Jujube Date Facts

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Jujube Date



Classification: Tonic
Category: Superfood
Grade: Food and Dietary Supplement
Tastes: Sweet
Used By: Male, Female, Young to Elderly
Usage: Food, Soup, Tea, Powder, Wine, Tincture
Benefits: Energy,  Antioxidant, Digestive, Calming, Harmonizing, Detoxification



Jujube dates have been cultivated and eaten for food for thousands of years. The fruit is commonly known as Chinese date or 'big date'. The largest dates are the best quality. They have similar flavor to apple and contain apple fiber, which is called pectin.

They were initially introduced to many other countries from China along the Silk Road. Their trade and cultivation reached Europe and the United States during the 1800's.

They are dried and also made into candies, syrups, jams, drinks and vinegar.

Type: Fructus Jujubae - Ziziphus jujuba Mill
Cultures: China, Korean, Japanese, and Southeast Asia
Sources: Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East, North America, Australia, and New Zealand



Their health benefits have long been known to the Chinese and many other cultures. And like any tonic food, consistent consumption of jujube dates build-up health and mental well-being.

They promote a lasting energy while calming the nerves and any associated excess emotions that may sour or aggravate one's mood. A common Chinese practice is to look at one's tongue, if the tip is more red than the rest of the tongue than the emotions are erratic; in this case, jujube dates are the commonly recommended mood tonic.

Jujube dates are a harmonizing tonic superfood that are often added to herbal formulas and tonic preparations to make them work better. They are hydrating, detoxifying and building up to the blood and many tissues. For these reasons, they are a great beauty tonic for skin and healthy hormones. 

Jujube dates are also added to liver and blood tonics to maintain stable energy levels during detoxification, thus making a detoxification tonic easier to take.

A classic combination formula is to add jujube date to streamed red ginseng roots to make it easier to take more and get more benefits from both the red ginseng roots and jujube dates. Red ginseng is more stimulating to physical activity, mental activity and mood enhancing, making the nutrients from jujube dates necessary.




Constituents: Carbohydrates, vitamin C, vitamin B1 and B2; carotene; flavonoids such as apigenin; pectin; polysaccharides; saponins such as phytosterols, including beto-sitosterol, stigmasterol; triterpene glycosides; various fatty acids including omega 9; alkaloids; 18 amino acids; minerals, including potassium and iron.


Body Parts: Muscles
Organs: Stomach, Heart, Liver, Skin
Glands: Spleen, Adrenal, Sex
Systems: Blood, Circulation, Nerve, Parasympathetic



What does jujube date do?

Jujube date supports, maintains, and promotes stable energy levels, calm nerves, better moods, liver function and detoxification, blood circulation, skin health, hydration and hormones such as adrenal and sex hormones. 


Jujube dates contains the B vitamin thiamine which stabilizes blood sugar and assists nerve function. They also contain iron which support the ability of red blood cells to generate oxygen for energy production.


Jujube dates have the B vitamin riboflavin which assist carbohydrate and fat metabolism from foods; this vitamin is also important for adrenal hormones and stress-tolerance. Jujube has high amounts of potassium to support the nervous system during activity; potassium must be replaced continually throughout the day for optimal performance.


Many constituents within jujube date and benefits work together for their mood enhancing properties. Circulation, detoxification, and hydration harmonize the bodily functions for greater calmness. Greater energy capacity, adrenal hormones and B vitamins strengthen the nerves and mind. Polyphenol flavonoid plant pigments, including spinosin and swertish, have soothing and calming properties to the body and emotions.

Liver Function and Detoxification

Jujube dates date contains plant saponins called triterpene glycosides that promote blood circulation in the liver. Many antioxidants, including vitamin c, carotene, polyphenols and flavonoids assist blood detoxification. In addition, the unique fruit fiber found in apples and jujube dates, called pectin, assist detoxification by binding with toxins and promoting bowel movements.

Circulation and Heart

Jujube date contains riboflavin, which assist blood circulation, and alkaloids and triterpene glycosides that support healthy blood pressure. The strong red-pigment antioxidant flavonoids also maintain blood pressure and promote healthy heart and circulation. Potassium is an important mineral for blood volume and heart health.

Skin and Stomach

Jujube is hydrating and lubricating to internal tissues. Carotene is an important red-orange plant pigment that promotes skin and stomach health and regeneration. The plant saponins found in jujube date lubricate the stomach and skin from the inside out.


Jujube contains a concentration of B vitamins and minerals such as potassium support that support hydration and many of the other listed healthful benefits derived from jujube date consumption.

Adrenal and Sex Hormones

Jujube dates contain saponins and sterols, such as beta-sitosterol, that are structurally similar to adrenal and sex hormones and used for their production in body. Although jujube dates do not contain as much saponins and sterols as other tonics, when they are taken in a hormone formula and/or adrenal formula, these adrenal and sex hormone benefits will be further enhanced.


Available Products:

Jujube dates are most commonly found in formulation with other tonics and adaptogens to harmonize and enhance their benefits.

Blood Grail

Blood Grail is a multi-tonic formula that supports stable energy, liver and blood health, healthy detoxification and hormone metabolism. It is also used long term for healthy skin, hair and nails as part of a compete diet including plenty of protein.

Panax Ginseng

Classical combination for stable energy and mood enhancing benefits. Red ginseng is further enhanced by the inclusion of jujube dates in many ways to promote satisfaction in work and sports performance with less burnout.

Korean Ginseng

Jujube dates are added in formulation with large ginseng roots which have a ginsenoside content for adrenal and sex hormones. The many benefits of Korean Ginseng are enhanced, especially the mood benefits of Korean Ginseng concerning sports confidence, work satisfaction and sexual pleasure.

Heaven Ginseng

Wild ginseng roots and the highest quality garden cultivated ginseng is combined with jujube dates for an ascendant feel-good tonic that invigorates the mind, body and spirit.



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