Chaga Mushroom

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Dose is 1000mgs Chaga Mushroom liquid extract per 1ml dropper - supplement size is 2oz (60ml) per bottle. A Tonic Tincture uses raw materials that are sourced for potency, tested for safety and extracted via an advanced multi-step laboratory process for maximum effectiveness.

A Tonic Tincture is a 100% pure and unique medicinal grade super concentrated extract liquid that is lab produced from adaptogens and has profound tonic strengthening actions on our bodies in various ways. 

A Pure, Potent, and Powerful Chaga Mushroom Extract Liquid Supplement

Chaga Mushroom Inonotus Obliquus Liquid Extract Tincture Supplement

Hardwood Cultivated and Wild Harvested Chaga Mushroom are Extracted for an Effective Supplement

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Chaga Mushroom Benefits

  • Immune Regulating
  • Systemic Detoxification
  • Liver Protectant
  • Pineal Activator
  • Adrenal Regulator

Chaga Mushroom Uses

Chaga is a slow growing black sclerotium harvested from the trunks of birch trees throughout the northern hemisphere. Traditional cultures brewed water extractions requiring a very large amount to produce a beverage that will elicit the desired effects and results. The Russians advanced the methods of extraction and understanding with research that began nearly eighty years ago into tonic adaptogens and natural remedies. Their research showed that an aqueous alcohol extract was most effective in producing the desired effects and results.

Chaga Mushroom Summary 

A properly made Chaga mushroom supplement provides numerous constituents which have antioxidant and anti-aging attributes that have a broad range of benefits for greater health and wellbeing. This medicinal mushroom is understood to regulate an overactive or an underactive immune function while supporting healthy cardiovascular function. It supports organ and glandular function and proper cell division. Be sure to be consistent with a dosage that is supported by research and traditional usage.

Fresh Batched on Dec 1st 2015

Chaga Mushroom Inonotus Obliquus Liquid Extract Tincture Supplement Label

 Ingredients of Chaga Mushroom Supplement

- Flash-steamed and cracked cell wall organic hardwood cultivated and wild harvested Chaga mushroom sclerotium and mycelium (Inonotus obliquus)
- Structured Distilled Water
- Triple Filtered Pharmaceutical Grade Organic Alcohol (30% by volume)
- 2oz. (60ml) supplement - 60 droppers in a bottle.

Serving Size: 1-4 droppers
Daily Usage: 1-12 droppers per day
Tonic Cycle:  Indefinately or 1-6 week cycles 3-12 times annually
Extraction Ratio: 8:1 which is 1 pound into 1 quart - 57,700mgs per 2oz. bottle

Expiration and Storage Information

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