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Regen Elixir Supplement Poster
Regen Elixir Supplement Poster
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Regen Elixir formula contains:

  • Deer Antler Velvet
  • Astraglus Root
  • Goji Berry
  • Kelp
  • And more!

Regen Elixir formula has these Key Benefits:

  • Support daily stress-resistance*
  • Promote joint, bone, tissue and muscular repair and recovery*
  • Relief of minor joint aches and discomfort*
  • Repair injuries and regenerate tissues*
  • Promote work posture and exercise form*
  • Build immune function*
  • Support digestion and protein assimilation*
  • Support liver metabolism of fats and hormones*
  • Repair DNA and support RNA replication for healthy cells*
  • Promote endocrine function*
    • Growth and regeneration hormones.*
    • Adrenal hormones*
    • Balanced sex hormones*

Table of Contents

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Regen Elixir Benefits and Uses*

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Regen Elixir Lifestyles*

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Regen Elixir Description

Regen Elixir is a deer antler velvet multi-tonic that is for on-the-go regeneration.*

In other words, Regen Elixir naturally:

  1. Assists healthy regeneration and growth.*
  2. Safely supports growth and regeneration hormones.*

It has a variety of tonics, superfoods and adaptogens that support glandular function, along with a blend of assimilation tonics to enhance the absorption of any foods and supplements eaten around the same time Regen Elixir is taken.*

Regen Elixir nourishes endocrine-initiated recovery and tissue regeneration by supporting the dual-gland structure of the thyroid and parathyroid through the combining of naturally occurring iodine and calcium, which are respectively found in kelp and velvet antler.*

This tonic is a thick gel-like extract of deer antler velvet that is abundant in:

  • Active Hormonal Peptides such as Growth Factors, Including IGF-1
  • Structural Proteins Including Type II Collagen
  • Stimulating Hormone Lipids Similar to Essential Fatty Acids
  • Enzymatic Minerals Such as Calcium, Selenium, and Copper

Regen Elixir actualizes our natural genetic potential, known by the process of epigenetics which supports gene expression via a combination of nutrient density.*

In particular, astragalus, goji and polysaccharides from ocean kelp synergistically support an enzyme called telomerase which protects specific parts of DNA that are responsible for preserving genetic coding necessary for supporting normal cell functioning.*

Importantly, it is the combination of a wide variety of various nutrients in concentration that creates Regen Elixir's beneficial effects.* The specifically formulated holistic combination of nutrients turn-on gene expression for greater health from the cellular level.*

Regen Elixir may be used for:

  • Daily Rejuvenation*
  • Quicker Healing*
  • Increasing Lean Body Mass*
  • Promoting Youthfulness*
  • Joint, Tendon, Ligament, Muscle and Bone Repair*

Start putting Regen Elixir into your dietary program and support the natural power to excel in healthy living.*

Regen Elixir supplementation will be more efficient by focusing on the following dietary protocols:

Vitamin D: Additional quantities of this naturally available hormone vitamin will support endocrine function and the benefits of Regen Elixir.* Vitamin D is found in animal foods, gel-cap supplemental form and by exposing the skin to noon-time sunshine regularly.

Essential Fatty Acids: Omega-3 is a necessary dietary raw material for the body's production of growth and regeneration hormones. Fish oil, found in gel-cap form to preserve freshness, is an excellent source of EFA's and additional nutrients such as vitamin D3.

Eggs: Increase nutrient density and supply a unique combination of nutrition to support tissues and hormones, such as from the vitamin B12, vitamin D3 and cholesterol in the yolk of eggs.*


Regen Elixir Batch Specs

From world-wide farms, we source humanely and respectfully harvested deer antler velvet that is prepared with industry approved, safe, and quick velveting removal methods with appropriate techniques for the deer. This process is overseen by veterinarians and includes government over-site of animal welfare; improperly done velveting is illegal and unnecessary in a marketplace with over 2,000,000 pounds sold annually world-wide.

We formulate using a variety of extraction techniques for full-spectrum potency which include:

  • Dual Solvent: Water and Alcohol Used Together for 99.9% constituent content
    • Constituents in Fluid Suspension for Maximum Absorption
      • Semi-soluble Peptides Suspension in Water Extract
    • Cold Processed where appropriate to preserve the integrity of the fragile constituents
    • Stabilized for Natural Preservation - No Preservatives, No Fillers, No additives

    See our homepage for more about our methods.


    Regen Elixir Ingredients

    • 50% Main Herb
      • Deer Antler Velvet
        • 65% sp. Cervus Elaphus Linnaeus - Red Deer
        • 35% sp. Cervus Nippon Temminck - Plum Blossom Deer
    • 35% Assistant Herbs
      • Goji Berry (Organic)
      • Astragalus Root (Organic)
      • Eleuthero Root (Organic)
      • Ocean Kelp (Sustainably Harvest)
    • 10% Synergistic Herbs
      • Mulberries (Organic)
      • Dang Gui (Organic)
      • Schisandra (Organic)
      • Bitter Orange Peel (Organic)
    • 5% Activator Herbs
      • Fresh Orange Peel (Organic)
      • Cinnamon Saigon (Organic)
      • Fresh Nutmeg (Organic)
      • Milk Thistle (Organic)
      • Black Pepper (Organic)
    • Structured Distilled Water
    • Triple Filtered USP Grade Organic Alcohol (25% by volume)


    Regen Elixir Dosage*

    500 – 1,500 milligrams @ 1-2 times a day*


    How to take Regen Elixir

    Regen Elixir is formulated to be a recovery and regeneration tonic adaptogen that is best to take with complete meals and other supplements.*

    Hour glass on calendar time concept

    Benefits with tonics take time; taking enough consistently rewards health.

    Take as desired: consume on a continuous basis to develop the natural tonic and adaptogenic benefits that build over time.* Some benefits are immediate and some results require consumption over several days and weeks to accomplish.* A good tonic cycle is 45-90 days of a tonic adaptogen which will generate lasting health changes.*

    Shake gently: secure the lid and turn the bottle over back-and-forth 3-5 times to evenly distribute the tincture. Do not over-shake as the vigorous mixing of air with the extract will oxidize and damage many of the necessary constituents for required dosage and potency.

    By mouth: hold the liquid under the tongue for 60-90 seconds and then swallow the rest of extract; doing so allows digestion to begin in the mouth and will take advantage of the activated multi-step extract so that many of the constituents will bypass digestion and enter the body through the mouth and throat.* Holding the extract also promotes better absorption and assimilation and elicits an immediate effect that is performance oriented*

    Mix with water: squirt the drops or entire droppers into 2-4 oz. of water that is under 120*F. Water that is cool to lukewarm temperature is best to preserve the volatile and fragile constituents from being damaged and denatured which will reduce the potency of the extract.* Sip slowly to allow absorption in the mouth and throat.* This method makes it easier to become accustomed to the extract and to take larger doses of several different tinctures at once in a tonic program.*

    For maximum potency: regularly consume the tincture within a period of 45 days; after 45 days of continuous consumption the extract may begin to gradually lose potency requiring a larger dosage to achieve similar benefit.* A bottle will generally last 10-30 days depending on dosage and concurrent supplementation programming.*

    Further dosage reference: How to Take a Tonic Tincture


    Regen Elixir Liquid Supplement

      Tincture Details

      Extract Type:
      • Tincture - Liquid Extract: Hydroalcohol
      Serving Size:
      • 1 dropper
      Daily Usage:
      • 1-3 droppers 1-3 times per day
      Extraction Ratio:
      • 1 pound:1 quart - 28,500mgs to 2oz.(60ml)
      Manufacture Date:
      • June 24th 2020
      • 2 Years from manufacture

      Expiration & Storage Information

      Made In Sisters Oregon USA


      Supplement Summary

      Why Choose
      Tonic Tinctures?

      They are the most advanced supplements.

        Multi-step custom-made extractions.

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            Tonic Tinctures Regen Elixir Fresh Batch

            2oz. (60ml) Regen Elixir Supplement - 60 droppers in a bottle

            Tonic Tinctures Regen Elixir Supplement Label

            Regen Elixir Tincture is 1500mgs extract per 1ml dropper.


            Regen Elixir
            Questions and Answers

            Regen Elixir Questions and Answers

            Common questions about Regen Elixir supplementation.

            Please submit any question via our contact form.

            Review our most popular version of Deer Antler Velvet for more Q & A.

            Last updated January 12th 2020.

            Q: Why should I use Regen Elixir?
            A: Regen Elixir uses deer antler velvet in combination with other tonics that assist endocrine function and hormones while supporting assimilation of food. The additional tonics within Regen Elixir promote endocrine function for growth and regeneration hormones to assist repair of tissues, such as bone, joint, and muscle, as well as promoting better recovery from daily work and physical exercise.

            Q: When do I take Regen Elixir?
            A: Regen Elixir is optimally taken during meal time, the closest meal towards bedtime, such as dinner. You may take it with other meals also. Ensure meals are complete and contain quality proteins. For fitness, physique and performance lifestyles, Regen Elixir is used best as part of the Power Pack.



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