Chaga Mushroom


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Chaga is a tonic adaptogen superfood with special powers.

Scientifically it is a special class of fungus known as a medicinal mushroom which have healing properties.

And we use these mushrooms to adapt to:

  • Our internal and external environments by cleansing and protecting us

And to adapt to:

  • Our perceived stresses of daily life by boosting clarity and energy

    Chaga is considered to be the most important one, called the king of mushrooms!

    It really has it has a lot to benefit us.

    Here is much of what it may do for you:

    1. Immune Regulating - lymph detox and white blood cell promotion
    2. Blood Cleanser - supports liver and kidney functions - apoptosis of foreign tissue
    3. Liver Protectant - neutralize toxins - boost liver function - regenerate liver
    4. Pineal Activator - de-calcify and promote blood-flow to gland for higher mental activity 
    5. Adrenal Regulator - support homeostasis - support blow flow to kidney/adrenal
    6. Energy Balancing - support appropriate response to activity
    7. Skin Protective - melanin promoter and skin antioxidant
    8. Water Balance - hydrating and removal of water bloat from adipose tissue
    9. Blood-sugar Assistance - reduce carb tolerance - mineral support - chromium

    Unfortunately overheated homemade teas and diluted dual-extract tinctures don't work well for this full-spectrum of effects and results of Chaga. 

    You may get something, but with weaker potency.

    At least those liquids are better than powders and capsules which are even more lacking in the preservation of active constituents due to oxidation.

    We explain this comparison of Tonic Tinctures and other methods here on the homepage.

    So you need to get a concentrated and activated liquid extract.

    This takes several different steps using multiple pieces of equipment.

    We never use any steel to extract. Always porcelain and glass, as metal reacts and weakens the final product.

    When we say we are artisan, it is because we take pride in our hard work batching really good tinctures.

    And, no matter how many we sell, we stick to our small 8 bottle batches for attention to detail.

    We do it finest:

    • Select Quality & Service - we source fresh, process and small batch fresh all the time
    • Hydroalcoholic Tincture - easy to absorb - both solvents required for full-spectrum
    • Non-Reactive Lab Equipment - we do not use stainless steel, only porcelain and glass
    • Full-Spectrum - 99.9% active constituents from multi-steps
    • Broken Cell Wall - crack the chitin to release the special nutrition
    • Slow Pulls - long duration extraction steps for maximum yield
    • Concentrated - as we say "the marc is spent" and tasteless
    • Cold Processed - separated and preserving volatile constituents without heat or contact with air
    • Heat Amplified - separated polysaccharides are gently warmed to the right temperature for bio-available activation

    And we use the best Chaga one can get!

    • Organic USA Birch Grown Sweet Chaga - higher in polysaccharides and ensures a reliable potency product to you
    • Wild Canadian Harvested Bitter Chaga - higher in acids, rare earth elements and minerals to round out the deep tonic effects

    Fresh Batched:

    February 13th 2018

    Premium Chaga is processed using raw materials that are sourced and formulated for potency.

    Tonic Tinctures Chaga Mushroom Fresh Batch

    Supplement size is 2oz (60ml) per bottle.

    Dose is 1000mgs Chaga Mushroom liquid extract per 1ml dropper. 

     Tonic Tinctures Chaga Mushroom Supplement Label


    • Chaga Mushroom (Inonotus obliquus)
      • Organic USA Grown Hardwood
      • Wild Canadian Harvested
    • Structured Distilled Water
    • Triple Filtered USP Grade Organic Alcohol (25% by volume)
    Serving Size: 1 dropper
    Daily Usage: 1-3 droppers 1-3 times per day

    Extraction Ratio: 2 pounds:1 quart - 57,000mgs to 2oz.(60ml)

    Made In Bend Oregon USA

    Expiration & Storage Information

    Chaga Mushroom Dosage

    For best results hold the extract liquid under the tongue for 60-90 seconds and then swallow the rest of the extract. Doing this

    allows many of the constituents to bypass digestion and enter the body through the mouth. It also better promotes the immediate effects.

    Being based upon studies that show efficacy and the numerous textbooks concerning Chaga mushroom, 2,000 to 12,000 milligrams daily is the recommended dosage.

    This is 2-12 droppers a day.

    One may take 1-3 droppers once to twice daily or three times for a more powerful detoxification effect.

    Many benefits of adaptogens come from consistent continued use over a period of time – we believe low doses taken over the course of 30-90 days to be a good time-frame concerning a course of supplementation.

    Please take some time to learn how to take a tonic tincture and receive the best benefits from supplementation.

    • One may take Chaga however they feel is best, but some may experience low blood sugar via consumption and therefore are recommended in taking it with food.
    • When one is sick it is best to divide the dose throughout the day..
    • To assist adaptation to stress, consume before a knowingly stressful event.
    • As a preventative, consume for a tonic cycle.


    Found naturally in the Northern Hemisphere. Chaga is a slow growing black sclerotium harvested from the trunks of birch trees. A quick mycology refresher...a sclerotium is a mass of mycelium. Mycelcium is the trigger word for the most potent part of the mushroom.

    Types of Extraction

    Chaga is difficult to eat and difficult to properly digest. This problem of assimilation is due to chitin which is the tough cell walls called chitin. That is why traditional cultures brewed water extractions. It takes a lot of time doing it this way. And it requires a very large amount of mushroom to produce an extract that will elicit the desired effects and results.

    Hydroalcoholic Advances in Production

    80 years ago the Russians advanced the methods that we still use today. Straight to the market it went for use in general health promotion and maintenance as well as reversing weak and ill organs/glands. It was even found to promote apoptosis of foreign tissue. Thanks to the advent of mutli-step two solvent extraction learned decades ago. Using both alcohol and water.

    Chaga is Adaptive

    Later it earned top status as a tonic adaptogenSuperfoods classified as an adaptogen are known support our entire being and protect us against stress. Often they are tonic - make us stronger in various ways. Using the power of mushroom adaptation for the modern high stress life. For those wanting specifics of where it helps in particular.

    Deep into the glands:

    • Adrenal,
    • Thymus
    • Pineal
    • Parathyroid

    Many systems and organs in the body find regeneration and gain strength:

    • Nerves
    • Kidney
    • Liver
    • Gallbladder
    • Heart
    • Lung
    • Vascular
    • Lymph

    For the docs and practitioners:


      • Shen
      • Qi
      • Jing
      • Blood
      • Kidney
      • Liver
      • Gallbladder
      • Lung

    A properly made Chaga mushroom supplement provides numerous constituents.

    Active Constituents:

    • Polysaccharides (Beta-D-Glucans)
    • Melanin
    • Triterpenes (Triterpenoids)
    • Sterols (Ergosterol, Cerevisterol)
    • Peptidoglycans (Glycoproteins)
    • Nucleotides
    • Coumarins
    • Lectins
    • Germanium
    • Trace Minerals
      • High amounts of Selenium and Chromium

    A Plentitude of Uses

    • Immune Function
    • Blood Cleansing
    • Liver Cleansing
    • Organ Supporting
    • Supporting Blood Sugar
    • Vitamins & Minerals

    From antioxidants to rare earth minerals. An antioxidant capacity that negates the oxidative effects of stress and toxins. A cellular SOD (superoxide dimutase) initiator, our bodies own potent antioxidant.

    Broad Spectrum Mineralizer

    Trace minerals are required for critical enzymes in longevity and anti-aging. Many minerals offer DNA and RNA assistance for proper cell division. It particularly has the trace mineral selenium in good quantity which is great for lung and heart health. And selenium is powerful antioxidant too!

    Gentle Detoxification

    Herbalism is known for its powerful tissue cleanings botanicals. Which means that it supports blood cleansing which in turn supports liver function. Taken consistently, alternatives ensure less stress and damage from environmental and internal toxins. Continued preventative use is what we expect from this function.

    Strong defensive system

    Like all medicinal mushrooms, it regulates an overactive or an underactive immune system. Boosting white blood cells while cleansing lymph. And how been shown to have fungal cleansing properties. It includes high amounts of melanin which is a natural pigment that protects are skin.

    The most important thing to consider for taking Chaga:

    Is that our daily world has become pretty toxic making us sluggish where we feel tired and worn-out.

    Clean daily energy

    It supports digestion and assimilation for healthy energy that is neither overactive or deficient. Support for looking and feeling good. Better digestion and kidney health assists bloat and water control.

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