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Chaga Mushroom Poster
Chaga Mushroom Poster

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Chaga Mushroom Specs

We source Chaga Mushroom from two places. We use organically grown log-cultivated Chaga from a grower-guided outdoor laboratory in the Pacific Northwest USA. We also source from the pristine birch forest of far northern Canada where one can find old-growth Chaga that is unpolluted.

We predominantly formulate with the sweeter and polysaccharide rich log-cultivated Chaga, so that this supplement is safer and easier-to-take for the long-term benefits.

Log cultivated Chaga has many advantages, with the main benefit being that one can harvest all parts of the mushroom for a high concentration of all constituents, especially the polysaccharides. It also produces a consistent supplement that will easily work without any natural variances found in wild Chaga that could impair potency, due to the attentive detail to cultivation in a controlled environment.

And lastly, cultivation allows us to harvest Chaga without injuring the necessary mutual relationship of chaga and the forest collective.

Old-Growth Wild Chaga must be harvested sustainably, due to the need for the intelligent mycelium to stay intact, so that, it may store and shuttle necessary enzymes and minerals around the ecosystem without being depleted; only the fruiting body and sclerotium may be harvested wild to prevent damaging the host tree and weakening the adaptability of the forest collective to natural factors found in the environment.

Old-growth wild Chaga is added to this formulation to increase the melanin content. Old-growth wild food sources are also higher in rare-earth minerals, such as the lanthanide series on the periodic table.

We formulate using a variety of extraction techniques for full-spectrum potency which include:

  • Artisan-formulated for Wholistic Effects and Benefits
  • Harvesting at Times of Full Botanical Potency
  • All Active Parts of the Mushroom are Included in the Formula
    • Fruiting Body
    • Mycelium (Not from wild harvest host tree)
    • Sclerotium
  • Cold Processed Where Appropriate to Preserve Integrity of Fragile Constituents
  • Dual Solvent: Water and Alcohol for 99.9% constituent content
    • Semi-soluble Polysaccharides Included in Suspension
      • Additionally Activated for Easy Digestion
  • Stabilized for Natural Preservation - No Preservatives
  • Flash-steamed for Cracked Cell-walls to Release Chitin Bound Constituents

This formulation uses low alcohol, 25% percent by volume, so that it may be taken every day and is high in the sweet tasting semi-water-soluble polysaccharides.

See our homepage for more about our methods.

See below for more info about ingredients.


Chaga Mushroom Ingredients

  • 100% Chaga Mushroom (Inonotus obliquus)
    • 88% Organic Hardwood Log Grown in the United States Pacific Northwest
      • Grower-guided Outdoor Open Laboratory
        • Fruiting Body
        • Spore
        • Mycelium
        • Sclerotium
    • 12% Wild Harvested in Old-Growth Birch Forest of Northern Canada
      • Sustainably Gathered
        • Fruiting Body
        • Sclerotium
  • Structured Distilled Water
  • Triple Filtered USP Grade Organic Alcohol (25% by volume)

Chaga Mushroom Liquid Supplement

    Supplement Summary

    Extract Type:
    • Tincture - Liquid Extract: Hydroalcohol
    Serving Size:
    • 1 dropper
    Daily Usage: 
    • 1-3 droppers 1-3 times per day
    Extraction Ratio:
    • 2 pounds:1 quart - 57,000mgs to 2oz.(60ml)
    Manufacture Date:
    • December 24th 2018
    • 2 Years from manufacture

    Expiration & Storage Information

    Made In Sisters Oregon USA

    Tincture Details

    Tonic Tinctures Chaga Mushroom Fresh Batch

    2oz. (60ml) Chaga Mushroom Supplement - 60 droppers in a bottle

    Tonic Tinctures Chaga Mushroom Liquid Extract Supplement Label

    Chaga Mushroom Tincture is 1000mgs extract per 1ml dropper. 


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    This really is the best!

    Thank you for making such a good product and for the quick shipping.



    Wow, I felt this when I first took it. I remembered to hold it under my tongue and I could feel my blood moving in me with warm energy. Good product! I look forward to trying many of this company's products in the future and experiencing the healing energy!

    Maya C.

    Beat my tincture

    I love Chaga and I have to review this product in particular.I had a bought a pound of wild Chaga from eBay a while back and did my own dual-extract tincture using organic alcohol and spring water. I have been taking it for the last year at about 30 drops twice a day. I did notice that my eyes were clearer and my skin seemed smoother over the months. My thinking cleared up and I felt lighter and more carefree at my receptionist job for my acupuncturist. We are into mushrooms at our office and share natural remedies so we recommend them to patients who have liver and immune issues. This product was the best I tried of several different tinctures on the internet. They do something different with they way they extract. It is much more concentrated. My own dual extract seems dilute and was not as potent as this one. And the other tinctures I tried I didn't feel them as strongly as I felt his one. I find that I can just take this once a day in the evening as it relaxes me. Although it is a bit more pricey, I give this product a 5 star review because it works the best. Congrats on a job well done!

    Tonic Tinctures

    Thanks for sharing your expertise Maya. Yes, we are beyond dual-extraction as we do an in-depth multi-step extraction process that is labor intensive. I have 15 years experience and have pulled over 10,000 batches, so I've had some time to fine tune it. - Jason J. Duke

    Nobility, Wisconsin


    This is best tincture I could find available on the internet.

    Betsy V.
    North Carolina

    Good quality

    I tried taking this product and going to work and it gave me a headache. However I learned to take it before relaxing times, like meditation, bath and bed time. Took me a while to learn to use this product, but I am glad I did. If used right it can make stress go away, and I know I am getting all the benefits of medicinal mushrooms too.