Panax Ginseng


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Fresh Batched: April 6th 2018

Tonic Tinctures Panax Ginseng Fresh Batch

Dose is 1000mgs panax red ginseng root liquid extract per 1ml dropper - supplement size is 2oz (60ml) per bottle.

    Tonic Tinctures Panax Ginseng Liquid Extract Supplement Label

     Ingredients of Panax Ginseng Root Supplement

    - A mix of organic Jilin (Kirin) 6-10 Year Red Ginseng Whole Root #1, #2, #3, Shui Chu 10 Year Red Gisneng Whole Root #16 thru #80, Red Jujube Dates
    - Structured Distilled Water
    - Triple Filtered USP Grade Organic Alcohol (30% by volume)
    - 2oz. (60ml) supplement - 60 droppers in a bottle.

    Serving Size: 1-3 droppers 1-3 times a day
    Daily Usage: 1-9 droppers per day

    Extraction Ratio: 1 quart - 85,500mgs per 2oz. bottle

    Expiration and Storage Information


    For best results hold the extract liquid under the tongue for 60-90 seconds and then swallow the rest of the extract. This allows many of the constituents to bypass digestion and enter the body through the mouth. It also better promotes the immediate effects.

    Red Ginseng dosage guidelines are based on individuality and personal preferences of how much additional clean energy one would like during the day.* 

    The most one may need is 1-3 droppers at one time.

    Being based upon studies that show efficacy and the numerous textbooks, 3,000 - 9,000 milligrams daily of red ginseng is the recommended dosage. This is 2-6 droppers per day.

    Many benefits of adaptogens come from consistent continued use over a period of time – we believe low doses taken over the course of time are most beneficial.* Please take some time to learn how to take a tonic tincture and receive the best benefits from supplementation.

    Start with a minimum dose of one dropper and work up to a functional dose over time. Take your time becoming aware of the effects that red ginseng has to offer and do your best to consume for a tonic cycle of 2-8 weeks to fully ripen those benefits.* A correctly run cycle will maintain benefit after one has concluded supplementation.* If you wish to resume it will be best to patiently wait at least 3-4 weeks before beginning another cycle.*

    Please consider the following point to best achieve results and effects:

    • One may take ginseng however they feel is best, but some may experience low blood sugar via consumption and therefore are recommended in taking it with food.*
    • Since ginseng is a mental stimulant some people may not want to consume before sleep.*
    • To assist adaptation to physical and mental stress, consume before a knowingly stressful event.* 
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