Definition: Nerve Tonic

A nerve tonic within herbalism strengthens nerve function in either of two ways: by calming or stimulating nervous system function. A calming nerve tonic is...

Definition: Stimulant

A stimulant promotes alertness, energy, and increases activity of any specific systems, organs, and glands in the body. For example: coffee stimulates the nervous system, liver, and adrenals. While angelica root stimulates the circulation, lungs, and digestive tract.

Definition: Detox

To detox is to neutralize and remove accumulated by-products-of-fatigue that are created when doing daily activities, including excessive hormones, and many other toxins from the blood, skin, muscles, joints, organs, and specifically the liver.

Definition: Digestive Tonic

A digestive tonic within herbalism is usually a bitter tasting herb or an herb that is both bitter and sweet tasting; it improves the digestion of food and movement of food and accumulated gasses out-of the digestive tract. It do so by increasing the secretion of stomach acid and bile for more complete digestion and assimilation of foods, especially meat, dairy, eggs, and nuts.

Definition: Qi Tonic

A qi tonic within herbalism works with the body to improve digestion, promote clear lungs with strong breathing, and support the assimilation of nutrients. Tonic long-term use promotes cellular energy production and maintains immune system function.

Definition: Nutrients

Nutrients are an essential integral part of nutrition found within food that support and promote the health of the body. Essential nutrients include protein (amino acids), certain fats such as essential fatty acids (EFA's), the lipid cholesterol, vitamins, and minerals.

Definition: Electrolytes

Electrolytes are mineral nutrients dissolved in water that maintain bodily hydration and create an electrical charge which is used by the body for producing energy. The main electrolytes used by the body are sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, chloride.

Definition: Qi

Qi, also spelled chi, is the basic energy that is inherent within everything in the cosmos.

Definition: Blood Tonic

A blood tonic within herbalism is an herb that improves nutrient density by increasing the intake of vitamins and electrolytes in the body to make energy and also include a range of different potent antioxidants to support the body's use of qi.

Definition: Ethanol

Edible alcohol is called ethanol and ethyl-alcohol.

The Vata Dosha - Definition

The Vata dosha, in Indian Traditional Medicine, is made up of both air and the space it takes up which is visualized as the energy of wind blowing...

Definition: Hydroalcohol

Hydroalcohol is a solution of both water and alcohol.