Golden Dragon

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Golden Dragon Poster


Golden Dragon is an advanced tonic formulation, both in the way it is made and the way it is taken.

Only the dedicated tonic enthusiast will harness the dragon’s potential for personal power.

The Golden Dragon needs someone who understands how to maximize their health and who is actively taking responsibility for their personal evolution.
We must respect the authority of the dragon and surrender to its freedom to truly transform our daily lives.

Golden Dragon is a labor-intensive tonic to make, because it uses some of the most exalted tonic herbs, such as astragalus root, Chinese licorice root, American ginseng root and specially prepared aconite root.  And it is this herbal power that commands dignified formulation by the artisan to assist the manifestation of our most treasured aspirations and dreams.

Golden Dragon opens our spirit to undertake new adventure in life. It drives the circulation of energies in our bodies to vibrant ascendency.

It awakens within us the enthusiastic vigor for enterprise; in other words, it greatly supports the necessary energy levels and digestive capacities to support success and wealth consciousness.

Golden Dragon is our own epigenetic capacity for creating health and wealth.

Transformation not only occurs in the ways that we think and feel, but also into our epigenetic capacities for changes to the way our body functions. Wealth and success require lasting physical changes to our metabolism so that we may sustain our development of prosperity. Put simply, raising the power of the Golden Dragon is the ability to naturally awaken dormant genes for modification towards greater versions of our selves.

This formula exemplifies the ability of its tonics by meticulous processing that includes preparing them in ways that include aging, baking, and honey-frying. Such further preparation enhances their profound energy balancing capacities to harmonize the various systems in the body for greater participation in the experience of life.

Above all, this formula helps the digestive track feed the body by increasing assimilation of food and concurrent nutrient circulation and assimilation, by using three important foundational tonics of Classical Chinese Herbalism:

  • Honey-fried Astragalus Root
  • Honey-fried Chinese Licorice Root
  • Baked Atractylodes Root

These tonic-energy-roots greatly affect the heart, spleen, stomach and liver metabolism, increasing our ability to assimilate more protein from foods and use fats for more efficient energy production.

A strong stomach and spleen are where our mind finds the ability to digest life; to assimilate experience in a more holistic and life-affirming way.

And it is not just about the individual tonics within Golden Dragon, but the alchemical wisdom of their synergy to steady our heart’s rhythm for a centered feeling, thus facilitating of a shift in our spirit consciousness. A powerful conductive and amplification blend of tonics enhances overall vitality and supports an increased energy level which includes greater clarity of heart feeling and mind activity. They also have notable benefits to strengthen heart circulation and circulation of both lymph and blood boosting nutrient assimilation and oxygenation of important bodily tissues like the nervous system and brain.

Be forewarned! The powers of awakening the Golden Dragon with this potion are only open to those who can harness its epigenetic serpent-like energy. Skill and experience with tonic adaptogens is highly recommended for best results. Concurrent use of this Tonic Tincture requires knowledge of how to program tonics with food, supplements and lifestyle.

Here are the key dietary areas for optimum effectiveness:

Protein digestion and assimilation - Tonifying with Golden Dragon requires the consumption of adequate amounts of protein due to increasing requirements in the body’s metabolism. Simply because more energy and life participation requires more protein enzyme functions to sustain bodily vigor. For protein digestion and assimilation we need at least 60+ grams of high-quality proteins throughout the day, from eggs, meats and cheeses. To fully encompass gene health we must have plenty of enzymes for our genetic code to expresses itself through the restoring of healthier and wealthier gene combinations.

Antioxidants and ORAC - Boosting the metabolism requires greater control of increased amounts of oxygenation and concurrent energy release during oxidation. This is how we make the bodily machine work better, by turning up the power and controlling it. Continuous consumption of various forms of antioxidants will be the best measure here: teas of kinds, both caffeinated and herbal teas are welcome. Additional supplements such as vitamins B, C and E; minerals like selenomethionine, zinc and copper are suggested. And, of course, tonics like Goji, Schisandra, and any of the Medicinal Mushrooms will be of great benefit to you and the dragon.

In the right hands and with justly respect, may the force of the dragon be with you in prosperity.


Golden Dragon Liquid Supplement

Supplement Summary

Extract Type:
• Tincture - Liquid Extract: Hydroalcohol
Serving Size:
• 1 dropper
Daily Usage: 
• 1-3 droppers 1-3 times per day
Extraction Ratio:
• 3 pounds to 1 quart - 90,000mgs to 2oz.(60ml)
Manufacture Date:
• September 1st 2018
• 2 Years from manufacture

Expiration & Storage Information

Made In Sisters Oregon USA


Golden Dragon Ingredients

These uniquely processed tonic roots impart a tasty tincture that goes great around meal time for boosting energy.

  • 60% Energy Tonics (all organic)
    • Honey-Fried Astragalus Root – strengthens the heart, circulation, digestion of food and assimilation of nutrients from all sources including other supplements such as vitamins and minerals
    • Baked White Atractylodes Root - increases digestion of meats and fats while boosting digestive energy for protein and fats; thereby, increasing food and supplement absorption.
    • Honey-Fried Chinese Licorice Root - promotes circulation through the digestive track and balances adrenal function, to match physical activity levels.
  • 20% Assistant Tonic (organic)
    • Sun Dried American Ginseng Root Organic – moistens digestive and lung tissues to assist assimilation of food, water and air.
  • 19% Conductive Tonics
    • Hawthorn Berry (Organic) – digestive antioxidant that promotes circulation throughout the digestive track and benefits digestion of proteins and fats
    • Turmeric Root (Organic) – powerful antioxidant that assist increased energy and concurrent liver demand
    • Gardenia Fruit (Organic) – digestive liver tonic known to promote happiness and lift the mood to positive feelings
    • Red Peony Root (Organic) – direct circulation and release emotional spasms that may block feeling
    • Aged Cascara Sagrada Bark (Wild) - ensure the smooth movement of high protein and fat foods through the bowels.
  • 1% Amplification Tonic
    • Baked Chinese Aconite Root - opens the lungs for greater oxygenation and powerfully drives energy circulation throughout the body
  • Structured Distilled Water
  • Triple Filtered USP Grade Organic Alcohol (30% by volume)


Tincture Details

Tonic Tinctures Golden Dragon Fresh Batch

2oz. (60ml) Golden Dragon Supplement - 60 droppers in a bottle

Tonic Tinctures Golden Dragon Liquid Extract Supplement Label

Golden Dragon Tincture is 1500mgs extract per 1ml dropper.


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