Panax Ginseng

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Panax Ginseng is the best physical tonic for success with health and fitness, And a lot of people are serious about it, As more than 2,000,000 high-quality pounds are produced every year from world-wide velvet antler farms.

Business is booming! This is good:

As it makes your new thing to do affordable; so you can take what you need to make it work: It is about Panax Ginseng's wide spectrum of unique nutrition.

We know about growth factors, such as IGF-1, which are responsible for promoting healthy hormones. It is the synergy of all the constituents that help these growth factors work better. And this is why our Panax Ginseng is so awesome! If you go read other labels and check the magic "extract-ratios" and micro-nanogram amounts, you'll discover something interesting:

We aren't putting a few milligrams in each serving;

Tonic Tinctures' Panax Ginseng is impeccably formulated at 500mgs per 1ml dropper (60 droppers in a bottle). We are 10x to 50x more concentrated than the competition. You don't have to worry; you will get value for money and enough to make it work. Keeping your body going day and night.

You will find a bottle in your:

  • Gym Bag - increases joint and muscular strength*
  • Workplace Cabinet - improves work stamina* 
  • Bedroom Drawer - sexual performance*

 Its used by you for:

  • Less Fatigue*
  • Regeneration*
  • Healing Injuries*
  • Decreased Soreness and Pain*
  • Sex Organ Health and Intimacy*
  • Healthier Weight Management*

Just to clarify that last point, lots of people notice this cool side-effect:

Indeed, within weeks you may begin to notice less waist and belly fat (a.k.a. a smaller "spare-tire").* We tell them, "That is because your hormones are working better and why you are looking and feeling better from all that hard work exercising." We get a spare-tire because our body gets tired, Your new thing to do with your nutrition and fitness program will remove that spare-tire and replace it with a lean and solid waist that you and others can be proud of.

So we take Panax Ginseng to make:

  • Work easier*
  • Working-out better*
  • Our body leaner*
  • Muscles and joints hurt less*
  • Sex more satisfying*

How does it do all this?

Because it is the best physical tonic out there:


Panax Ginseng Liquid Supplement

Table of Contents

  1. Supplement Specs
  2. Panax Ginseng Ingredients
  3. Dosage
  4. What is Panax Ginseng?
  5. Panax Ginseng Usage
  6. Benefits
  7. How Does it Work?
  8. Composition Analysis

Supplement Summary

Serving Size:
• 1 dropper
Daily Usage: 
• 1-9 droppers per day
Extraction Ratio:
• 1 quart - 85,500mgs per 2oz. bottle
Manufacture Date:
• May 22nd 2018
• 2 Years from manufacture

Expiration & Storage Information

Made In Bend Oregon USA


Panax Ginseng Specs

Panax Ginseng is known for its powerful energy properties that boost our overall feelings of well-being.

We formulate Panax Ginseng made from select quality roots cultivated in gardens in northern China that have been cultivated a minimum of 6 years. Be prepared; this is definitely an adventure tonic.

See our homepage for more about our methods. See below for more info about ingredients.


Panax Ginseng Supplement Ingredients

  • A mix of organic Jilin (Kirin) 6-10 Year Red Ginseng Whole Root #1, #2, #3
  • Shui Chu 10 Year Red Gisneng Whole Root #16 thru #80
  • Red Jujube Dates
  • Structured Distilled Water
  • Triple Filtered USP Grade Organic Alcohol (30% by volume)


Summary Details

Tonic Tinctures 
Panax Ginseng Fresh Batch

2oz. (60ml) supplement - 60 droppers in a bottle

Tonic Tinctures 
Panax Ginseng Supplement Label

Panax Ginseng dose is 1000mgs extract per 1ml dropper.



Panax Ginseng Dosage

For best results hold the extract liquid under the tongue for 60-90 seconds and then swallow the rest of the extract. This allows many of the constituents to bypass digestion and enter the body through the mouth. It also better promotes the immediate effects.

Red Ginseng dosage guidelines are based on individuality and personal preferences of how much additional clean energy one would like during the day.* 

The most one may need is 1-3 droppers at one time.

Being based upon studies that show efficacy and the numerous textbooks, 3,000 - 9,000 milligrams daily of red ginseng is the recommended dosage. This is 2-6 droppers per day.

Many benefits of adaptogens come from consistent continued use over a period of time – we believe low doses taken over the course of time are most beneficial.* Please take some time to learn how to take a tonic tincture and receive the best benefits from supplementation.

Start with a minimum dose of one dropper and work up to a functional dose over time. Take your time becoming aware of the effects that red ginseng has to offer and do your best to consume for a tonic cycle of 2-8 weeks to fully ripen those benefits.* A correctly run cycle will maintain benefit after one has concluded supplementation.* If you wish to resume it will be best to patiently wait at least 3-4 weeks before beginning another cycle.*

Please consider the following point to best achieve results and effects:

  • One may take ginseng however they feel is best, but some may experience low blood sugar via consumption and therefore are recommended in taking it with food.*
  • Since ginseng is a mental stimulant some people may not want to consume before sleep.*
  • To assist adaptation to physical and mental stress, consume before a knowingly stressful event.* 



What is Panax Ginseng?

Red Ginseng is the quintessential qi tonic of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).*

This complex life-giving root that is extensively varied in its benefits to the human organism.

  • What is Panax Ginseng?
  • Cultivation, Harvest and Processing
  • Root Quality and Selections Standards

Oftentimes one may find a spelling of ginsing in old herbal texts. Ginsing is also a common and understandable phonetic misspelling.

An Artist Illustration of Panax Ginseng Plant with Root, Leaf and Berry

Panax Ginseng Plant Illustration

Panax Ginseng Grows in Many Regions of Asia and is Cultivated and found Wild

Its clean energy has earned it the botanical naming of Panax literally meaning Panacea or "all-heal" in Greek.

Long before the discovery of ginseng to the old Western world it was known simply as "Ren Shen" to the Chinese which has the meaning of man-root because of it similar shape to a person in that the root may often fork at the bottom mimicking legs. Some collectible roots have arms and the more similar a root looks like a human being the more collectible and pricey it becomes.

Ren Shen Chinese Characters

Chinese Characters - Ren Shen

It has also moved through the ages from a folk remedy to a highly regarded herbal health care supplement that can improve anyone's quality of life.*

Being highly valuable and sought after by the world's people, as a whole body strengthener, ginseng was once traded for silk, and now it goes for up to hundreds of dollars a pound for large succulent quality roots.*

Such roots are found in our connoisseur ginseng supplements of Korean Ginseng and Heaven Ginseng. The flavor profile of these supplements are sweet and decadent as opposed to the bittersweet flavor of our Red Ginseng. 

Cultivation, Harvest, and Processing

Panax Ginseng is found wild and cultivated throughout the Orient in northeast ChinaKoreaJapan and Bhutan, hence it being also known by common name as Asian Ginseng.

Cultivated and farmed ginseng goes through special scientific growing process and is known as garden ginseng in China.

When cultivated, it is always shade grown to mimic its natural growing environment that is similar to the forest canopy that would naturally cover it in shade.

Shade Grown Ginseng Garden in Jilin Province

Shade Grown Ginseng Garden in Jilin Province

Varieties of Asian Panax Ginseng

The best varieties are found in the Northeastern Mountains of China and in the mountains of North and South Korea.

The common commercial variety is six year garden ginseng, also known as Jilin (Kirin) ginseng, comes from Northeast China in the Jilin (Kirin) and Heilongjiang provinces and offer the desired benefits and effects at an affordable price for consistent consumption.

You may find a high quality Heaven 15 Korean Ginseng in our catalog for those who desire a maximum potency ginseng supplement. 

One particular valley within this region, known as the Shui Chu valley is believed to have the best soil and produces excellent roots that are grown for a minimum of 10 Years. These expensive and lovely succulent connoisseur roots, also known as Mountain Ginseng, are found with semi-wild ginseng roots in our Heaven Ginseng extraction.

Harvest Timing

Concerning the plentiful and cultivated variety, it is best harvested at the appropriate age of 6 or more years for optimal potency and ease of supplementation.*

Fresh Harvested, Washed and Cleaned Ginseng Roots

Fresh Harvested, Washed and Cleaned Ginseng Roots

Some garden ginseng will be left in the ground for up to 10 years to ensure larger and more succulent roots which fetch higher prices.

As a note: some suppliers and customers confuse this harvest age with something called aged ginseng. Aged ginseng does not gain mystical properties or become more fine or potent - it is simply wisely stored ginseng.


After harvesting the white roots are sorted, washed, trimmed, steamed and then dried in the sun to further enhance its functional potency as the premier adaptogen tonic.* 

A Trimmed and Steamed 6 Year Jilin Red Ginseng Root

A Trimmed and Steamed 6 Year Jilin Red Ginseng Root

As many of the constituents are found close to the skin, this is not peeled and graciously left on while processing.

From here they separated based on certain measurable key factors to identify quality.

Steaming Ginseng Turns it Red

Steamed whole root ginseng can be stored for a couple decades without loss of potency.

This steamed red variety, as opposed to the un-steamed raw white, is known to be more efficacious and easier to use so that we may derive its multitude of benefits.*

To make a root red by steaming they are soaked and then steamed with a tea made from jujube dates, also known as Fructus Jujube or Jujube Fruit. This turns them red in color and activates much of the potential for supplementation.

Jujube Date is Used to Make the Steaming Tea that Turns Ginseng Red

Jujube Fruit Harmonizes Ginseng's Energy Making it Easier to Take

Jujube Fruit Harmonizes Ginseng's Energy Making it Easier to Take

Jujube dates are a classic combination as their own energy and nutrition allows ginseng to work better by smoothing the flow of energy through the body and keeping the mind and heart centered. It is common practice to further brew ginseng with jujube to ensure full enhancement of one's tonic.

Red ginseng is has more metabolic drive, boosting metabolism and overall energy which is easier for consistent consumption to derive maximum benefit.

Root Quality and Selection Standards

It has been studied and shown that as a ginseng root grows older, its active constituents increase in quantity, which is why one must select and use only the largest 6+ year old steamed roots.*

Whole roots are weighed and separated by size, robustness and inner quality characteristics. Inner quality is tested with a bright light being shown through the root to identify if there is imperfections of interior empty space in the root.

Red Panax Ginseng Root Slices

Slicing is the Only Surefire Way to Know Interior Quality

Bigger, heavier, fatter and/or complete roots are better. Small, lighter, broken and/or thin roots are inferior. 

Poor Quality

Many of the cheaper ginseng products on the market use very small 2 year old broken roots which will not suffice concerning proper ginsenoside balance and concurrent benefits. Even if grown for 6 years, they generally use the poor quality ginseng which does qualify for whole root sale.

These products will be very bitter without the concurrent sweet taste and will be overly stimulating leading to a poor supplementation experience.

Ginseng Root Size Reflects Quality

A ginseng root size is designated by how many fit within a Chinese unit of mass measure known as a catty. The less roots that fit in a catty the better and more sweet tasting the quality. These numbers can range from #16, #25, #35, #45, #55 all the way up to #80. connoisseurs 

The Connoisseur's Ginseng is from Shui Chu Valley

#16 Shui Chu Changbai Mountain Red Ginseng Roots

#16 Shui Chu Changbai Mountain Red Ginseng Roots

The smaller roots, #55 and #80, are more energy and anti-fatigue tonics while the larger roots, #16, #25, and #35 are more nourishing and endocrine in action. 

As an example: Shui Chu #16 means that only 16 roots fit into a 600 gram catty with each root weighing over 35 grams each This is considered the best Chinese ginseng and such a root may cost over 50 USD!

Efficacious and Affordable Ginseng Come from Jilin Province Gardens

Jilin Kirin Red Ginseng Whole Root

A #1 and #2 Jilin (Kirin) Red Ginseng Whole Root 

As a note the Jilin quality is measured by size via #1, #2, #3, #4, #5. Where #1 is the bigger roots and #5 are smaller. And here again, poor quality roots do not make it into the whole root market.

We Use All Quality Ginseng

At least one of these highest quality roots goes into each of our micro-batches. But we use a variety of Jilin and Shui Chu whole roots in all the available sizes to complete our artisan batches.




Panax Ginseng Usage

What is Ginseng Used For?

  1. Tonic
  2. Energy
  3. Stress
  4. Aphrodisiac

A Powerful Tonic

Ginseng is one of the most prescribed herbal tonics in China and is also one of the most freely chosen herbal tonics for increasing overall vitality and well-being.

It is commonly found throughout China and Asian communities throughout the world in herbal stores.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Pharmacy

Chinese Herb Store

Red ginseng is commonly prescribed for physical and mental weakness both constitutionally and after prolonged stress.*

It may be used after illness to quickly restore health and vigor.*

In more modern use ginseng has been found to naturally regulate the endocrine system, its glands and hormonal production in the body for better balance and functioning.*

Boosted Natural Nonjittery Energy

Considered a qi tonic in Asia since ancient times, ginseng will raise our vitality and stamina giving us more energy to participate in daily activities.* 

According to the textbooks red ginseng is warming to the body and will assist with coldness, tiredness, lack of motivation, as well as build up vital fluids and blood quality.*

TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine Textbook

TCM Materia Medica

Some report mood enhancing qualities of increased well-being and greater happiness about life.* One aspect of this is that challenges are easier to overcome.

It may be also taken freely to assist our body, mind and emotions in adapting and overcoming any type stress, both bad and good, and ultimately gives way to healthy aging.*

Reduced Stress Effects*

Of the extensive overseas studies of ginseng done on humans over the last several decades, the conclusive evidence points to profound anti-fatigue effects.*

This is because of the innate understanding that ginseng is a premier tonic adaptogen. All tonic adaptogens have anit-stress boosting capabilities when consumed appropriately.

In fact, those who supplemented with ginseng became stronger in response to environmental stress.* They fared better such influences such as increased mental and physical activity loads, prolonged activity, heat, cold, and temperature and pressure changes.

It will promote adrenal function and can be of great benefit in staying above daily stresses.

This may proactively regulate the adrenal glands from over production of fight-or-flight stress hormones attributing a calming and centering effect that will promote a calming effect and even relax muscle tissue.*


Since antiquity ginseng's invigorating properties have boosted intimacy and sexual interest in individuals.

Unique constituents within ginseng, ginsenosides which are scientifically described in further detail at the bottom of this listing, are known to have nitric oxide-like effects of vasodilation and relaxation of muscle tissue.

This is because ginseng is both a stimulant and relaxant which has the action of modifying or releasing nitric oxide from cells which is known to promote blood flow to the sex organs and better prepare our physiology for intimacy.




Panax Ginseng Benefits

LGinseng is stimulating, invigorating and energetic while also being relaxing, calming and relieving.*

Ginseng is a potent energy tonic that has long been revered as a quick acting rejuvenative from stress, tiredness and fatigue.*

It is also a very good mood enhancer that increases our sense of well-being.* This is known to the Chinese as Shen and represents our emotional, mental and spiritual health.

It has aphrodisiac effects that promote good feelings, intimacy and male erections.*

It is an endocrine tonic that strengthens glands and balances hormones for greater health.*

It has non-specific benefits concerning cognitive function, memory and mental clarity.*

To Get the Most Benefit Six Year and Older Steamed Roots are Selected

 Six Year Panax Red Ginseng Roots

Panax Ginseng Derives its Name from the Word Panacea - Meaning All-Healing

Many of benefits of ginseng are because of the duo-directional activity of the included constituents known as ginsenosides which cause and exhibit nitric oxide effects within the cells and blood vessels.

The balance of a quality ginseng supplement always leans to the side of invigoration and liveliness.*



How Does Panax Ginseng Work?

Modern understanding has greatly advanced our traditional knowledge of ginseng root by the understanding of its unique composition.

Certain plentiful constituents in appropriately harvested 6 year roots are known to have both a relaxing and stimulating effects on the the whole body, its nervous system, tissues, organs, and glands.

Ginseng's Potent Nitric Oxide Effects

The duo-directional action of the plentiful ginsenosides within ginseng along with naturally containing b vitamins and certain peptides, like arginine, promote nitric oxide within cells while having further nitric oxide-like effects on tissues and organs throughout the body.

Many of the benefits and effects of ginseng are attributed to the ability of the nitric oxide-like effects on vasodilation and relaxation of muscle tissue.

It does so by modifying or releasing nitric oxide from cells. This is further confirmed with ginseng's high ratio of Arginine which is important in the nitric oxide cycle.

The benefits of nitric oxide are numerous: better blood flow, cardiovascular health, increased power of the five senses, improved cognitive functions, mood enhancing benefits, sexuality, and male erections. 

Although this greatly enhances pumping with weights and increasing blood volume of muscles, it also assist with penile erections.

Ginseng Claims

Firstly we will outline the most scientifically backed and recognized understandings of ginseng root. 

  • Solid Scientific Claims
  • Not Fully Conclusive Claims
  • Not So Scientific Claims

Ginseng Science

Solid Scientific Claims

  • Tonic Adaptogen* - This is a scientific concept that references the research into foods, herbs and supplements that elicit a strengthening effect on the body and its systems.They are tonic in action and stimulate clean holistic energy and prevent fatigue while helping us to overcome stress and maintain strong immune systems.*
  • Exhaustion Recovery* - Where alternative medicine is more accepted alongside allopathic we find that it has gained recognition by the German Commission E (like the German FDA) as a viable tonic for fortification of the bodily systems against stress reviving us from exhaustion.*
  • Antioxidant and Soreness Reduction* - Many of the tissue, nerve and heart claims can easily be traced to the high antioxidant and soreness reducing actions of the key constituents found in ginseng known as ginsenosides. Several ginsenosides exhibit free-radical scavenger activity and others from the relaxing grouping, known as panaxadiol, have pain and soreness reducing properties. Ginseng may promote the efficacous superoxide dimutase (SOD) in cells.

Not Fully Conclusive Claims

  • Illness Reduction* - Traditional use has always claimed that ginseng may reduce the frequency and severity of cold and flu. Some studies seem to back up this idea of boosting immune function, but not all of them. If we look closely we do find immunomodulating polysaccharides within ginseng, so there may be something to this claim.
  • Aphrodisiac* - Traditionally it has been used for its feel good effects of increased well-being, but not everyone. Although some people do report benefit in intimacy, this may be because of the nitric oxide benefits of performance, blood circulation and stress adaptation effects.* Some consider it to strengthen sexual function and laboratory animals do mate more when taking their ginseng supplements.*
  • Fat Buring* - It seems as if everything nowadays is a secret magical weight loss snake oil. Do not be deceived into thinking that just taking ginseng will do the trick. You are smarter than this and know good things take time. But research into other fields show that a reduced stress response, which ginseng has, may be responsible for a smaller waist and allow one more control of diet and related fat and water weight.* 
  • Blood Sugar Control* - Research has shown blood sugar control as ginseng may lower blood sugar with consistent consumption via increasing blood sugar sensitivity. This may assist performance and mental thinking, but to think this will help with a clinical condition associated with pancreas/blood sugar issues is extending thinking too far out of the current boundary of scientific conclusions.

Not So Scientific Claims

  • Male Erection Issues* - Male impotence and male erection issues get big play on the internet from less than reputable sellers and marketers who wish to make a quick buck with false guarantees. Ginseng does have nitric oxide actions that may be specific assistance to making erections harder and giving men sexual stamina. Unfortunately ginseng is inconclusive in far too many studies that have been conducted over the several decades of modern research. This is most likely due to causes being several various issues dependent on the individual. Evidence is still inconclusive and only suggestive.
  • Panacea* - Back in the days of the Jesuits scouting the world and Magellan sailing the ocean ginseng was a wonder herb. So much so that its botanical name panax means means panacea or "all healing". Although this sounds great it is obviously not true, but may have come from the fact that the energy boosting properties do promote vitality and smooth energy, which may temporarily make us feel better due to more holistic energy.



Panax Ginseng Composition Analysis

Active Constituents:

  • Ginsenosides [Sterols, Phytoestrogens] (protopanaxadiol, protopanaxadial, F1, F2, F3, R0, Ra1, Ra2, Rb1, Rb2, Rb3, Rc, Rd, Rd2, Re, Rf, Rg1, Rg2, Rg3, Rh1, Rh2, Rh3, Rs4, Ia, dammarane-type tetracyclic triterpenoid saponins, notoginsenoside-Fe & R2) 
  • Polysacharides (ginseng acidic polysaccharide, poly-furanosyl-pyranosyl-saccharides)
  • Glycosides & Glycans (Peptidoglycans, panaxans, panaxosides, alpha-maltosyl-beta-D-fructofuranoside)
  • Acetylenics (falcarinol, falcarintriol, panaxynol, panaxydol, panaxatriol, panaxytriol)
  • Lipids
  • Peptides (Arginine)
  • Vitamin B1, B2, B12
  • Choline
  • Germanium
  • Trace Minerals


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