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Turmeric & Ginger is a dual pack of the two most versatile tonic herbal remedies for health and wellness.*

Each Tincture Is Made With Fresh and Dried Roots

Turmeric & Ginger Key Benefits:

  • Enhances nutrient absorption.*
  • Supports healthy digestion and gut comfort.*
  • Bolsters immune system function.*
  • Maintains cardiovascular health and function.*
  • Supports liver function and natural detoxification processes.*
  • May help manage feelings of fatigue and stress.*
  • May help promote a sense of warmth and relaxation in the body.*
  • Supports joint health and flexibility.*
  • Soothes minor aches and discomfort in muscles and joints.*
  • Helps maintain healthy hormone balance.*
  • Fosters overall well-being and recovery.*


When combined into any diet and supplementation program, both tonic herbs will boost digestion and digestive track health, the heart and vascular system, and liver function detoxification.*

Longer term consistent benefits will be a stronger immune system, improved rejuvenation, quicker recovery from short-term stresses of eating, working, and travelling, and easier flexibility with reduced joint discomfort.*

Turmeric Description

Ginger Description

Understanding how to incorporate these tonics into your daily diet will result in overall better results with other supplements, including tonics, adaptogens, and medicinal herbs. Additionally, studying the uses and functions of ginger and turmeric is an important skill for a tonic herbalist who is understand how to better benefit from supplementation with tonics.*

These two commonly used vitalizing tonic herbs are easy to take consistently and anytime.

Choose Your Pack Size:

  • Twin Pack: One bottle of Ginger and One bottle of Turmeric (10% off)
  • Quad Pack: Two bottles of Ginger and Two bottles of Turmeric (15% off)
  • Big Pack: of Three bottles of Ginger and Three bottles of Turmeric (20% off; and a free bottle of Schisandra)

Feel Good with Turmeric & Ginger!

Take Turmeric & Ginger any time, in any combination, with a complete diet. You may take them separately or combine them for greater overall benefits.*

Suggested Timing: 2-4 times a day, at 1-4 droppers of any combination of ginger and turmeric total at a time.

Ginger Timing:*

  • Before or after meals to warm the stomach and assist digestion.*
  • In a juice or shake or with any food and supplement to increase absorption.*
  • Before or after stressful times, for a quick pick me up!*
  • During minor digestive upset for less discomfort.*
  • With other tonics, adaptogens, and medicinal botanicals to boost their potency and efficacy.*

Turmeric Timing:*

  • With meals, for digestion of fats and proteins.*
  • In-between meals, to assist detoxification of the by-products of fatigue and reduce stress.*
  • After exercise or working or travelling, to assist recovery as part of a complete meal or a protein snack/shake.*
  • Before exercise, to boost circulation, promote cardiovascular function, and flexibility.*
  • With other medicinal herbs, like chamomile, mint, echinacea, skullcap, goldenseal, and more, that have antioxidant, antitoxin, liver health, and immune system properties, to respectively increase their efficacy for digestion, detoxification and/or immune health.*

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