume)



Recommended Dosage: 333 – 3,000 milligrams @ 1-2 times a day*

Power Velvet Dosage Equation:

The dosage of most tonics work by bodyweight and activity level and dietary factors. The amount of Power Velvet taken is highly dependent on bodyweight and activity level.

BW + AL + DF

  • Bodyweight (BW) is the overall weight measured by a bathroom or locker room scale.
  • Activity level (AL) is a relative unit based on the amount of work accomplished, stress-levels and fitness-intensity.
  • Diet factors (DF) are based on how much calories and food is taken in, such as protein, fat and carbohydrates.

Estimated Daily Dosage:

  • BW = 1 dropper per ~125 pounds bodyweight
  • AL = + 1-2 droppers 1 low/medium, 1-2 is medium/high
  • DF = + 1 dropper for every 80 grams of protein or 2500 kcal reached

Example #1: 235lb person (BW = 2 droppers) who is bodybuilder with a high stress day and/or high intensity compound exercise training day (AL = 2 droppers) and eats ~176 grams of protein/3200 kcals (DF = 1-2 droppers) would have a functional dosage of ~5-6 droppers daily divided into 2 doses across the day.

Example #1 is BW 2 + AL 2 + DF 1-2 = 5-6 droppers

Example #2: 140lb person (BW = 1 dropper) who is working a desk job with medium stress and/or medium intensity cardio/yoga (AL = 1 dropper) and eats ~60 gram of protein/1800 kcals (DF = 0-1 droppers) would have a functional dosage of ~2-3 droppers daily divided into 1-2 daily doses.

Example #2 is BW 1 + AL 1 + DF 0-1 = 2-3 droppers

To find a functional dose, start with a minimum dose of 10 drops to 1 dropper and work up to a functional dose.* Many benefits of tonics come from consistent and continued use over a period of time.*

Power Velvet dropper:

  • 60 1ml droppers in a 2oz (60ml) bottle
  • 1ml dropper = ~1,000 mgs deer antler velvet extract

Power Velvet drops:

  • 30 drops in a 1ml dropper
  • 1 drop = ~33 mgs deer antler velvet extract

Suggested Power Velvet Cycle:*

  • Initial Phase = 3-30 days
  • Long Term = ∞
  • Optional Cycle-off Period = 5-14 days

Continuous consumption of Power Velvet will yield increasing benefits and performance results over the time consumed; in other words, consistent daily consumption of Power Velvet at a functional dosage over the period of suggested time will increase health and boost performance.*

After an initial cycle Power Velvet may be continued on-and-off as desired or taken with other versions of deer antler velvet supplements.*

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How to Take

Power Velvet is formulated to be an energy performance tonic adaptogen, so it is best to take it 15-30 minutes before physical activity.* Take with a snack/shake or on an empty stomach to mobilize fat stores from tissues.*

Hour glass on calendar time concept
Benefits with tonics take time; taking enough consistently rewards health

Take as desired: consume on a continuous basis to develop the natural tonic and adaptogenic benefits that build over time.* Some benefits are immediate and some results require consumption over several days and weeks to accomplish.* A good tonic cycle is 45-90 days of a tonic adaptogen which will generate lasting health changes.*

Shake gently: secure the lid and turn the bottle over back-and-forth 3-5 times to evenly distribute the tincture. Do not over-shake as the vigorous mixing of air with the extract will oxidize and damage many of the necessary constituents for required dosage and potency.

By mouth: hold the liquid under the tongue for 60-90 seconds and then swallow the rest of extract; doing so allows digestion to begin in the mouth and will take advantage of the activated multi-step extract so that many of the constituents will bypass digestion and enter the body through the mouth and throat.* Holding the extract also promotes better absorption and assimilation and elicits an immediate effect that is performance oriented*

Mix with water: squirt the drops or entire droppers into 2-4 oz. of water that is under 120*F. Water that is cool to lukewarm temperature is best to preserve the volatile and fragile constituents from being damaged and denatured which will reduce the potency of the extract.* Sip slowly to allow absorption in the mouth and throat.* This method makes it easier to become accustomed to the extract and to take larger doses of several different tinctures at once in a tonic program.*

For maximum potency: regularly consume the tincture within a period of 45 days; after 45 days of continuous consumption the extract may begin to gradually lose potency requiring a larger dosage to achieve similar benefit.* A bottle will generally last 10-30 days depending on dosage and concurrent supplementation programming.*

Further dosage reference: How to Take a Tonic Tincture


Power Velvet Liquid Supplement

    Tincture Details

    Tincture Type:
    Multi-step Hydroalcohol
    Serving Size:
    • 1 dropper
    Daily Usage:
    • 1-3 droppers 1-3 times per day
    Extraction Ratio:
    • 1 pound : 1 pint - 57,000mgs to 2oz.(60ml)
    Manufacture Date:
    • April 20th 2024
    • 2 Years from manufacture

    Expiration & Storage Information

    Made In Oregon USA



    Tonic Tinctures Power Velvet Liquid Extract Supplement Label

    Power Velvet Tincture is ~1000mgs extract per 1ml dropper.


    Questions and Answers

    Power Velvet Questions and Answers

    Common questions about Power Velvet supplementation.

    Please submit any question via our contact form.

    Review our most popular version of Deer Antler Velvet for more Q & A.

    QWhat does PV+NZD+HGT mean in the variants drop down selection menu?
    A: PV+NZD+HGT is for the Power Pack Combo @ 20% off where PV = Power Velvet, and NZD = Deer Antler Velvet, and HGT = Regen Elixir.

    Q: Why is Power Velvet different than the other products you sell?
    A: Power Velvet contains more tips which are higher in lipids that promote cardiovascular circulation and growth factors that support endocrine and hormone function. Additionally, Power Velvet is formulated with more Asian Plum Deer which is stronger in benefits and effects.

    Q: How long will a bottle of Power Velvet last?
    A: It depends if you are taking it once or twice a day. At once a day it will last around 3-4 weeks. If you are taking it twice a day then a bottle will last about 2-3 weeks. You may consider a 2 Pack of Power Velvet at 10% off or a discounted Power Pack to ensure better spend on funds while taking enough deer antler velvet to achieve benefits and results.

    Q: When do I take Power Velvet?
    A: Preferably in the morning around breakfast time or before work or physical performance. You may time the dose 30-60 mins before exercising. It is easier to take the other versions of deer antler velvet during less active times to promote recovery and regeneration.

    Q: Should I take Power Velvet on an empty stomach?
    A: It is not as important to take on an empty stomach, since better results are achieved by taking and holding the extract sublingually. See advice on how to take above.

    Q: How do I lose weight with Power Velvet?
    A: The alcohol extracts of deer antler velvet, such as Power Velvet, promote circulation and metabolism which is further enhanced by an exercise program. Many clients email us and ask us if a smaller waist is a common benefit. Yes, and this is also due to the stress-resistance benefits of tonics since impaired stress tolerance is associated with a bigger waist.

    Q: Will Power Velvet promote muscle mass?
    A: Only when used as part of a progressive resistance weight-lifting routine since the stimulus must be applied to the muscles to signal their growth. Many clients comment about how they experience greater strength increases on the bench and squat within the first few weeks of supplementation.

    Q: Hello, I've used your deer antler velvet extracts in the past, I noticed that another company discloses the actual amount of IGF-1 and the full spectrum that it contains, I was wondering if you have such info on your power velvet? They claim they have a superior harvesting method and harvest at peak time for growth, is this all non sense? Or all those 250 dollar velvets actually something special? How much IGF-1 will I expect to find in your power velvet?
    A: Please do not use other websites when taking our products as this will diminish results, effects and any success in supplementation. These questions are answered by reading the context of our website. Perhaps you could see what deer antler velvet is, with many official links for more research: Deer Antler Velvet Benefits Also, since you asked about IGF-1 and other companies we made a page to help inform clients concerning The Best Deer Antler Velvet Supplement. Also, we have a structure/function scientific analysis page that should bring insight into how deer antler velvet works: How Does Deer Antler Velvet Work?

    Q: Do you make Power Velvet the traditional Chinese way or pantocrin russian way and how long do you let it steep for? I see some say 7 days, others say 21 days and yet others even 30 days. I'm confused!?
    A: We are not sure what you mean by the traditional Chinese way (Chinese soup?) and we don't make Russian pantocrin, but we do a highly concentrated alcohol step as part of the extraction process, the Power Velvet has more alcohol extract than the regular Deer Antler Velvet. We don't know what the 7 days, 21 days or 30 days specifically means either since there are quite a variety of factors on how to make each step of our multi-step process, which includes the preparation and formulation of the velvet antler for extraction and down-the-line along the process. Information on how the Russians traditionally use the alcohol extract of velvet antler, known as pantocrin, is found in our blog.

    Q: How are you able to sell your deer antler velvet much cheaper? Does it work the same I am kind of skeptical and hope the reviews are not fake.
    A: We don't know why we don't sell bottles of deer antler velvet for $99.99 to $349.99. Maybe we should start so we don't look so cheap.

    We approach this question here in the difference section of our market comparison page.


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